Backdrop Ideas For Photo Booth | Diy Photobooth Backdrop | Cheap And Easy Party Decor

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Diy Photobooth Backdrop | Cheap And Easy Party Decor


[MUSIC] [Music]! Hi, guys, it’s. Hannah, here. This video is all about the photo booth that I had during my birthday party last August 12th and I’m gonna show you how I did a very cheap and easy to make photo booth backdrop, also a photo booth picture frame designed with two types of paper flowers. Just a disclaimer. This is my first video tutorial. So I still feel a bit awkward right now. I’m not even sure if I should speak English, Tagalog or Bisaya, but probably I’m gonna speak the three languages or dialects all throughout the video, depending on which I am comfortable with on that specific moment. So please bear with me [Music] first get a colored paper or we call it card to Lina back in the Philippines and just draw a circle and it using a compass. Or if you don’t have a compass, you can use a plate or a bowl, just like what I’m doing right now. Just anything that you could use to make a circle on the paper. Then just simply draw a twirl inside the circle and make as many tools as you can Kasa after you gagawin nothing guide when we cut the paper later on next cut the paper following the side that we made a while ago, so cool man. A notice new indie catalysis in the new young circle. I’m making a pattern here Using curvy cut. This will stand as the petal of our flower Kiya, Hindi Padang, straight You bug cut nodded Kala and Parker V. So this is how it’s gonna look like, but no cotton at the neutral using the curvy pattern now we’re gonna roll the twirl, starting from the outer end towards the inner end of the circle among all the steps at Unk Landon Africa circle on metallic Aguma and a super super tiny rolls. Just keep rolling until you reach the most inner part of the circle. And as you can notice, were starting to get arrows like figure here you go. This is the easiest way to make paper, flowers or paper roses. So that is our paper flower number. One for our next flower divided the colored paper cart, olena into five different sections with different bits, then cut the paper following the lines of the draw a while ago, next fold the cut paper into six sections, then draw a petal figure carefully. Cut the paper next cut a short line in the middle. Repeat, these steps to the other three sections. Now we have our four sets of pedals, staple each cut line in the middle. [MUSIC] Once everything has been stapled, roll the sides of the petals using a pencil. Just like what I’m doing here, remember? We still have a remaining section, so we’re gonna use that as a Center for our flower, so just cut the folded side this way and I’m gonna show you later. Why we’re doing this now? We are nearly finished. We just need to glue all the petals together. So each set of petals will stand as one layer of the flower. The 15 centimeter petals will stand as our first layer, and then the 14 centimeters would be the second layer and so on and so forth for the center of our flower. We’re gonna use the remaining folded and caught paper and we’re just gonna row it this way and just secure the end using a glue and that is how we make paper flour number two for the picture frame. You can make one from cardboard boxes and it is ideal if you use the large ones such as the TV boxes or fridge boxes, cut our rectangle in the middle because we’re only going to use the border, it’s up to you. If you want to paint the picture frame or just wrap it with a wrapping paper now we can start decorating our picture frame using the paper flowers for the photobooth backdrop. We can use bustle crap streamers. The first thing that we need to do is cut the streamers into our desired length. Determine your desired length by measuring the wall where you want to place your photo booth. So these are my cut streamers. I got the white ones, the pastel pink and also the food shopping. Now we’re going to stick these streamers into the masking tape. [MUSIC] Now that we’ve stuck all the streamers cover the masking tape with another masking tape. This is how we keep the streamers in place here. I placed lace curtains over the wall because I find it easier to stick the streamers into the curtains, just using pins to add more effect. We’re going to twist the streamers and pin it into the curtains. So what I’m doing Here is just twist the streamers four times and stick it into the curtains just using pins. Just keep on doing this until you get all. The streamers twisted and that is my cheap and easy to make photo booth [Music].