Cake Pull Charms Meanings | What Are Cake Pulls? And How I Made Them.

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What Are Cake Pulls? And How I Made Them.


Everybody, this is! Terry Jeannette with the tapping Flamingo and in today’s video. I want to talk to you a little bit about something that I’m thinking of that offering on my Etsy shop and I wanted to get your opinion. How many of you have heard of a cake pole? A wedding cake pole well. I’ve heard of it, but I live in the state of Louisiana and particularly in South Louisiana, its is pretty popular. It actually dates back to Victorian times, where the bride would invite her single friends to participate in what they call a cake pull, and they had charms that were in the cake and they were tied to some ribbon, and the participants would pull the ribbon out and it would reveal your charm and then each charm has a meaning or a fortune that is attached to it well. My son is getting married in about three weeks and he’s gonna be married in in. Utah and he’s marrying a California girl, and I thought wow, you know, it’d be kind of neat to maybe participate in something like this and bring them a little bit of a Southern tradition to the area. Now it’s not really as common in the north part of Louisiana, where we live as it is in the southern part. And I asked my friend’s day. I have a group that I line dance with, and we went out to do some performances and there were seven of us today and everybody, except for myself is from Louisiana and only one is from South Louisiana, so I asked them if they’d ever heard of a cake pole and the only one that had ever heard of it was the one that was from South Louisiana. So let me show you what I’m going to do. I’ve got some made-up already. Hang on a second where I put them up there right here. The bride actually had is using five different colors. She has ten attendants. She has two that are in this mauve color, which are her sisters. One is a maid of honor and one’s a matron of honor. The maid of honor is 13 And, of course, the matron honor is married and then her bridesmaids eight of them. Some of them are married and some of them are not so when I was thinking about doing the cake pole. I wanted to make sure that the charms that I was offering could apply to any of them and so what I did is. I went through my charms. I have a ton of charms that I used to make different keychains or earrings or other pieces of jewelry and accessories, and I wanted to see what I had on hand and then look up the definition of them uses. What this is what I have so far made up and I see I have an owl, a fleur-de-li’s, a pineapple and arrow, and the ones I have left now is a Flamingo, which represents a bird, a smiley fest face son. We have a shell. We have a boat across the cruise ship, a horse and a crown, so that’s what? I have left right now. The color she’s using are mauve, a light, pink cream, plum and burgundy berry and my plan is normally you put these in between the layers of the cake, But since we’re going to be driving all the way from Louisiana and probably will not get there in time for me to get these to the Baker and try to explain exactly what this is. I’m just gonna go buy a nice cheesecake and I will put them under the Cheesecake and then we’re going to have a cake pulling station, but anyway, since I know some of these, what some of these ladies will be wearing like, for instance? My daughter is one of the bridesmaids, and I know that she is going to be in the cream color and both the maid of honor and matron of honor are in the mob. I didn’t want to just have any say-so. And what term they’re going to get so what I did is. I wrote down just made a nice little card for them, and I wrote down Pineapple. For instance, this one’s pineapple, friendship and hospitality, and I put them in a basket and then I’m going to take a color like right now. We’ll do a cream color, okay. Now let me dig around in there. This one is a boat. Which is the cruise ship? An adventure awaits. You okay. Let me show you how? I’m gonna put them on what I did is. I took the charm and I just put a split ring on there and then if they want to wear it on a chain or I actually made memory wire bracelets for it for each of them as a gift and I can attach it to the bracelets if they want, but right now we’re going to put them on the ribbon, and so I just take the ribbon. The two ends and I thread it through the hole there, and then I’m going to just loop it through and then tie an overhand knot at the end. Then these will lay under the cake. The charm will lay under the cake, and so all these ribbons will be around and then they’ll just pull and they’ll get to see what their fortune is anyway. I have several more to do. I’m gonna go finish them and maybe. I’ll put a picture on my tapping, Flamingo bling, Instagram and Facebook page for you to see I got a run. I’ve got dulcimer practice here in a few minutes. So this is Teri Jeanette with the tapping Flamingo signing out for now, you all have a wonderful day. [MUSIC].