Bow Tie With Plaid Shirt | 3 Simple Pattern Matching Tips | How To Match Multiple Patterns Tutorial

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3 Simple Pattern Matching Tips | How To Match Multiple Patterns Tutorial


Patterns mixing matching mastering this is the goal of today’s pattern matching tutorial, nothing strikes fear in the hearts of man like the concept of matching multiple patterns in one outfit when executed properly, it takes an outfit and look to the next level of Awesomeness. But when done wrong, it just looks awkward and kind of hurts your eyes, But regardless of where you fall on the pattern matching aptitude scale. Alright, whether you’re really good at dance or not really very good at all, You’re like I’m dying a tough time matching solids, right, regardless of where you fall, there are some basic tips that if you keep them in mind, you’re going to be cool in the gang. Let’s match tip number 1 If you’re a pattern, matching novice limit the amount of patterns in an outfit 2 – meaning. If you got a solid jacket, you can have a pattern tie and a pattern shirt, alright? If you’ve got a solid tie, you can have a pattern jacket, patterned shirt. It’s not that complicated, and once you understand the other rules, you’ll get it no problem. If you’re a little more advanced, you’re like oh. I can handle two Jack. No problem, then I would say limit the amount of patterns that you have in one outfit, Not including your socks 2 3 Check it out my outfit. I’ve got 3 patterns. Polka dots on the tie square. Check on the shirt and a pinstripe in the jacket. If I replace any of these three with a solid option, then it would only be two patterns because we don’t consider a solid a pattern. It makes sense, right, not if you’re getting. Yeah, yeah, you’re getting it good. Let’s move on to tip 2 patterns need the contrast in pattern size once again. Check it out the dots on my tie. Super small, the check on my shirt. A little bit bigger now. If my shirt had a smaller check, alright or a smaller pattern. Alright, it probably would look a little bit. Auto awkward. Because they’re not actually contrasting. If you’ve got a small pattern on your shirt, you want a bigger pattern on your tie if I was wearing stripes all stripes and I add a wide stripe on the jacket. Medium stripe on the shirt. I would need a super thick or solid tie. It’s making cents, right, There are tons of different patterns, everything from Paisley to stripes to polka dots, the squares to little anchors. Alright, it doesn’t matter what the saw it it matters. What the size is it doesn’t matter? What the shape or pattern is? You just need to make sure that it is different. Alright, in one outfit, you need different size patterns. Alright, so if you’re wearing all small like Super-close pinstripe super-close stripe super close, it would your eye. You would be like that. I can’t look at you. It hurts, right, You probably have seen people and you’re like what just doesn’t work about that. It’s probably that a common issue that I see is guys wearing pinstripes shirts, pinstripe suits that are too small and too close in pattern size. Alright, if they would just change it up, it would look dynamite, but instead they just don’t know the rules, and so they fail and tip number three patterns need to contrast in density. Alright, so let me try and explain this whole density concept to you. Alright, you know, like in a city. New York City, right, It’s go like 32 mile. I don’t know how what the area is, but how many people are living in that small little area super dense, right, then you have the same size area out in the country, Right, How many people at Bernie? Four undead’s right, The densities are different. Think of your outfit and your patterns like cities or land. All right, so my tie is super dense. Lots of people living in that. Tie my jacket not so much. It’s like the boondocks over here. Alright, you know, yeah. I think you’re like nobody ever explained it to me. That simply haha. That’s why you come to me. Jack, here’s the deal. You need to make sure that your patterns that you’re wearing on your outfit are different densities. Alright, so think about it. Alright, my tie is New York. My shirt is say I don’t know Jersey City. My jacket is like the Poconos. If you guys are not familiar with the landscape of the Northeast. Then you won’t have any idea what I’m talking about, but you do need to know this, Alright? If I was wearing New York City Philadelphia in LA. Yeah, dense, dense, dense, dense. It would be a train wreck. Alright, you want to make sure that they balance? The densitys need to be different, in contrast. That’s it, three rules. That is all you need to know if you if somebody tells you you need to know more than that. Tell them the wrong and then hit them with the population analogy, and that will blow their mind. But seriously, that’s it. Does this mean it let me back up? It has nothing to do with what the pattern is, okay. So does this mean you can wear 3 different polka dots. Yes, as long as they balance, in contrast in size and density, This mean, you can wear three stripes, absolutely once again, size and density. If they’re different. If they contrast, it will work. How about some examples? All right, here’s your first example, and your first test. Does this work and the answer is absolutely because it basically sticks to the three rules, the size of each of the patterns, very different, the density different. All right, you’ve got two stripes in the tie and the shirt, But the density in the tie and the size of the pattern is very different and so it looks fantastic. Notices Pocket square. Paisley, bringing 1/4 in it works, all right, this one’s a little trickier. Does it work and I would say yes. It does not as well, however, as the last outfit all three stripes. All three stripes are different in terms of size, but the shirt and the jacket are kind of similar in density. All right, the only thing saving it is that the stripe on the jacket is much thinner, a pinstripe as opposed to the stripe on the shirt that is a little thicker, but it does work and number three notice. The pinstripe on the jacket is much less dense than the shirt, both stripes, but because they have different densities, They look great, tying it together with the Paisley tie, which looks incredible. Now, let’s bring some plaid into the mix notice. The plaid jackets combined with both the check and the striped shirt, the solid tie and the other one with a striped tie. They both work and look incredible, three more perfect examples, And I’m going to shut up for a second kind of rare. I’m going to let you just take it in. Write notice that they all stick to the three rules that we discussed and they all work brilliantly and last, but certainly not least we’ve got a hit and a miss as you can. Which one is which exactly one on the right is the miss Because the pattern scales, dimension and size are too similar, and it looks awkward. Mm uh er. Get you got better good. I’m glad we had this little talk. It was fun, little tutorial. Gentlemen, here’s the deal as long as you stick and remember, commit the memory. These three rules that we discussed. You will never make a matching mistake.