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Best Strollers On A Budget | 2020 | Nuna Tavo | Thule Spring | City Mini Gt2 | Magic Beans


If you’re looking for a stroller, that is high-quality and it’s not going to break the bank. This is the video you should watch. I’m comparing three of my favorite strollers from three of my favorite companies and they’re all under $400, and they’re actually, really, really cool. Buying an inexpensive stroller. That’s not working, not investing in a quality right away. It’s so confusing, but I’ve dedicated my career to helping parents like you. So if you want your own personalized recommendation, you should email me your question to questions@mbeanscom. Leave a comment below or call me. Let’s talk about strollers at 6173838259. So here are my three favorite strollers on a budget. So these three strollers are all under $400, I’ve been asked for a long time to not only review strollers that are over $800, $900, $1000. You know the group. But what about strollers that are definitely in a lower price point? These aren’t obviously $100, $200 strollers. These are all like between $300 and $400, But you’re getting the high-quality products that I basically only review. The reason why there’s a reason for this? The reason why I only review these types of quality strollers is because I just know from my experience as a parent that you need a stroller That is built to last that if something we’re to break, or if you would accidentally, like, slam the stroller into your trunk or your babysitter, does it or your mother in law, does it? Then you will be able to fix it. All of these companies have great customer service and Magic Beans. We have great customer service. So if this is a problem, we can fix it and they last a long time. So these are among those different types of strollers. The newest stroller on in the market is the Thule Spring stroller! You get the high-quality of a Thule Spring. They have the Thule Urban Glide. They have the Thule Sleek, which are also really really great strollers. But this is the stroller for me. I think this is awesome Like I said, It’s under $400, It’s a three -wheel stroller. So it’s really really easy to pivot. You can add a car seat adapter to it. So you can click your new car seat your Maxi into it. It folds really really easily. All you have to do is lift pull and it folds right down and it folds in. This innovative way that the wheels fold in on themselves and this innovative tripod position, I do a full review of the Thule Spring on the channel, which you can watch after this video, but that compared to the City Mini GT2 again, another great stroller. You can add a car seat adapter to it. You can add a bassinet to it. It’s adjustable. This stroller is known because it has that innovative pull-to-fold technology kind of similar to the Spring. But there’s just this one sort of strap. You lift it, you pull it very easy to use. It’s not newborn certified, but it is a very deep recline. So you may not use this out of the gate with your newborn, but it does have a very deep recline so that you can put your little one right into the stroller. To open the latch opens right back up and like I said, Adjustable handlebar. Really, really easy to maneuver. Another stroller that I love. That’s under $400, Is the Nuna. Tavo The Nuna Tavo. This is different from those other two strollers because it’s a four-wheeled stroller. A four-wheeled stroller is definitely more traditional in look. It works perfectly with the Nuna PIPA without an adapter. It has an awesome canopy and this canopy does so many different things. You can expose this mesh. So the air can flow through. There’s also a peek a boo window with magnetic closures and air mesh. But the thing that people love about this thing, just like the Nuna PIPA car seat is that there is a Dream Drape. You can create a dark enclosure for your baby while they’re sleeping just by exposing the Dream Drape on the Tavo, which I think is quite neat. This is a full recline for newborn. You just squeeze on the back and this reclines all the way down again. You can open this up so that the air can flow through in the summer. One of the things I love about this stroller again under $400, But what’s so amazing is it has this glossy black frame to it? There’s like an anodized black or different types of aluminum frames. I think that this kind of looks like a piano like a glossy piano. I just kind of love the way that looks and that is next to this Brown weathered leather-wrappe’d handle bar, which is both very comfortable and very durable for you. To fold the stroller down. What you do is It’s all in the hand mechanism. You push your finger in squeeze and fold down. So it’s very easy to fold and then you just open the little latch on the side and right back up. There’s a zipper compartment in the basket that you can throw some extra accessories into easy flip-flop friendly break. You try to say that 10 times flip-flop friendly break and really great exposed suspension that you can see. So this is gonna be very durable and budget friendly. These strollers are absolutely amazing as you can see, but I actually do a video of the best strollers of 2020, Which you can watch right now?