Airbrush Vs Traditional Makeup Wedding | Airbrush Vs. Traditional Wedding Makeup

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Airbrush Vs. Traditional Wedding Makeup


Hi, my name is Michelle Renee with Michelle Renee. The studio and my two truths of the lie are number One. Were opening a studio in South Tampa Two. We do weddings all over the country, and we once did hair and makeup for Jill Zarin, from the Real Housewives of New York and the lie is nothing makeup. Artists shouldn’t lie to their clients and clients should lie to their makeup. Artist’s boom. I’m here to talk to you about airbrush makeup versus traditional wedding makeup. My name is Michelle Renee and I own Shelvin a the studio. We are located in South Tampa, but we do hair makeup for weddings. All over the world were on location and our main service areas are Orlando, Gainesville Campus Area and Sarasota. We are especially known for having a large team and we are known to be able to do multi-ethnic weddings so we can do. Indian weddings, Pakistani weddings, Palestinian weddings. We do beach weddings, Asian weddings. We can do every wedding that you can think of. Airbrush makeup is magical. Airbrush makeup has actually been around since 1959 There are three kinds of formulas for airbrush makeup. There’s a silicone base. There’s a water base and there’s an alcohol base, so I personally love the Mac airbrush. It’s a silicone base. So I prefer the Silicon because silicon slightly absorbs oil, it’s long-lasting and its sanitary. You’re going to put the airbrush makeup in a gun and compressor, and you don’t have to use your fingers and it’s very sanitary and quick to get multiple people ready if you’re between 20 and late 30s and you have decent skin. You maybe get a blemish once in a while. Maybe t-zone oily airbrush is going to be perfect for you. So if you have a darker complexion, that means you have more melanin in your skin, that’s a natural. SPF so you could actually add 10 to 15 years to those limits. If you have skin at the texture of an orange at normal distance from a mirror, airbrush is not going to be right for you. The reason being is airbrush is super super micronized so instead of sitting on top of the skin, the airbrush is going to sit in the pores and just make your pores. Stand out more if you have wrinkles. The airbrush makeup is not going to sit on the wrinkles. It’s going to go into the wrinkles, and it’s going to define your wrinkles more. The alternatives to airbrush makeup is using regular makeup. You just have to make sure that you set your makeup with powder. And then you make sure that you set it with a thick spray. I actually instead of using a gun and compressor. I use the brush. I call it the Don King Brush. I actually apply it. Blend it in, and it still does the same job. It’s still airbrush makeup. It’s just applied differently and it gives it a different texture on larger pores. One tip. I’d like to offer if you’re doing a trial and you’re still uncertain If regular makeup or airbrush makeup is right for you, ask your makeup artist to do half regular and half airbrush that way you can go on your day. Do whatever you need to do and see how airbrush wears on your skin and see if it fits your needs of your wedding day. Reviews are important because it shows that they have actually had paying clients and these clients are happy with them and they’ve been in business as long as they said. They’ve been in business. I would definitely make sure that they have some kind of licensure that they work from an actual studio or salon. They’re not just a freelancer. There’s a home base where they can be held accountable and that they have some kind of liability insurance. When they’re coming in your home, airbrush makeup is gonna cost more than traditional makeup because of the equipment involved, A gun and compressor is going to cost money. Plus, usually a makeup artist will have to have an extra gun and compressor just in case. Something happens to the first one so makeup. Artists do have to take specialized training to know how to apply and use machines. So makeup. Artists do have to have more practice. It’s just specialized in the technique to make. You look flawless. That was fun! Was it okay, okay. Michelle, you can do this. He did it, okay. Oh, I see you evil camera. Natas ate my orange on the way over here. Um, yeah, that’s a, but I didn’t I love you.