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Envelope Liners | Diy Your Wedding Invitations!


Hi, everyone! Today we’re gonna chat about how to create these beautifully lined envelopes envelope. Liners are my most favorite upgrade. I think they just add such a beautiful touch and make the invitation seem so luxurious from the first time that someone opens the envelope We’re gonna talk about the best papers for liners where to find them how to make sure they match up with your envelopes. And, of course, how to apply them in all my favourite tools. So let’s go ahead and get started on these so. I’m leaning of design by Laini and I am a custom stationery designer as well as a business strategy coach for other creative entrepreneurs. So if you are a DIY bride which I currently am myself, I am planning my own wedding and my own invitation, so that’s really fun as well as working with my clients. So even if you’re a DIY bride. Just doing this for yourself or if you want to start a stationery business. This video is gonna be super helpful for you because I get a lot of questions on envelope. Liners so design wise. There’s a few different things you can do you, of course, can do something like this, which has to be cut in a specific place. It’s going to be a little bit more difficult than something like this, which is just an all-over pattern. You can also use like a photo realistic picture or monogram. You can do it so many things with envelope liners and I love them and one question I get is if they tear when people open them. So when you’re sealing Ill Oh, envelope with a liner in it, you want to try and only seal this kind of top half or a little bit less than that because that will create a little opening here, and when someone opens it, they won’t be tempted to tear this top portion. Yes, sometimes it’s still gonna be torn, but it’s still gonna be a beautiful envelope, even if this gets torn. If you’re worried about that, then maybe don’t do a design that’s centered right around this fold so that you can avoid tearing your beautiful design. But you’ll notice that most of these envelopes were working with are going to be from the same company, and I’m going to link them below. We also have a print and paper vendor guide that and lists all of our favorite suppliers and how we get liners for them as well. So these are all the exact same shape. This is another supplier that I sometimes use if these folks are out of stock or don’t have a color that I like as you can see if we compare this, they are very, very, very different shapes. So if I were to put this liner into this envelope, for instance. Oh, that is just not going to work out just sticking out over there, and even if you were to cut this down, For instance, you can see that the angle is just completely off on there as compared to these guys. So when you’re buying your envelopes and your liners try to get them in the same place if you can the place that I’m going to link below does offer custom liners order. You can always make them yourself and so how you do that is you would print this on an eight-and-a-half by eleven or an eight by ten sheet of paper. And then you can either Trace the envelope or you can cut one apart and cut it a little bit. I like to go just a little bit below the adhesive and create a template and then you can just get these angles stack cut at Fedex or Kinko’s, Office Depot, etc. Or, of course, you can cut them yourself and the only difference here is that you’ll have a pointed tip on a liner as opposed to this rounded tip that we have here, but it’s perfectly acceptable, especially if you’re not trying to create a business and you’re just a bride trying to do these for your own wedding. So now that we’ve covered this. I’m gonna stick with these envelopes Because these are what I use most often and what I have my liners cut today to fit. You might ask what paper we use you can see. This is super thin paper as opposed to something thicker that we’re gonna use for the actual invitation. This is called text weight and it’s about 70 or 80 pounds is the weight of this, whereas this is cover weight and it’s about 120 pounds. It’s a lot thicker, but if you add something that thick to an envelope liner, it’s going to make it tough to fold and close the envelope, and it’s also going to add to you the postage weight, so you don’t necessarily want to do that. This is more of a decorative feature than a functional features. Do you like it to be really thin? So I like to assembly line this process as much as possible because it can get really tedious. So I have my stack of envelopes. I like to kind of pinch over here so that it opens a little flap, though. These are not in the same direction and just go ahead and stack them all like this and then pull them open. So now they’re all standing open for you. Then I like to insert all of the liners at once. A lot of you asked me how we put our invitations together as well as how we charge for putting things together what our assembly levels are for our clients, so we put together a comprehensive guide to show you all the tips and tricks we use as well as extra information about how we charge for assembly. What order the cards should go in what etiquette says about assembly and how we deal with our clients throughout this process. So if it’s before May 1st, you can pre-order the imitation assembly guide at the link below. If it’s after May 1st, you can go ahead and purchase that at the link in the description of this video. So I hope you enjoy all the tips and tricks about how we assemble invitations. How we’re most productive and how to save you a ton of time and money during that process? All right, so now we’ve got our stock here. That’s just got all the liners loose in it and what you’re going to do is take them one by one and position them and the only thing you’re really worrying about is just getting the tips to match up. That’s the best way to do it, or if you prefer, you can look at these side angles. I kind of do it both ways sometimes. Alright, so once. I’ve got this lined up and grab the flap. Fold and make sure you’re gonna go crease there and then just open the flap and that will cause the liner to stay in place. And then you adhere it. I use a couple of different tools for this. My number one favorite. Is this scotch. Advance tape glider. There are a lot of different refills that you can get, but the Scotch brand to me have always been a most successful. You can also use any kind of general tape. Roller, a lot of people do that. You can get those at craft stores, etc, or you might think of this as an option and wonder if it will work. Yes, a glue stick will work perfectly, so if you’re just doing this for a one-off order, a glue stick is a great alternative. If you’re going to be doing it, a lot definitely recommend the tape letter. I have it linked below for you from an Amazon shop. So then this is just kind of like a little gun and people ask me a lot of times if I here the entire thing that you want the bottom to be able to move a little bit, because as you put invitations in and as the guest pulls them out, there’s going to be a little bit of movement down there. Do you want to just make sure that you’re really only adhering the top part? You’re gonna have the best results that way, so I just go as close to the edge as possible. And then once you do that, this has gone over a little. I’m not sure if you can see that tape, but you just kind of roll it back in, get to that point and smooth it down. You definitely want to smooth it down towards the top, and then you open it. It pretty much stays in place. It kind of moves a little bit around this fold, which is totally fine, but it stays in place horizontally. So then you can put the invitation in and close this over it, and you’ve got a little bit of flexibility. There, see how my little crab is moving. That’s pretty cute, so I’ll go ahead and do these just so you can see. I’ll speed it up for you, okay. I had really high hopes, but I’ve done a few little mess-ups on here, and I just want to show you that that’s completely. Okay, You can just fold the adhesive back over it. As long as it’s not trailing out of here, it’s okay, even if you get a little speck of dirt or something, not a big deal because no one is going to ever see this part. Yay, okay, so now. I’m actually going to speed up and do the rest of them. [MUSIC] All right, so now we’ve got these five perfectly lined envelopes. This is maybe my favorite layer. I’ve ever created, and this is a reminder. Here are those tools that I recommended. And then they are all linked below in my Amazon shop and linked below also is our print and paper vendor guide, which will show you all the vendors that we use for getting envelopes getting liners printed. No matter how you want to get them printed. And we also have the main supplier for the envelopes and liners that we used today linked in there for you directly so. I hope that you enjoyed this video. Please let us know if you have any questions on this process or an envelope liners in general by commenting below, We’d love to see pictures of your liners that you’ve created and I hope that you’ll give us a like and a subscribe as well as hit that little Bell button. So you don’t miss any of our future videos that release every Thursday. Thanks, everyone!