Coffee Table Unique Designs | Impossible Floating “cave” Table Build

John Malecki

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Impossible Floating "cave" Table Build


So have you ever found yourself After a weekend activity in which you consumed gratuitous amounts of alcohol or meats sitting on the couch, diving deeply into a rabbit hole of Youtube videos? Because that’s exactly what I found myself doing last weekend and in that I found this really cool video from this Slovenian woodworker where he had this like cave floating table thingamajiggy and I looked at it and I said I must build this so that’s. What we’re gonna do today? I’m gonna make a coffee table using these dimensions. And while I do this upside down. It kind of looks like this. I want it to look like a cave on all four sides, and I want it to have like a floating aspect to it. So this dude, instead of using tents, tensegritie’s tension, which we use in a couple videos used acrylic. So there’ll be an acrylic sheet kind of in here and we’ll be having this. I’ll carve this floating stuff and essentially make it look as close to a cave as I possibly can. In order to do so, though, we’re gonna have to make a cutting board style, which means we’re gonna need to get the cutting some strips and glue in those and then cutting those up and then reglue in those. Let’s make a three foot by three foot cutting board. Whew, oh, yeah, we need two of them. Let’s get to it so. I’ve got a bunch of chunks of slabs that are just laying around. We’re gonna mill these up, Make a bunch of squares and glue Those up. We’re just gonna start there. Some so in my beam saw, actually. I could probably use a pencil. [MUSIC] So we’ve got a literal butt ton of strips cut from all those slab chunks. We got there. What we’re gonna do now is essentially make two 34 inch cutting boards that are ingrained. So we’ve got a bunch of glue ups to do here, and then we’ve got a bunch of Reed cutting and sawing to do only way to get these through my planners to cut them is to make them in 18-inch parts because I leave a 20 inch wide planer, so we’re gonna get to that. We’re gonna get to the boob sweat. Yep, let’s go. [MUSIC] So in all of my brilliance on the last panel, I just ruined the perfect glue up by gluing on the wrong side of the board. Don’t smoke crack kids. I wasn’t smoking crack. I just made a mistake but still don’t smoke crack. Yes, that was a brand-new bottle of glue. [music] Got these boards out of glue up. There all planed up and squared. Now we need to make a jag gündüz cutting boards, which means ten thousand cross cuts, siegens and in 45 minutes. [MUSIC] We’re gonna glue this up in four parts we’re going through randomizing so they look good because they came out of like, four different sections and then we’ll glue those sections together. We’ll, just keep square and stuff as we go now. Cube, ridiculous glue up montage, too [Music]. Glyph one is dried overnight now time for a little drum, Sandidge, in the second part of the bill [Music] so these boards bowed slightly from the clamping pressure of yesterday’s glue. Only reason I can joint these on the edge grain side. Whatever this is, that’s not long grain is because I’m taking any like 1/32 off And it’s because I have a helical head Jointer. I don’t think this works as well with us with a straight blade. If you think different, let me know down in the comments, but I’m pretty sure you get crazy tear out. That’ll do, Pig that will date. Alright, lets. Get some clamps on these mother suckers. [MUSIC] [Music] all right yens! The massive cutting board looking top thing is out of clamps because of all the clamping pressure and because there’s so many little blocks. It’s out of square, so we’re gonna square this thing up and then we’re gonna go start getting to the like the organic shaping aspect thing concept. That’s in my brain, yeah? I don’t really know how the way. This is gonna work, but we need to get this as flat and as finished as possible that way. I don’t have to try and sand it upside down or do anything swirly. Even then we love squirrely, so let’s go. [MUSIC] So we’ve got some temporary legs here. We’re gonna grab that top, okay. I basically have no clue what I’m doing, but I’m making this up as I go. So my thought is, maybe I can glue this up. Okay, like I don’t know. Well, so we just had to go outside. Some dudes buying the neighbor’s dumpster, that’s. What happens here and he, Yeah, and he recognized me from my days as a as a stealer and Sam was actually baffled. It’s like he’s a good one. I think I just really don’t understand. How somehow you were a backup That basically just practiced for the Steelers. Yes, I know Sam’s very nice and this dude on the street recognized you from that he’s like either. You lied to me about something which I didn’t or hinders inherently just know the entire roster of people on the Steelers [Music]. It literally exploded everywhere, but the joint. Okay, so keep all these parts kind of together, because I it’ll just explode if I try to put a clamp on it and so what we’re gonna try to do here is what’s called a little bit of a CA glue trick, so