Best Korean Eye Creams | 🏅 Best Of 2020: Eye Creams | Best For Dark Circles, Depuffing, & Hydrating


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🏅 Best Of 2020: Eye Creams | Best For Dark Circles, Depuffing, & Hydrating


Hi, everyone another. This is Ava from Global Avon and welcome to my channel. So if you are new to this channel in this channel, I cover everything you have to know about skincare, beauty and lifestyle to basically get your skin glowing. So if you want to join the glow gang, make sure to subscribe to my channel below and also follow me on Instagram and tick tock at glow with Ava, all right, so this is once again, another sequel to my best of Skincare 2020 videos where I introduced a lot of the eye creams in that video, but I wanted to do an overall favorite 10 eye creams of all time in this video as well and once again, none of the products here are sponsored by any means they are truly my own honest opinions on them, and because today’s video is about eye creams. Let me just preface this by saying that I truly do believe in the power of eye creams. I don’t believe in using moisturizer for your eye area, and I do have a very sensitive eye area specifically, so I’m probably the most picky when it comes to picking out the best eye creams, but at the same time, I am always always testing so many different eye creams to find the next holy Grail, so I’m so excited to bring you guys the top 10 eye creams that I love and adore, and I think you guys should try as well, all right, so the very first one I’m going to be talking about was already introduced in my best of Skincare 2020 video, which is a solo positive bloom. Stay, um, eye cream. So this is a new eye cream that did launch in 2020 It’s a lovely, lovely, lovely. Um, eye cream, especially just from the packaging as you can see. This is part of someone’s bloom stay line, which is targeted at the modern woman, which is woman who are probably in their late 20s early 30s in their late 30s um, and constantly just so tired from their work overworked. Um, gets encountering a lot of pollution daily aggressors to their skin, so just wants to fight overall dollars and brighten up your their skin, so it’s not necessarily targeted towards, you know, finding your deep fine lines, but it’s kind of more preventative and kind of targeting at kind of brightening up your skin tone, so along that line. This eye cream does exactly that it’s not going to be the one that’s going to target your deep, fine lines by any means, however, if you do want to get an early start to, you know, making sure you don’t get those crows feet later in life, then this is a great one for you And the texture is so lovely. Still don’t know how to describe it, but it’s a nice souffle like gel cream that really just instantly melts into your eye area. The next one is the first brand new eye gel. And I’ve gone through so many of this. Um, I actually tested this eye cream even before versus launch because I was part of their like study group before the brand officially launched. And I have to say this one was one of my favorite products that I did try from them when I was testing from it. So the ingredient list is stunning. It’s got vitamin C ginseng root extract as well as caffeine extract and niacinamide. I mean, like how good does an ingredient list? Get especially for eye cream. So you’re going to keep seeing a common theme here where I do the vitamin C and eye creams. I love caffeine, and I do love a little bit of niacinamide as well, So the texture is a very lightweight gel that sinks into your eye very well, it’s not going to be hydrating enough for an eye cream. That is why usually I like to layer this on below and then add another layer on top, especially when my eye area needs a little bit more hydration, but for those of you who just want a very simple entry-level eye cream, Then I would highly recommend this one just because how affordable it is. It works great for anyone, and since I already mentioned the fact that I do love caffeine and eye creams, especially target, dark circles and puffiness. Of course, I have to mention the ankylo’s caffeine eye cream. This one always seems to be like sold out online, but finally it’s back in stock for under 10 guys. This is literally 9.99 and it does wonders it’s once again just like in keyless no frills at all, just caffeine and peptides to really help target your dark circles, any kind of morning puffiness as well as find a way a little bit of fine lines that you do have, I’ve gone through so many tubs of this, and if you just want something that gets to the point, does its job in the morning, then get this one. It is so good and I can’t not talk about once again. Another eye cream from angular. So this is more than 10 I know I’m cheating. But it’s the retinal eye cream as well for under 10 so I typically would use this in the morning and then this at nighttime. I will have to say this. One was incredible. Because in my nighttime routine, I would layer this one on. It’s not too thick. It’s pretty lightweight, actually kind of has, like a souffle like texture, So I put a layer on this, And then I would go in after 15 minutes with another thicker eye cream that I will mention on later in this video. So I did empty this. I stopped using this for a month and I really saw the difference and how like I would get more visible, dark circles in the morning time, and I was still sleeping the same, if not more than before, and it was surprised like what changed and the only thing that changed. My eye care routine was not having this in stock with me, so I won’t say I saw a huge difference in the fine lines of my eye area with this one. But surprisingly, I saw a big difference in how visible my dark circles were the morning after without having this. So when I wake up to really deep, visible dark circles, the very first part that I actually reach out to is the Sunday Riley auto correct and with this one, you will see immediate results and by immediate results. I mean, the fact that this does have a little bit of shimmer in it. So that gives you these slight glow under your eyes that help to diminish the look of dark circles and kind of takes attention away from that. If you don’t what that mean, so I’m not saying this shimmer is like super glittery or anything. It’s not like a makeup item in any way at all. It just has that shimmer that helps to brighten your overall skin tone, your eye area, and it’s just so lovely, so in the same line, think of this in the makeup world as a brightening primer that you use under your foundation, This does the same thing of overall brightening up your eye area and helping with dark circles as well as puffiness because this also has caffeine, my favorite ingredient, the dream eye cream from Youtube people. This is already included in my best of skincare 2020 Um, a video. So if you haven’t already please check that out. I have a lot of good