Black And Grey Bridesmaid Dresses | 7 Bridesmaid Dresses Under $100 | Try-on Haul!

Maddie Perry

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7 Bridesmaid Dresses Under $100 | Try-on Haul!


Hey, guys, welcome to today’s video as you could tell from the title. I’m going to be trying on some bridesmaid dresses for you. Guys, that are all under a hundred dollars, and I wanted to make this video because as you can tell if you’ve been following me and my wedding planning videos or on Instagram, and you know that I’m getting married, Doesn’t look like it, cuz. I forgot to put my ring on. I just probably go get that. Hold on, okay, got it got it My whole ring set on now, but anyways. I’m getting married, so I’m planning my wedding. It’s in October, so it’s coming up kind of fast and with all the wedding planning stuff. I’ve been very open that I’m not trying to spend a crazy amount of money on my wedding. I really want to cut the costs as much as I can and keep it budget-friendly. So if you like me, which a lot of you are because a lot of people are messaging me asking me for tips on how to keep the budget down. And how to have, you know, more affordable wedding. Because a lot of you guys are. I guess engage too so today. I’m gonna focus on the bridesmaid dresses, but if you guys want to subscribe and turn the belly, I’m also gonna have a wedding dress round with dresses under 200 or 300 dollars, so that’s gonna be coming up next week, so stay tuned for that, but for today. I got a bunch of bridesmaid’s dresses for you. Guys, look at all. These dresses right here. I have so many to try on for you. And they are all under $100 which is amazing. I’ve heard of people spending up to $400 on a bridesmaid dress, which is insane to me like. I would never make my friend. Spend that much money on a dress that I picked out like it’s not even one that they picked out wanted to wear. It’s just one that I wanted and so I just think it’s crazy. That people do that mine. Focus, lets. See, okay, hopefully, but anyways. I got all these dresses from. Lulus and this video is not sponsored at all. I just really love lose as a story in general, and I’ve been seeing their bridesmaid’s dresses all over the place, and I don’t know if I talked about this in another video, but my best friend is engaged as well and we’re both each other’s maid of honor. She’s getting married in March and so like exactly a year from now, so we’re both kind of in the midst of wedding planning together and she once blush and navy-blue I actually looked through their bridesmaid’s dresses Because I was like helping her look for her dress, and I think her dress that she might pick. Is in this pie right now, so very exciting to be able to try them on. And all the seven what? I love about their dresses. Is they have a bunch of different style dresses that all come in the same colors so like to have, like 15 colors that almost every dress comes in. And so if you are one of those? Brides that wants to do your bridal party in different style Yamaka halter and then one girl wearing spaghetti straps and another girl wearing a tight dress like just have variety and the dresses, but have them all be the same color. You can get them from their site and, like ensure that they’re the exact same color because sometimes websites are sketchy, and they’ll say look that up their dresses of the same colors, and then they’re not actually like the same color. They’re kind of different. I will try and put a picture of all the colors that it comes in on the screen when I show you the dress just so that you can see the options. I tried to pick out colors that I thought were really beautiful, but if you guys don’t like the color, have any button, so I’m just going to start and go through them. Let’s see, okay. This one is one of my favorites just from like pulling it out of the box immediately. When I saw it, I was like, wow, that is beautiful. It is this aline v-neck dress That’s tight around the waist, and then it has this like tooling that goes down and then it kind of has an open back and it could the straps cross in the back and I accidentally ordered this one in maroon and in green. I met dome and get it in one color, but let me show you the green. Okay, so here is the green color. It’s a really really pretty like emerald green color. I think on camera it looks a little bit more, teal, but I promise you It’s like an emerald green. I just think that this style is so flattering on everyone in your bridal party. That’s one of the hardest things. I think it’s finding a dress that everyone’s gonna feel comfortable in because everyone is just a different shape, A different size different things look good on different people and so. I think that this is one of those styles. That really really looks good on everybody. So I’m going to go ahead and show you guys what this looks like on? Okay, so here is dress number one and just for reference. I am wearing a size small in all of these dresses, and I’m normally small and I’m five five. I just threw on these neutral heels to wear with each dress. If they’re about like three to four inches, so you can like, get a feel the length of the dress, But this is the first one I will say it is a little big. I probably could have gone with the extra small if I end up wearing this to a wedding or something. I’ll probably just bring it in