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Kawaii Bride And Groom Wedding Cake Topper Tutorial | How To | Cherry Toppers


Hey, guys, this week. We create a kawaii style, cute bride and groom topic for a wedding cake or a keepsake? I’ve got a 4 inch drum. Here this is a UK kick drum, which is solid inside. Another option to use is form core, which holds supports quite well. I’m covering it in white past, stuck down with water, smoothing it out and trimming off the overhang. Am edging the board in ribbon. The one I use is 15 millimeters wide. I find it covers. The drum under layer of sugar passed quite well just to touch this with either. Double sided tape or a glue stick. [MUSIC] Starting with the bride, we are going to share per dress from white sugar paste with tile or powder added. We want it to keep it ship. Roll the bottom against the worktop whilst teasing it into a corn chip with your hand or fingers tease the base out at one side for a small dress train. Keep pulling the pair. Stop to make it thinner and trim it down, so it doesn’t get too long with your thumb and middle finger. Pinch in a waste, turning it as you go trim off the top, so it leaves a slightly wider chest part above the West, Add water to the bottom and stick it to one side of the baseboard dump in a cocktail stick and slide it off. Center down the dress. You want to keep the center clear for the head supports trim the stick down and leave a small part showing for the groom. I’m using Renshaws Navy pest. This also has Tyler added, and I’m rolling the chunky sausage, trimmer, piece, oats and Mike In a line down the center, don’t cuts all the way through, stand the legs next to the dress and check for size. Keep in mind. He will have shoes to trim the legs down to the desired height with brain pest. This is actually modeling chocolate that I just had to hand roll too. Short sausages have pierced for shoes and attach them underneath the legs, stun them next to the dress and insert a cocktail stick down again, keeping it to one side and leaving the center clear to keep him more secure gently. Tuck the cocktail, stick down into the drum. If it will go trim this roughly to the size of his torso. Now don’t worry, you haven’t missed a step. This is just to show the head size. Choose a polystyrene ball. A little smaller than you want. The finished head then takes on flesh paste usually. I use a ball the same size for ease, but I don’t want the head too big. Instead for this one, I’m using a smaller Bowl of piste, but it is a tad trickier to cover. Just tease it up gently to prevent ripping. If you find it difficult, just use a smaller ball and the same size of piste when she get to the top, roll it tightly in your palm to get rid of the creases and joins insert a cocktail stick into the center and then make another one and set them aside for later for the groom’s shirt, roll a sausage of white, also with tile or powder added and trim it to size. Squeeze the top slightly, so it makes it thinner. Slide this down the stick onto the legs. Make sure you’ve given the legs enough time to firm up a bit or you might make him a bit shorter than you’d originally planned. I’ve watered down some black paint, so it’s a wash of gray Penta V on the front and color the remainder in I’ll sort the shape of a tie on the top with a deeper gray and a thinner brush outline the Wescott buttons and the tie. You can also add in the shirt color. If you don’t like to paint, you can cut the Westcourt from gray hair since that with the Navy paste, roll it out and cut out a rectangle. That tape is in slightly at the top, dampen the body and wrap it around securing the top close to the body. Trim off the front of the jacket at an angle. The lapel is cut straight down one side with two points at the other finally, a tapering down to meet the straight edge, make one like this and another as a mirror image for the other side. The arm is cut from a thin string of pest and the top cut an angle. Hold it up to check the size and trim it down again. If needed, that’s better now attach it with water, add in one on the other side, leaning it ever so slightly away from the body, take a small ball of flesh, flatten it and attach it to the bottom of the arm with water, add a little tile or to some flesh paste and roll a short sausage, place this on top of the dress and merge them by stroking the paste downwards for the neck gently. Tease the top of the paste up into a point. Our arm is a thin sausage with one end, flattened out and then rolled thinner underneath it for a wrist dump in the hand, so it will stick to the grooms and carefully maneuver into position. Trimming the shoulder to fit you. The other arm is made in the same way, but tilted the handle words, carefully lower one head down onto the center of the neck. It should be obstruction free before placing the grooms on, add a tiny ball of flesh for the neck, hair is cut from brain past using a circle cutter, a few sizes larger than the Hat. Wrap the circle around the back, putting the circle to the best of the head, gather the sides around and tease the excess to the top, which can then be trimmed off with scissors with the Dresden tool, marking some hair detail to remove the harsh circle line for the fringe. Roll a piece of paste, leaving it larger at one end. Attach this to the front of the hair, merging it into a hair line. If it becomes too big, give him a haircut. Very dashing for the bride’s dress detail dampen the shoulders and the front of the chest roll small strings of piste and lay them over the shoulders press and dimple the piste with the Dresden tool to flatten it and give it a sort of less effect about smaller pieces heavy on the chest and then phase them out as you go down the dress. [MUSIC] Dumpin the head ready for hair and tech, some pale brown, rolling it into long spikes, swirl the spikes round with the fingers to curl it. A little stick these to the back of the head, either side, roll out a larger piece and cut out a fair, read or ship. Yep, that’s the best you’re going to get texture. It fraying the ends a little bit. Add this to the head at the height you want and then curve the sides around, gathering the rest of the paste on top and cutting it with scissors again with a sausage of past flatten, one edge of it thinner and place it across the hairline, push the larger end down to merge it and also a blend of the thinner end into the hair roll you dressed until across the top of the hump to create texture all over, make some smaller spikes into curls and gather them at the back of the head, cover the join with a thin sausage of pest and texture that cut an angle. Finish it off with two more curl strands at the front with some Rambo dust metallic black pants and a thin pant brush paint on a little small black dots of pairs to create pupils and placing them far apart and law down will create a cute kawaii style effect. Add some eyelashes with pins and also eyebrows watered down red gel for the bride’s lips works, we’ll dip a small ball tool into some white pins for dotting on catch lights, Finally for a blushing bride, roll some pale pink into small ovals and flatten them under each eye and were done. Acutes bride and groom perfect for any wedding cake or a keepsake anniversary gift. Hope you enjoyed this. One need to bump up that cake topper playlist. Please feel free to share the video to help the little cherry channel and also don’t forget that Bell icon below. It’s there on the right. Can you see it? Click on that and it will notify you when I post not only videos, but community posts and polls too. Thanks, guys, see you next week.