Blue Stone Wedding Rings | Why I Chose A Blue Sapphire Over A Diamond | Engagement Ring Details

Shetara Edden

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Why I Chose A Blue Sapphire Over A Diamond | Engagement Ring Details


Hey, everyone, welcome back. Hola, Bienvenidos! Bienvenue hot girls in it, sit down and I’m so excited to talk to you today. About engagement rings. Let’s get started. So the first time I’ve ever saw an engagement ring that, like, particularly stood out to me was Kate Middleton’s ring. And if you remember, she has a blue sapphire with like a halo of diamonds around it and up until then I saw different Youtubers reveal their rings. I’ve seen like my friends have rings and get engaged and the diamond just didn’t particularly like stood out to me now that I knew that I can’t that. I like the blue Sapphire. What I did is. I created a Pinterest board and I kind of kept it half blue sapphires and half diamonds just so wasn’t like, Oh, you’re just following the trend, And maybe this is what you like right now, so as me and my now, FiancĂ© would start starting to talk about like getting engaged. I did express interest that I possibly like that. I like the Blue Sapphire. So I think that’s why it led us to the moment of going ring shopping, so we would ring shopping at a place. That was recommended to us. I highly recommend this guy. He was very nice, very reasonable and Isaiah loved working with him. So when we first initially went ring shopping, the jeweler was more so trying to understand my style, so he had a tray of rings in front of me and just like asked me which ones that like, and he was able to identify if I like like a halo style of what cut I like in a ring without asking me directly. I figured out what band I like. I figured I like Halo. He started putting different diamonds onto the ring, So I could see like what kind of diamond I would want on. It and it was a beautiful diamond, but it just didn’t feel like me. He put a set a blue sapphire into another band, and I was just like this. Is it like this is the stone? I wanted a stone that like kind of made a bold statement, but I wanted a ring that was really like dainty like not dainty, but like very oh, man, and like detailed oriented. I felt like I could do that with this stroller because he could custom-make the ring for me, that’s how. I knew I was like, okay. I definitely want to go with this drooler, and I definitely want to go with this stone, and then we can like, create the ban and everything else around it. So that’s the story of me like picking the blue sapphire so and another thing. I didn’t mention was before. We left the ring shop. I specifically told Isaiah. I was like, don’t spend more than two thousand dollars on my ring. I just didn’t see like it’s being feasible with, you know, Still having to plan a whole wedding, a honeymoon and like a life together, so I was like this is just the first financial step in a long journey of financial sense, so don’t spend too much on marrying, so I don’t really know how much he spent in the end after we left the jewelry shop. I had some time to like, think about it. We took pictures and I went back to my Pinterest board. So I started researching, cuz. I did have some hesitation about, you. Know, Should I really go with a diamond because that’s like the thing to do, so I started doing open a lot of research on Youtube and on blogs and Googling different things found out about, like the De Beers marketing campaign found out the low resale value for diamonds and a lot of things that are culturally norms. Why they exist and why, and it made me understand a little bit more like why? I felt pressured or why everyone in society probably posed like This is the norm or pressure to do this thing so now that I understood like where that background came from and a lot of the traditions around the wedding industry. I canna gave me a little bit more confidence, or I just helped me make a more knowledgeable decision about the ring so after I did all my research and I felt pretty good about, and I felt good about my decision with going with the Blue Sapphire going with. I don’t know what the name of this band is called, but going with this Halo design. I sent Isaiah to pictures and I was like I want this band and this halo together with that stone, and that’s what he used to work with the jewelry, the jeweler in order to make my ring. Isaiah said the process was flawless. It was easy, so we definitely recommend this jeweller, and I can leave his information in the description below. So now let’s talk about the revealing of the ring. I did not see my ring until Isaiah actually proposed when he did propose. I was ready for the Blue Sapphire. You guys would see in the pictures. My nose were blue Initial thoughts of the ring. I was like, super happy. I was like it’s gorgeous. It fits me perfectly. It complements my hand since all my fingers. Well, but then, honestly, like for the two weeks later. I was freaking out. I was like two weeks of processing in shocks. I think it was a combination of like it’s setting in. Oh, my gosh! I’m engaged and this is one step closer to being married and it was also be like idea of me like I kept hitting this ring. I kept knocking this ring in my pocket like when I got things It would get stuck or when I had to take it off to do dishes because it would hit things. But let me tell you. This is a tough ring. I have like no scratches. No diamonds have fell off like it’s a. It’s a great quality ring like the ring. I’m just not used to having such a high setting ring on my finger like I’m used to, like these little dainty rings that I can like stack and take off and it’s easy. I don’t forget that they’re on my hand, but my fiance was super helpful and like telling me to give myself time to adjust to it and honestly, after a month, I was like I love this ring so much. It’s perfect for me, it’s gorgeous! I love how the Diamonds around the ring. The blue sapphire sparkle. I love the contrast I love the bold, feminine part of the ring, like I feel like the band and the halo, is it? Kevin gives me in vintage vibes, But it can gives me like I don’t know like I just really love my ring. I love the fact that my fiancee, really, you know, took my direction and really created something original for me. I think in the future, Maybe I’ll get another one. That’s like, sits a little bit lower. I’m like a very as you can probably tell my nose aren’t. I’m not very like, get my hands dirty all the time kind of person that I would just want to probably get one That sits a little bit closer to my hand. That’s less expensive and that I’m not afraid to like damage if I’m doing something like adventurous, or if I’m traveling into a country where I feel like, I don’t need to show off well kind of thing. Otherwise, it’s a perfect ring. I love it, it’s great quality, it’s! It’s me, it’s mine. Yeah, so hope you guys found these tips helpful. If you guys have any questions, be sure to leave them for me in the comment section. I would love to continue this discussion and Ill. See you guys in the next video. Thanks for watching.