what I can do is spread around some regular wood glue and then take a dab of CA take the next piece and then use the CA glue as a clamp and that will hold it until and I’ll just keep building it out and then I’ll get it in clamps and it should be decent. So more chunks are drawn, Which means it’s glue time. We’re gonna glue these to the top because they have the same end graining, and I’m gonna throw a variable and for the bottom part, but I’m liking how this is coming along, gonna clean these up a little bit, and then we get to be off time to take out the mold and talk like date night side of the mold God. I’ve been doing too much pasta [Music]. This thing is out of clamps and now we’re gonna get to the fun part where I make it look like stalagmites and stalactites, which is gonna kind of involved, shaping a little bit of cutting and carving. They’re a little bit more skill than what’s been involved so far in this build and speaking of skill. I’m gonna think this week’s sponsor. Skillshare Skillshare is an online learning community with thousands of inspiring classes for all things creative. I loved dominating my life as you guys know. My woodworking and my business and one thing I use Skillshare for all. The time is the business side of things. I personally am right now. Taking Thomas Frank’s productivity master class, which is absolutely awesome, helping me manage all of the things that are going on from my day to day personal life and in the business, which is great and I’m absolutely loving it. There’s tons of options out there for everything from interior design to photography videography visual effects. You name it, it’s there and you can learn and it’s awesome, and because Skillshare is so awesome, they’re giving away two free months for the first thousand people to click the link down in the description for their premium class, which is phenomenal. I love it, that’s what I’m taking right now. So if you want to try it out? There’s a link on the description. Go ahead, smash that link, get signed up! Start doing something better. Your life better. Your business better. Everything that’s what we do here. We’re just trying to get better and I appreciate you Skillshare for sponsoring this build and helping my viewers get better. Now, let’s go make this project. [MUSIC] So get in there! Hey, starting to look like a cave. I’m not gonna lie way cooler than I was anticipating. See any cool hit any cool the next thing that’s gonna go into it. I’m gonna bust out my power carving tools and then give this someone. That’s the definition. Let’s do it [Music] [Music]. So this thing’s looking sweet? Do you remember what movie that was from? Leave a comment down below, cuz. I don’t even remember CTE, but anyway. I’m literally loving how this things looking. It is way better than one. I had pictured in my head. The shaping is pretty good. I took some chunks out and stuff. I think I can soften it with the Sander. I was gonna use the the other carving heads. I cut the I don’t even know where I put it. Look, there it is, I use the Arbortech turbo plane on this because it’s wood. The last couple carving projects were with resin, So I was using the cuts all disc, which is a little more of a like a grinding pad, so it took off a lot more material. I think you can just soften it with the Sander. So that’s what I’m gonna do just gonna start sanding and then kind of, like, keep looking at it. Keep moving. Yeah, and then we got to figure out how to make it. [MUSIC] So not this thing sanded down to 100 grit and it is looking fantastic. I mean, I gotta say it is way better than I was anticipating. It’s weird how that happens. There’s a couple voids and defects in the top here, so we’ve got to do a little bit of epoxy filling, because some of the wood was just garbage and had some cracks and holes and knocks and stuff. So I’m gonna fill those up and then we’re gonna get the supports. The actual supports for the table mocked in finish sanding spray. It let me show you guys how this thing looks now. I just stand here like an idiot and wait for epoxy to drive. Damn it, terrible timing, uh. I’m not the brightest [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music]. Now it’s the moment that all of us have been waiting for the moment where you going by this t-shirt. And then we finish this table. Let us spray! [MUSIC] So to make this thing look floating? We have acrylic sheets. I bought these on mcmaster-carr for the ridiculous price of $500 Yeah, you guys think this [ __ ]? I do here is cheap. That’s why all the mats are in these videos, Haha, but to make it crystal clear, We’re gonna flame polish it, which means. I got to sand it then burn it. Let’s go [Music] [Music] and now for the most satisfying part, can I do it in one meal? Come on, Kemah. Either 1v1 [Music] now let’s mount her [Music]. Thank you guys for checking out this build. I literally think this could be the coolest thing I’ve ever made ever period. If you agree, let me know down in the comments below. And if you don’t agree, then go watch this video because I think this is the coolest project. I’ve done besides this one, see you there.