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Best Floor Standing Speakers 2020


[MUSIC] In this video, we’ll be showing you The best floor-standing speakers to buy on Amazon this year. So if you’re looking for the best floor-standing speakers, we got you covered, and as usual, we have the links to all. The floor-standing speakers mentioned in this video in the description below and make sure you like and subscribe for more videos like this. Now let’s go straight to the video. Number 5 on our list Is the onkyo SK F 4800 The Onkyo SK F 4800 – way base reflect floor-standing speakers feature fantastic sound at a wallet-friendly price sold as a pair, the 40 inch tall, 11 point, one inch wide and 12 inch deep speakers can be used to complement an existing stereo system or as a basis for an entire surround sound system, featuring twin 6.3 inch cone woofers and a one-inch soft dome Tweeter. The maximum input power of 130 watts is more than enough to offer a great audio experience each on. Chios speaker weighs twenty eight point seven pounds, they feature a rear panel that houses a base port and even have connector ports for banana plugs, pins or strip bare wires like the eleven point five feet long speaker cables that are included right out of the box as for the sound quality, It’s both clean and detailed without feeling warm or overcompensated. [MUSIC] Number four clips are f82 -. If superior sound quality is the top of your list. The clips are f82 to floor. Standing speakers are well worth a look featuring a one-inch titanium horn loaded Tweeter and dual eight inch high output woofers. The RF, 82 focuses on a unique combination of sound precision clarity and effortless power. The vinyl woodgrain exterior build won’t stand out in a room, but the sound sure will with Klipsch is proprietary Traxxas sound technology. The end result is loud sound that doesn’t consume a lot of power, combined with fantastic, dynamic peaks and crisp listening and one of the best highlights is just how well the! RF, 82 performs at very high volumes. The cloth style feet. Stand nice and easy on the floor. At forty three point, six inches tall, 9.5 inches wide and sixteen point two five inches deep overall. They’re not terribly slimmer, short, so you’ll want a good size room for placement. [MUSIC] number three Yamahas NS F. 2:10 finding lean and compact floor standing speakers that are perfect for small rooms, is quite a challenge in this particular. Category larger is often better as it means more room for more powerful equipment, however. Yamaha’s N S F 210 super slim design manages to fit a great sounding budget priced floorstanding speaker package together that’s perfect for smaller rooms to maximize space. Yamaha squeezed in undersized drivers in order to offer something lean and a small room friendly, The modern design may or may not be for you, but it certainly feels right when placed next to a flat-screen TV. Yamaha slim 41 inch Tower, offers dual three and one eighth inch woofers and a 7/8 inch balanced dome tweeter, which unfortunately doesn’t produce huge bass notes thanks to the aforementioned undersized drivers, however, given that you’ll be in a small room and not looking for first shattering sound at this price range. The sound is more than good enough. It might be helpful for you to familiarize yourself with strategies on how to play stereo speakers for best audio performance number two Hulk Audio t-50 The Polk audio t-50 is the perfect floor oriented speaker for anyone looking to save a few bucks but still wants to build a quality home theater system. Each speaker in Pulse T series features a background of well researched acoustics and the sound quality minded construction that goes with it. The Speaker Arrangement offers four separate cones, a one-inch silk Tweeter for sparkling high as a six and a half inch extended throw composite driver as a main horn as well as two additional 6.5 inch composite sub base speakers to support the low end. The cabinet comes in a sleek black oak finish and is built with acoustically inert furniture grade. MDF to make sure that all it does is hone and project the sound forward. The look is further accentuated. When you remove the front grille off to reveal the cool speaker configuration, each unit is seven point seven five by eight point seven five by thirty six point, two five inches and weighs twenty point. Three five pounds. This thing is about as affordable as you can ask from a six ohm roaring 100 watt tower speaker. [MUSIC] Number one Elac debut f5 the Elac debut f5 stands above the rest with a price tag that isn’t out of this world and performance that will have you wanting to stay in and watch movies every weekend, standing around 36 inches tall. The f5 offers a one-inch silk Dome Tweeter and three five and a quarter inch drivers, the top of which is housed in a separate chamber offering up its own base port. The fiber board design offers a black vinyl finish, which doesn’t stand out as being particularly attractive, but feels solid and well built one. Notable Add-on is the addition of a black metal clip in the rear that is designed to secure the speaker to a wall to prevent it from tipping over on children falling in an earthquake etc. When it comes to sound, the f5 offers up an experience that hits well above its mid-range price tag, mid-range and Low-frequency Dynamics perform admirably, while bass lines are more than adequate to fill up a small room. The f5 almost creates a feeling of being in a concert hall for a live orchestra performance, which is impressive for its price point still. If you’re looking at trying to fill a larger room, you’re likely going to want a pair of f5 with a dedicated subwoofer for increased bass. We’d like to see a little more open on the upper harmonics, but for the cost, the f5 maybe near faultless. [MUSIC] and a bonus Polk Audio Tsi 500 it’s interesting to think that a brand like Polk Audio made the best sounding spot on our list in part because the brand is normally known for making affordable, albeit good quality consumer audio. The Tsi 500 brings Polk into the high-end pack, though with a set of specs meant to WoW, any ears. There’s a one-inch Silk Dome Tweeter. That’s pretty standard on most speakers of any size and variety. It’s a 4 yes 4 bi-laminate woofers within the tower made of a warmth organic material that gives this thing truly impressive playback. They’re all powered by a trademarked dynamic, balanced sound tech that lets you hear full, loud sound Without that unfriendly Crunch of distortion built and braced with solid furniture like MDF available in either high-glos’s black piano finish or rich cherry wood and supported further with quarter-inch baffles the enclosure on the TSI 500 complements the speakers and dampens out almost any artificial acoustic resonance at the factory. They’ve optimized the frequency response range with a clippable motor and its laser tested to ensure accurate performance up and down the spectrum and it’s all held up with phat rubberized feet to make sure virtually no unwanted frequencies are transferred through to your floorboards. [MUSIC] Thanks for watching [Music].