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What's The Best Calligraphy Pen (top 10 Calligraphy Pens)


One of the most frequently asked questions on any video or picture. And I’m pretty sure many pretty girls can say the same is what’s. The pen you use so in today’s video? I will give you some suggestions. So the most used calligraphy pens [Music]. Hi, everyone and welcome back to kilogram masters channel. My name is Milanese And in today’s video. I’ll be talking about the different categories of pens. Also the prices. They cost and where you can get them. I’ll put all the info and links in the description, so make sure to check it out without further ado. Let’s jump into it. Number 10 -, just a regular pencil or ballpoint pen. Those go anywhere from 0 up to whatever the prices are in the region. Where you’re living, the pencil could be used as a single one to do calligraphy like copper play script by applying different angles of the tip, as well as different pressure, it can be used also as two pencils put together with tape or rubber band to do a broad edge pen calligraphy. Also, you can use the pencil just to do some lettering and what lettering this is basically drawing the letters with a ballpoint pen. You can do calligraphy again by applying different pressure and using the proper paper and you can do also letter in by drawing the letters number 9 graffiti, writer’s, markers and those go anywhere from 2 $3 up to $20 depending from the price and tip size that you are using. Of course for those markers you have to use either bigger paper, bigger surface to write, or you can use it for walls and any other surface that’s big enough to fit the size of the tip number 8 custom made pens, For example, this one is made by a friend of mine who is based in Russia on tongue house. He made this broad edge pen for me with disgusting holder and this. This one is something similar to a ruling pen. You can either buy those pins or you can make them yourself. And the prices of custom-made pens can go anywhere from 10 up to hundreds of dollars, depending on the pen on the holder and all the details about it. I’ll put links to all the pens where you can buy them number. 7 fountain pens Fountain pens can go anywhere from 0 up to thousands and hundreds of thousands of dollars, literally depending on the brand and and the materials that the fountain pen is made of, for example here. I have two pens from which calm and they are. They cost me zero. I had to pay just like 50 cents or $1 for the shipping, and I guess there are replicas, but pretty good. I don’t know if this one is actually a replica, but this one is definitely a replica and its replica of the Lamy Fountain pen, which is very popular amongst calligraphers Number 6 markers. For example, the ones I have. They have 2 2 tips on both sides and on one side is a mono line tip, and the other one is with a broad action with a broad edge tip, which is cut vertically. There are different prices. They come anywhere from 5 up to 15 Maybe more dollars per piece, and maybe even cheaper if you get a big package for from light and on 15 20 30 markers in it, but I have at home Also Molotov of those and they are pretty cool for having fun, and especially for beginner. Number 5 ruling pants running pants usually were created and been used in architecture to draw just lines, but at some point, calligraphers decided or found out that they they can use it for calligraphy and ruling pens can cost anywhere from 15 like this. One pratik pen costs $16 up to 50 $60 This one hen rhythmic is 52 euro. At least it was that price when it was sent to me Number for brush pens, Brush pens can be very different from Type 2 tip their soft brush pens. There are also hard brush pens and there are also some with hairs. They can cost anywhere from two three dollars. Up to 10 15 maybe even more, depending on the brush pen, the quality and the brand, for example, this is a Molotov brush brush pen, which is brand new you, can you see? I can open it. We have to get the sticker away. Come on, okay. This is a model of brush panel with it seems soft, but at the same time is hard. Some kind of material. It’s pretty cool. Brush pen. Here is a Japanese. No, this is made in Thailand. I don’t know what this brand was gift to me. And it’s a word pen with the hard tip. Here is a rubber. Casto with a soft one and a longer, then we have the royal talents, which is pretty flexible, and but it’s also hard tip have the very popular water color brush pens, which are usually with hair and also very popular. One is the tumble. What was it? I forgot the I think it’s the pocket. Tumbo not sure, but it has two guns. It has both soft and hard tip number three broad edge pens, for example, automatic pens or protect pens. The one which I have in my hands. There are also maybe other brands, But I’m not, I don’t know any right now. So if you know you can share with me, but I am sure. I’ve seen other brands as well. Those who are most popular or at least most popular to me. They cost anywhere from 10 up to 15 dollars and they come in a variety of sizes and different nibs number two straight and oblique pen holders. The straight pen holders can cost anywhere from 1 up 2 to 3 dollars And together with the nib, They can end up up to 5 $10 something like this, depending on the nib that you’re using, you can see here. I have bought with the broad edge lips as well as a pointed nib and then the oblique pen holder can cost also around $10 But not this one. This is a custom one which cost hundreds of dollars and it’s made by my friend from Turkey. Ali Pat Sackler and there will be again Links in the description number one, my favorite pens, The ones which made me fall in love with calligraphy pile of parallel pens. They can cost anywhere from 10 up to $15 a pen or you can find them. From 25 up to 35 $40 for the whole pack package and this package includes 4 different sizes as you know. I have three here with me. Pile of parallel pens is actually a fountain pen, but this is a different one. You can see their broad edge fountain pens and are probably one of the most popular and used pens for calligraphy our days and a big reason for the popularity of the pens is because of to use one who made first the review of pilot parallel planes years ago. The video, which made me start calligraphy they are perfect for beginners as well for people who are more advanced in calligraphy. So guys, let me know in the comments, which one is your favorite pen, which one you use and which one you haven’t, but you would like to cry. Also, if there are some kinds that you didn’t see in this video, but you think it was a good idea to be in the video. Let me know in the comments. If you enjoyed the video, thumbs up will be much appreciated if you’re new to the channel. Subscribe and click the bear icon. I’ll see you in the next video and as always keep writing. Hi, everyone, and what any today’s video? I’ll be talking about different kinds of paper.