Best Etsy Wedding Dresses | Etsy Wedding Dress Review | Better Than Expected?

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Etsy Wedding Dress Review | Better Than Expected?


[MUSIC] Hi, yall! Welcome back to another video. So on today’s video, we’re going to be talking about my Etsy wedding dress, so I did purchase this dress as a backup dress to my custom wedding dress. I didn’t end up having to wear it, but I did want to let you all know about my Etsy experience, so before we get into this video. Make sure you are subscribed and make sure you go ahead and like this video and turn on that notification bell. So you won’t miss any other videos? Alright, so lets. Jump right into this. So I ended up getting my actual wedding dress customized from someone that I found on Etsy. But this dress that I purchased was a backup, so I purchased this one before I ever got my dress. Um, just in case anything went wrong and honestly, this would have been a great option and honestly. The lady kept in touch with me. We spoke back and forth. Um, this was a pre or like a dress that was already made, so it was in a size two already, so it wasn’t something that I had to worry about getting custom sized. You know, I just looked on her Etsy page and she had some stock dresses and I was just like okay like I asked her a couple of questions like. Would there be anything needed to do? She let me know that there would be like extra fabric in the seams. If I needed, um, to let the dress out, um, you know? She told me she gave me like little tips. If I needed to get the dress taken in which if I would have worn this dress, I would have needed for it to be taken in just a little bit because it came in a two and I do wear between a zero and a two like I’m somewhere in between there, so we’re just a little big on the hips or right here in my waist because my waist, real small, but it fit everywhere else. Um, the dress. It’s a beautiful dress. Honestly, so it’s an ivory, the ivory lace, but the dress is actually champagne. Which is how my actual wedding dress was as well. Um, and this dress was more lace like it went lace all the way down. Um, into the train. There was lace around the front, so the entire dress was covered in lace and beading. And it was honestly beautiful. The only thing that I didn’t so much care for was the color of the mesh on the back. I wish that the mesh would have been, um, darker, and she did tell me that. If I were to get the dress customized that she would have been able to make me a dress with a darker mesh on it, but because it was my backup dress, I didn’t feel the need to pay the extra, um, to get the dress customized, but that was an option. So I was like, okay. You know, I’m I’m okay with that. This dress is honestly beautiful, so I went and tried on dresses in store and they were twice the price. Maybe three times the price of this dress, but this rice. This dress is the same quality, if not better quality, um. She makes dresses a lot so since I’ve ordered from her. I don’t know if her. Etsy is still active. But she so I once I ordered for her Etsy. I always talk back and forth through email and through Whatsapp. She was very like personable. It took me about two weeks to get the dress, which wasn’t bad at all. Um, because she had already, You know, it was already made, so she just had to go through her orders and get the dress shipped out and I was fine with that. So I’m assuming she has like a team of people Who does that for her. Um, I don’t think that it’s just one lady, But it felt like it was just one lady who I was speaking with. She was very descriptive. She sent me like pictures of the dress. Um, there were pictures online, and then she sent me pictures of other dresses that she had made, um, that weren’t on her Etsy page. So just in case that I decided that I wanted something different, but I honestly bought this dress from her because of her personality. Um, because of the way that she was, she responded quickly, and that’s a lot that I don’t get on Etsy. It takes a lot of time for people to respond. And I don’t like that. Um, the dress came bundled up really tightly. Um, and I know that I I’m not sure if she’s in the US or if she’s in another country. Um, because it says some of the dresses shipped from the US. But and she talked to me all the time, so I don’t know I honestly don’t know she might have like a warehouse here or like people who work for her here. Whatever the dress was nice. Okay, so I did show you. You know, you saw the full body of the dress. I’m going to show you some up close and personal views of the dress so that you can just see like the detail and like how amazing this dress was. I honestly would recommend like if you were ordering a dress from Etsy to make sure that the person will talk to you first of all like that, They’re going to be responsive. Because this is your wedding dress. Yes, you can get them that more affordable than they are in the store. You just they always recommend that you. Are you know your sizes? So you go into a bridal shop somewhere and get sized? Um, get your measurements taken so that you can know exactly what to order because you are ordering this online. And what about? I mean, they ask you. What your heel height is. So if someone won’t talk to you, I wouldn’t order from them. I’m just gonna be honest because I know I probably bugged her and it didn’t. Take me that long to decide to order the dress. Because before I ordered it, I was talking back and forth with her because I was kind of iffy because I ordered this dress before I ever got my dress. So, um, I know she was probably like this lady again, but she never made me feel like that so it was. It was really nice for me. The experience was good. I ended up, not like I said I didn’t end up wearing this dress. But if I had to wear it, it would have been a great dress. I am going to sell the dress because I didn’t wear it and I it’s going to go to waste in my closet. So I am selling the dress. Um, it might already be gone by the time. This video is posted, but it was a wonderful dress. So let me show you up close and personal, so I turn the light down a little bit so that you can really see the detail in this dress. It’s so nice it has, like, um, just like my dress. It is champagne like I said. It’s champagne with the ivory lace. But it also has a layer of glitter tool. So that in so this is the glitter tool and it feels so nice, Yall like it’s like a satin underneath like it’s so nice and comfortable, um, and it’s it’s a couple of layers underneath here, and it’s so nice so and it’s really nice like, so it kind of gleams in the light. It’s super cute! It does have a built-in bra so yall can see that surprised built in there. Straps are nice. Um, there’s these little flowers that you can see. So there’s little flowers that are on here, and everything is sewn on nicely and tight, like there’s nothing That’s like coming off even the beading super pretty dress like looking at this. I’m like, oh, man, I definitely could have wear this dress. It definitely gives me like, Oh, like very gaspy vibes. No, it’s so pretty, yall. So if you have any other questions about this dress, ask them down below comment down below. I asked I’ll answer any questions that you have. I will put her, um, email down below so that you can email her ill. Check to see if her. Etsy page is still active. I think it’s still active. I don’t think she puts a lot on her Etsy because I think she has a lot of business on our website. I don’t know how she does. I found her on Etsy. Um, so I will put that down below as well. In case you all decide that you want to take a look at it and other than that. Make sure that you have hit the notification bell. So you can be notified for any upcoming videos. You are subscribed, so go ahead and join the family. And if you haven’t already seen my other wedding dress, try on videos. Those are linked below as we’ll take some time. Watch some videos. Come back and let me know what other dresses you would like to see or any other videos. Um, and how’s your wedding planning going? So see you all on the next one?