at the waist. A little bit, probably just like an inch or two to tighten it up, and it actually has a double slits like how beautiful as you’re walking down the aisle and the V is like the perfect amount of V. I don’t think that it’s too deep. I think it’s really flattering If you did want it a little bit tighter, You could always pin it super easily and hide a pin or you could just get it altered, but I think honestly, you could just do it with a pin. If you didn’t want to like, pay for altering. I also love the color. I think for a fall wedding. Specifically, this would be a beautiful, okay, so this is the same dress in the more emerald green color. It criss cross back. I think is just so beautiful and really, really flattering and pretty. I didn’t sip it up all the way because it’s hard when you’re drinking up by yourself. But yes, so this dress very beautiful 10 out of 10 and recommend, okay. This style dress is also so pretty and I love this color. This is like a taupe color. This one has a thicker sleeves. It kind of reminds me if I could grate down a little bit with, like the bigger shoulder straps. And then it flows it down really, really pretty. There’s no tulle on this, but I don’t know what kind of fabric this is, but the texture is really pretty, and then it also has a slit on the side, and so I’ve seen these dresses all over Lou’s website so many weddings with this gallon. It’s so beautiful, it comes in a bunch of different colors, too, So I’m gonna try this one on you guys this dress. Oh, my gosh! I am blown away. I honestly did not think I would like the thicker straps that much because I thought it would make my arms look big, but I think it’s the opposite. I think it actually makes them look small because the strap is so oversized. It makes your arms with dainty. R and I just think it is so flattering. Oh, my gosh, you guys! I’m blown away. Sorry, I’m having like a moment with this dress right now. I think the way it fits the waist, the V to compliment the bigger sleeves. Howard down shows more skin here than here. I think it’s really, really pretty. The back also goes down into a V slightly a little bit with the straps and I just think the way it flows. It’s so beautiful and it has a little slit right here, but it’s not overpowering at all. It’s like a very modest. I get really pretty slit in this color too. Can we have a moment with this taupe color? I mean, I’m just a sucker for neutrals. So maybe you guys don’t feel the same, but I think that this color is just so so so beautiful next. This one is a little bit different. I haven’t seen this one as commonly as I’ve seen the other ones, but I thought it was really pretty because it’s kind of more of a satin texture, which I am into. I am probably going to end up getting a satin dress for my bridesmaids to wear. I just think that it’s so pretty the way it shines and everything. And so this is a really pretty kind of sage green color, which with greenery and weddings, because let’s be honest. Almost every wedding, like has a bunch of greenery everywhere in the book. Kay’s and on the tables and down the aisle and on the arch. I think that this kind of color would look really pretty to complement those green tones and it has this pretty knot in the front with these sleeves. I just thought that this one was very unique, Very like boho and whimsical. So I’m gonna try this one on and let you guys know how it looks on, okay. This is the next dress. I think it’s very pretty. It’s super unique. It’s definitely the most modest one. I’ve tried on so far because there’s no slit and their sleeves. The color is kind of turning up a little bit more great on camera, but it’s a really pretty sage green. I think it’s really flattering with the tie right here that flows down and like. I said the sleeves. Just look good on everybody. I think the deep V also looks really pretty. So if you’re looking for something different, something unique, then not a lot of people have had and worn. I think that this would be a great option. Also, if you’re wanting something more modest. This would be a really really pretty option for you guys, okay. Next is the dress that I think my friend might pick to move forward for her bridal party. This is the blush, pink one. This one is similar to the first one. How it’s kind of a line with spaghetti straps, but it’s not tooling on the outside. It’s the like. I don’t know what this fabric is called, but it’s just like the normal fabric or whatever, and that has the pretty crisscross in the front for the sweetheart line with a little bit of pleating right here, and then it also has a slit. I think maybe it doesn’t have a slit. Yeah, no, this one doesn’t have a slit and it doesn’t have the crisscross back, so those are how the first two are different, but they’re like similar spaghetti strap styles and they’re loose and flowy. I just think that this is so so beautiful. So hopefully my friend moves forward with this one, but before I get ahead of myself. Let me go try it on and let you guys know how it looks. Okay, guys, so this is such a staple bridesmaid’s dress. And for good reason, it is so beautiful. Wow, this I think might be one of the most flattering ones. I think that the like sweetheart little V right here with the crisscross and then the pleating just looks so pretty. I love how the pleating flows. It’s not pleated at