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Best Camera Bag For Wedding Videography - Wedding Video Tutorial


[MUSIC] So today we’re going to talk about camera bags, and I never thought that camera bags could be sexy, but this all changed when I saw this bag. So this is the main camera bag that we use now. I mean, look at this thing. It’s full leather. It just looks so good, you know, like when you get the new pairs of shoes, and you just feel like you can run faster. That’s what this does. I mean, it doesn’t. Make you run faster, but when you wear it, you just feel like the most amazing person like, literally. I think it just makes your shots better. Don’t take my word for it. I don’t think the company would back that up, but this camera bag is super cool, and, you know, like camera bag doesn’t make or break your films, But in my opinion, use the perception out of how you dress and which camera bag you use really communicates your brand to the other people at the wedding that you’re shooting, so if you’re dressing like a slob or you’re dressing, say you, you know, you want to dress and you want to have a camera bag That resonates with your ideal client l so for us. We really we want to reach people. Who are you know very into authentic things? They’re very, you know? They love kind of dress dressing, more hipster. Maybe they shop at J Crew or anthropology or American Eagle, like those are kind of the type of people that we will really want to reach, and so we kind of think about. How would those people dress what kind of things would resonate with them and kind of the style? This camera bag would really resonate with that audience, so that’s why we chose this bag and so first off it looks absolutely incredible and it’s called the ona camera bag. It’s by Ona. It’s the Bowery. I believe, and there’s a couple versions of this bag. This is the full leather version, which I mean, it’s real leather. It’s it’s so we’ll made like you just touch it and it just oozes quality. They have a couple other bags that are not full leather that are a little cheaper, but I’m like this bag. If you get this bag, it’s going to be with you forever like you’re going to hand this down to your kids. It’s it’s incredible and so one of the things. I love about this bag is one it’s gorgeous. It’s leather and this little clasp is really really cool it. It’s just a push clasp. And so when you press it, it actually comes out really, really easily, and it’s really easy to access all your gear that’s inside and this is the inside of it. It’s a little bit smaller than let’s see if I can show yourself dropping everything inside, It’s a little bit tinier than your average camera bag, but I actually like smaller bags and a lot of people like AMA bags too tiny like you’re a filmmaker. You need like a huge thing, whereas for me. I love limiting the size of my bags Because what I find is the less gear that I bring to the wedding. The more I can focus on story and actually the more creative item. And if I had a bigger bag, I would bring more to a wedding, which would stress me out and actually bring more stuff that I don’t need, whereas if I literally have a small camera bag, I cannot bring more than I can fit in this camera bag, and it’s kind of this weird psychological trick to making more creative and actually make you a better filmmaker because it causes you to not rely on the gear and more on your mind and the story, so you can fit like right in here. You can’t really fit any cameras in here unless you have like a Sony a7s or a small camera. I mainly use this bag for a lens bag and so I can fit three full size like so I can fit like three full-sized Canon L glass. This is not an allograft lens, but normally we fit. L glass lenses in here, I can fit three full-sized lenses inside this bag, and that is all. I need normally for a wedding. I only shoot with two lenses. So even this is a lot. And then I can also it also. Has these two front pouches right here? They’re not that flexible, so that’s. The only bummer. You can’t like dust them with stuff but again. I kind of like that because I bring less and so in these front pouches, What I’ll put are alike like little audio recorders. I’ll put gas tape or I’ll put like lens tissues or just little things, and they don’t. It’s really cool because the flap goes above. So you’re not going to lose anything in here. I was kind of freaked out at first that. Oh, they don’t have dippers like it’s my stuff going to fall out, but it’s not when this flap this flap is really heavy, and if you just make sure to lock it, which is really easily, You’re not going to lose anything and then what? I also did what’s kind of unique because this bag only comes with one center divider. And so you’re going to want to buy more center dividers. Ona actually sells more. They’re like ten dollars for a pack of three. And so what I did is I put. I don’t know if you can see here. I put two so that it makes three dividers And then what I also did is I quote one divider kind of on the back here. Let me just take this out. I put one divider on the back right here, so I almost made like another inside pocket. So right here I can put, you know, audio recorders or anything really, and so we have like three spots for lenses and this little kind of makeshift pocket inside. That’s that’s really, really awesome, And then it also has a spot in the back where you could put. You know anything, really. I think it’s made for, like an iPad Mini. You can put a Kindle in here, which is really, really great or anything else that you want to put, and then it also has two side pockets right here and right here now. These pockets are extremely tight. I think they made them so tight, so that. If you put anything in here, it’s not going to fall out. Which if you think about, it is really, really nice and so. I would put like batteries in here. I don’t know if I put memory cards because I wouldn’t want them falling out, but you can put like, you know, bars to eat on the wedding day or memory or memory cards or batteries or things like that. So this bag. I mean this bag. We just so nice, it’s so good. The strap is also completely leather. The clips are brass. It’s really great to travel with, because it doesn’t look like a camera bag. We’ll never get stopped. People won’t think that oh, my gosh! I guys trying to lug all this camera gear in here. It’s really great, It’s not too big. It’s really just the perfect size And what I’ll do is Ill. Put a link to it below so that you can get this back one of my favorite bags. But if you’re on a budget, you know this because it’s a pretty expensive bag, so probably my other favorite bag on top of that. This is a camera bag that we use for eight years shooting weddings now. This is the cheapest of the cheap bags in terms of price, but the quality is awesome. I think this bag’s like $30 or something. It’s called the low pro exchange messenger bag. Now this is just a basic bag, it’s. You can see it’s black, a couple things. I love about it super cheap. Look at this. You can fold it up and make it so tiny. It weighs nothing so on the wedding day. It’s not, you know, pulling down on. You can put it in your suitcase. If you’re traveling, love that, and it has three slots, it’s kind of a mess right now. But inside, it has three slots for lenses. So basically, we use it as our kind of go-to lens bag to swap out lenses. And what’s really great is because it’s a flexible fabric material. You could really dust this thing with as many things as you could possibly think of and it has, you know, two big pockets. You can get a hold of it. Two big pockets in the front, so you can put tons of stuff in there. It also has a zipper pocket and so you can secure things like cards and batteries, and I mean, for the price, you can’t beat it. So if you’re just starting out wedding, then you don’t want to invest in kind of any of the ona bags. This one is and as a solid, solid bag and like. I said we use this for almost eight years of shooting weddings and really, The main reason we’re changing to the ONA is not necessarily for functionality, but it’s more for the look, and we just really, you know, we’re charging a certain amount for weddings, and we want to make sure that the clothes that we were in the bag that we use and kind of the whole look of our team at the wedding matches our brand, and that’s kind of the main reason we went for the ona bag and we’ll also do is there’s some. There’s a bunch of other bags. You know, we’ve done a lot of research on the best a bag. I’ll put some links of some other ones that I think are great alternatives to something like the onna. Maybe something in between but kind of at two ends of the spectrum. These are these are our favorites, so that’s that’s everything for for camera bags. I hope that was really really helped for you. Guys, they’ll put the links below in the description for where you can get them. And if you guys end up getting them use the links below because it really helps us. It gives us a little kickback from Amazon or from any of the other people that we put the links in below, and it really helps us make more videos like this. And if this video is really helpful for you, Please, like this video. Subscribe to our channel for more videos like this. And you guys have a great rest of the day.