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Classy New Year's Eve Wedding | The Jefferson


Six, five, four, three, two one happy new year. [MUSIC] [Music] [Applause] Lindsey and Gray [Applause] in the past you have in many ways said I love you to one another. Sometimes you have whispered it. Sometimes you have written it in notes other times. You have said it with the look that you’re giving one another right now. Now you will share your love with one another and make your vows of marriage to each other openly before God and this congregation [Music] [Music]. Uh, but she’s not only fun, but she’s the most intentional person. I have ever met in my entire life. When she’s talking to you. She is talking to you. She’s not doing anything else and she is all there right off the bat. She was one of those people that I was. Just like. I know I’m going to be friends with you like she was so easy to get along with. We had a lot in common and then gray came and we love gray. I am thankful I’m thankful that gray met someone to be with that. He truly loves. [MUSIC] I’m thankful for the Gabo family that accepted my son As one of theirs were thankful Good evening on behalf of Lindsay and Gray, the Gabo family and the Kessinger family. I want to welcome you to the Jefferson and welcome you to Oxford. Mississippi this evening. May we enjoy this evening with two wonderful people coming together and beginning an incredible journey as [Music] one [Music]. I love you as Christ loves me, Lindsay. I love you! As Christ loved me unconditionally unconditionally, Unselfishly unselfishly and eternally and eternally great. I love you as Christ loves me Unconditionally. Unconditionally, Unselfishly unselfishly and eternally and eternally. I praise God for placing you in my life with his power. I will seek to establish our home. In accordance with his will. I will seek to lead our home after his. Will I gray take you, Lindsay? To be my wife to be my wife to have and to hold to have and to hold from this day forward from this day forward? I Lindsey, take you gray to be my husband to be my husband to have and to hold to have and to hold from this day forward from this day forward, it is by the power vested in me by God in the great state of Mississippi. Hotty toddy, I pronounce you husband and wife. [MUSIC] touching. So I’m Brad Gabo, father of the bride. Uh, thanks for everyone being here. Good evening and happy New Year. Yall [Applause] [Music]. Yeah, hi, everyone, I am. The one that forgot the ring fully. Forgot it so gray. Will you please marry lindsey? Thank you, thank you, thank you. [music] Lindsey for a couple of weeks leading up to that kept pressing me about. Hey, set a tee time. Gray wants to go. Golf really would like to get to know you better so. I wonder why there was such an urgency about spending time with me on the golf course. I had suspicions and Gray says to me. So, Mr. Brad and I thought, oh, boy here comes and sure as heck he asked for permission. And, uh, we had a quick conversation. Of course I said, yes, and I turned to Gray and I said. Did you have a contingency plan if I happened to have said no? And he looked at me and said no. I hadn’t really thought about it much. Cause I’m pretty sure you like me. [MUSIC] Yes [Music] one [Music]. Well, yall, I’m giving good cheers [Applause] [Music]. I know [Music] left right [Music] [Applause] you?