pics out there for you, guys. Um, so this is from the same line as their famous dream mask, and unfortunately, the dream mask wasn’t like the go-to product for me in any way, But the texture is very, very similar. It’s got that nice whipped texture that honestly works better for an eye cream than a mask. In general, so I love the way this applies in my eye area. It doesn’t, it’s not going to give you Milia. Just because of how lightweight it is, but it’s also very deeply hydrating the amore Pacific time response eye cream that I fortunately do not have me because I emptied it. It is one of the most expensive eye creams that I’m introducing to you guys today. And I also introduced the same exact time response moisturizer cream in my best of 2020 video. So you guys already know that I absolutely adore this whole line. So this cream is also very similar in texture to the moisturizer and the fact that it is very rich, its emollient. It’s got that kind of whipped, buttery texture. So when you first see this, you’re like, how am I supposed to use this as an eye cream? But trust me a little bit goes a long way and it’s going to sink into your skin immediately. Simply put. It’s like a butter that just melts into your eye area. It’s so beautiful, and you’re going to see an instantly more luminous eye area the whole time response line. I just have to repeat again. Here is, um, formulated with one of the most luxuriously extracted green tea extract from the whole green tea gardens and Jeju island and this line in particular, um, uses the best of the best green tea extract that is hand picked and formulated, um, during the peak of the season, which is just like the first 14 days of April. So you know the pudsey is there? The efficacy is there, and it just works like a dream. So if you’re in for pampering yourself or someone else in your life with a gorgeous Korean okay, beauty eye cream, Then this is your go-to, and if that is a little too expensive for you, but you still want some of the benefits of the Korean Skincare. The next one I have for you is the Costa Rice snail museum peptide eye cream. This sells for around 25 and once again, a very hydrating and lovely eye cream. So I don’t know about you, guys, but I personally do love snail music in my skincare routine. So snail museum is mainly ingredient in this eye cream, along with niacinamide and peptides. So it’s going to help brighten up your skin area. It’s going to help find a little early signs of aging. Um, so I wanted to say out of all. The eye creams I’m discussing today. This is one of the most creamiest white textures that if you want something that is hydrating. If you want hydration for your eye area, then go in with this. I personally didn’t really see a huge difference in diminishing my dark circles necessarily with this, but if you are living in a dry climate, if you just overall just have a very, I’m trying to like, dry patches around your eye area. Kind of feeling that tight area, um, and especially when you use concealer, and you see all those creases that just means you need more hydration. So that’s when a very hydrating creamy eye cream like this will come into play have to discuss the Dr. Jennings Girl’s. Retinol serum. I already mentioned this in my best of 20 Dr. Dennis Gross Retinol Eye Serum! I already discussed this in my best of 20 20 video. Um, so not going to go to too deep into this, But this is one of the first like eye Serums, Australia. I’m discussing in this whole video. Um, this is this. This product is a one that actually made me fall in love with the concept of eye serum, so definitely not hydrating enough just to be used alone. Um, but after using this as a first base layer, then I go in with a heavier eye cream after about 10-15 minutes, and then after this, you really see a big difference, but personally, I would only use this at night time because of the retinol ingredient in it, so you don’t want that much of a sun exposure, obviously, so a good pair to go with this one is once again. The soul has a bloom stay, or if you want something slightly more richer. That’s when I go in with a chandelier eye cream. So this is their stress, repair eye cream line and such a little gem in a jar and I have to say for this little jar. A little bit goes a long way. I’ve used this for like a year and I still have a little bit left in this, and I’m amazed by how long lasting this is, and I don’t think people in their 20s necessarily need this eye cream at all because this is at a whopping price of 180 It’s a lot of money, however, if you are able to afford if you’re in your 30s 40s 50s and want more of the luxuries eye cream that will really target those fine lines. Give your eye a more luminous appearance. Then this one is truly one of my Holy Grails and this one is manufactured in Switzerland, using some of their best botanical oils and on top of the botanical extract that they do use. It also has caffeine one of my favorite ingredients as well as peptides to target those fine lines, and I have to say this not only targets your deep fine lines, but also does a fantastic job of overall plumping up and smoothing out your eye area, so I could notice a really big difference in some of the stubborn eye lines that I had on below my eye area with this eye cream. All right, we’re down to our last eye cream for the day, which is the Schwann and guard. I still haven’t learned how to pronounce this eye cream, but this is an eye gel. Um, cream that I introduced in my best of 2020 Skincare Video. And this is an antioxidant eye cream that I discovered this year and it’s a eye cream that I keep reaching for every morning. I typically don’t use that many gels just as a sole eye cream at night time, however, in the morning when you don’t want something too heavy, if you are kind of rushed for a time and just want something that you can quickly apply your eye cream, then make them over, and it’s not going to smudge. It’s not going to crease all of that, then. This is a fantastic eye cream for that, and I just love the overall little glow that you get from using this to the point. Where because of the nice shimmery glow, not shimmery, but like a nice like natural glow you get from this. This almost acts like a highlighter, So I like using this kind of like over here. Um, as well as under my brow bones as well does a fantastic job, and once again, I feel like a little bit goes a long way so with that, that is a wrap of my favorite 10 eye creams, um, of not only this year, but through previous years as well. And if you haven’t already please make sure to subscribe to my channel, so you can stay in tune for all the best skincare videos out there. Um, and if you also if you haven’t already make sure to watch my best of Skincare 2020 video as well as some of the other subcategory videos like this one. Well, thank you so much and make sure to follow me on Instagram and tick tock glow with Ava, thank you.