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Cheesecake Wedding Cake Tutorial / Filling And Frosting


Welcome to part two of The Cheesecake wedding cake. So today I’m going to show you how I put the cake together with all the layers and the filling and the strawberries, and then at the end, I’m just going to fast forward motion it. I’m going to do the whole like rosette ombre and a little bit about how I colored the frosting. So there was a change in the order. Originally, it was just gonna be cheesecake layers with butter, cream and strawberries. And now it’s going to be a layer of cake in between. And the reason I did this and I checked with the bride to make sure it was okay. First, it’s because of the weight, partially because of the weight of the cheesecake, and they’re very thinish, and I wanted to make sure the cake was high enough, and I didn’t want to put another layer of cheesecake in there for fear that it would just be way too heavy. And then I started thinking about it and I thought well, a layer of or vanilla cake would be delicious in there. It would give it a different texture in the middle. So luckily, the bride agreed. And that’s what we’re gonna do. So this is now a cheesecake wedding cake with a layer of regular cake in between. All right, so this part, I’ll probably fast forward. I’m gonna put buttercream on and the strawberries, which I cut earlier and then the layer of cake and then another layer of buttercream and strawberries and then the cheesecake on top of that. And then I’ll come back and talk a little bit. One more thing I wanted to say was I did. I doubled the layer of cardboard here because of the weight of the cake. I want to make sure that it’s very sturdy on the base. All right, so here we go. This is the fun part. I found some beautiful, really really luscious looking strawberries. So you want to have slices kind of thin. So when they go to cut into the wedding cake, they’ll cut easily. When you put the strawberries in, make make sure you don’t put them too close to the edge. Sometimes they can end up peeking out a little bit, and also they could end up a little bit a little bit of leakage. I decided it was a good idea to cut off some of this lip. So while it’s still pretty firm, if you run into a situation like this, do it while it’s firm. At this stage, you want to put your cake on to your final platter. I use the Wilton base for this and I marked it, so I have an idea of where the center is. I’m going to go ahead and put some glue on here. Hot glue is great for this. Just put some hot glue on there. It’s really, really hot, so be careful and then quickly get your cake on there. Try to line that up. There you go. So for this cake, I used a 16 inch base with the 12 inch cake, and because it’s this heavy cheese cake. I wanted to make sure that the base was very strong and a little bigger than it might normally use. So I used the 16 inch for that. This cake is getting rosettes and it’s going to be a ombre. It’s gonna be a purple ombre. So I’m just going to give that a crumb coat and not worry too much about what it looks like, because all of it’s going to be covered. If you like my videos, please let me know by subscribing and also liking and sharing And check out the links below underneath with videos. I have lots of links. There and one of them takes you to my book. Wedding Cakes with Lorelie Step-by-Step. It’s got all my best recips and also has how to make a wedding cake. So I’ll see you soon. Bye Bye. Part 3 Coming Soon :-).