the top. It’s pleated on the underneath layer. So you can’t even see it, but it just makes these creases flow through the dress like it’s just so pretty there’s no slit, so it’s a little bit More modest and the V doesn’t go as low as some of the other ones. So like if you have any people with big Ches, they will be fine in this thing. I think it would actually look really good on people like that. And I love how it cinches the waist. I got the small. It fits perfect. I wouldn’t have to do anything with it. Not even hem it. I think that the length is perfect with these heels, and I also love this color. It’s such a pretty blush, pink like. Oh, my gosh, and I know blush is like one of the biggest colors for weddings right now. So if you guys want a blush, one a lot of these dresses, if not all of them, come in the same exact color, But I just think that this one looks so pretty. I think this one would also look really pretty in the taupe color of the big, thicker strapped One that I showed you guys earlier. That would look pretty and this style dress too, but it is just so beautiful. I hope my friend picks this one. I’m gonna send it to her and be like. Please just kidding. She could do what she wants. But this is a great, great option. Okay, next is another more unique one. That’s kind of this satiny touch and so. I wanted to show you one. That was a little bit different because I showed you a short sleeve, a spaghetti strap and then a thicker strap. I wanted to show you an off-the-shoulder option, So this one has a spaghetti strap and then this little ruffle off the shoulder and it’s this really pretty yellow gold color. It’s the perfect yellow. It’s not like a banana or like you know a. Sun like it’s super in-your-face yellow. It’s a really pretty golden yellow, and it has a tie on the side, so it kind of wraps in the wrap is also very flattering on a lot of body types because you can tie it as tight as you want to like, accentuate your waist, or if you don’t want to accentuate your waist, you can loosen it up a little bit, and it still looks really beautiful. And off-the-shoulder is more of a boho style, which is very in right now and. I think that that would be really, really pretty. So I’m gonna try this one on you guys. This dress is so beautiful, at least. I think so it is. Oh, my gosh! I love the off. The shoulder aspect with the ruffle. And then I love how you can tie it and then it just flows down a super nicely with this long, pretty tie and I love this color. It’s coming up a little bright on camera. It’s not that bright, it’s like a perfect golden yellow is so pretty and last is the classiest rest of them all think. I’m gonna wear this to weddings, actually. No, because it’s black. I probably can’t wear it to weddings, but Ill where it’s like fancier events and stuff like that because well, it is this tight body con off the shoulder dress. It has the beautiful kind of sweetheart Little V across the chest. It’s not like straight across to the shoulders, It dips right there, and then it goes off the shoulder and it’s tight and fitted all the way down and it has a slit. This comes in a bunch of colors, and I just think it’s so classy and pretty. I’ve been to a wedding that had, or I was a part of a wedding that had black for the bridesmaids and actually looked really beautiful in all the pictures. So you don’t have to get in black like. I said they have it in other colors, but I just wanted to show you a black option because I think it’s really classy, okay. I’m gonna go try it on okay and last. Is this stunning, beautiful gown? Has it focused on it? Let’s see there is. Oh, my gosh, you guys! This dress is so classy, so beautiful. I love the off-the-shoulder. If you guys could tell it kind of like folds over, so it folds down into this really pretty like crisscross v in the front, and I just think it’s so elegant and beautiful. I love the slit. I think it’s at, like a tasteful length. It’s not too high or anything like that. I think it fits perfectly so beautiful. This comes in almost every color as well. So if you guys wanted to do like a variation with some girls wearing tight, some girls wearing loose, you could get this dress in the same color as the other ones. And I just think it’s so beautiful. What do you guys think? Let me know, so that is all the dresses. I hope you guys liked this video. Let me know which one was your favorite in the comments. I honestly they’re all so beautiful. I don’t even know which one is my favorite. Maybe the first one and the last one. I don’t know, they’re all so pretty. Let me know which one you guys liked. And if you guys liked this video. I love sharing wedding stuff with you guys. It’s so much fun and I just love these videos. So I hope that you guys like them as much as I do. Be sure to subscribe and turn on the bell. If you’re not already because I have a bunch of wedding stuff coming up like I said the wedding dress Tryon. And then we are in the process of getting a wedding planner right now. So, like, we’re gonna be meeting with her and with our florist and I’m gonna take you guys along for the entire journey, so it’ll be very fun and yes, so everything I tried on is linked in the description, feel free to shop and look around their site. They have great stuff and so. Thanks so much for watching you guys. I hope you guys have the best week ever bye.