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12 Worst Wedding Dresses In The World


Hi, everyone society tends to believe a magnificent wedding. Prince Charming and a snow-white dress is something every girl Dreams of this, of course, is not entirely true. Not everyone wants a traditional wedding and some prefer ripped jeans to a white dress with a long train below. The classic bride’s image is very persistent in popular culture. There will always be people who have a different idea of a wedding. Today we will tell you about several bold wedding dresses, which not everyone would appreciate lets. Get it on! [MUSIC] naked dress! This girl is a very famous British model DJ and musician. She’s also a proud bearer of a noble title. Yes, marry. Charteris was fortunate enough to be born into the family of aristocratic parents. In 2012 she married a famous rock musician. Robbie first. And it would be strange to expect that their wedding ceremony would be at all normal looking at the original wedding dress. One would think that it was designed by. Lady Gaga, the singer known for a tendency to wear shocking outfits and it’s not that far from the truth because the outfit was made by one of the designers of the popular pop artist. Her name is Pam Hawk, and when Mary asked her to create her wedding dress. Hawk’s response was affirm know. After several days of thinking, though, hog gave up and decided to give it a try. The result was a very unusual outfit. Wear a veil and white color are all that reminds of the classical wedding dress. Instead of a boring floor-length dress, charterers opted for a naked dress. It seems to cover our entire body, but at the same time is quite revealing. Other guests at the ceremony also wore unusual clothes and the designer with bright hair helped the bride to carry the hem of the dress to the altar killer dress. You might think that the next outfit was chosen for. All Hallows Day. But this is not entirely true. A young couple from Scotland’s Jack and Becker decided to have a horror themed wedding. They had a grim reaper with a scythe acting as a waiter, and the decorations looked as if they came straight from a real horror movie set to be completely honest. Jack was the one who came up with this bold idea. While the unsuspecting bride dreamed of a traditional Scottish wedding with kilts and bagpipes, The groom finished all the preparations and picked up an unusual dress for her, but although in general, the outfit looks quite classic, there is a small detail stands out, namely the bloody prints of kid’s hands. When Becker first saw her dress, she simply couldn’t hold back her tears, lots of happiness, but disappointment after all, the image of a perfect wedding, which she had in her mind, Looks nothing like this. This could have been the end of the wedding after all, many couples break up before they get married because they disagree on how the wedding should go, But Jack and Becker aren’t like this as soon as the bride ends of the room, Jack had been arranging for weeks. All of her doubts were gone and it doesn’t matter that not everyone appreciated the bold idea of the newlyweds. This will be some stories to tell the grandkids Disney dress by the time, the British singer and model. Katie Price turned 42 she’d already had three marriages. All the wedding dresses of the girl were very luxurious, But one of them was special indeed. In 2005 when Katie married a singer Peter Andre, she wore a magnificent pink cape dress. She completed her image with the impressive crown and veil the color of marshmallow in shorts. The dress looked like it came straight from the Walt Disney universe in 2017 Casey revealed that their wedding cost about a million dollars, but the most interesting thing is that the newlyweds didn’t pay a penny for it. The cost was all covered by an exclusive photo shoots in one of the magazines. As a result, the bride had a marriage of her dream with a scattering of Swarovski crystals of paint, carpets, perfect lighting and sophisticated decorations from a fairy tale. Casey admits that she still keeps all three dresses for her children, pearls and crystals. The stir of some American reality shows. Kim Zolciak Fierman decided that its sillies out only one dress during her wedding, her marriage with the football player. Kroy Biermann was as posh as it gets to begin with the girl scheduled the wedding for the lucky date. November the 11th 2011 the whole ceremony cost a million dollars Quali highlights at the event. A magnificent dress made of silver satin with a huge hem cost the bride. Almost sixty thousand dollars. This unusual outfit weighed about fourteen kilograms with lace, pearls and crystals scattered all along the dress. It’s funny that the outfit was actually not new at all. Kim bought it in a store of used wedding dresses because she just loved the design. At first, she wanted to make a new dress in the same style, but there was simply not enough time between the engagement and the marriage, but all this does not matter because soon after the exchange of Rings, Kim puts on her next outfit, yet another luxurious dress worth $18,000 with pearls and Swarovski crystals. The third outfit cost a lot less sixteen thousand dollars, but it had a similar style. Other extravagant items included a $14,000 11 layer cake flower dress. Many girls dream of having a wedding dress like a fairy or a princess from their favorite fairy tales, most change their mind, though, when they grow up, but there are exceptions. Eighteen-year-old Courtney, from Plymouth, North Carolina, decided not to give up her dreams and go down the aisle in a very original acid green outfit. The dress required about 270 meters of towel. A light translucent fabric often used for skirts. In addition, the designer also handcrafted the upper courses using about 14,000 colored stones. Cortney also had a large TR on a head and sparkling Leds in the bracelets. When you realize how much effort is behind this outfit, you no longer seems ridiculous, colorful dress. Dita Von Teese wouldn’t be the Queen of Burlesque and Gothic beauty If she didn’t come to her wedding and an original outfit, especially since Marilyn Manson, a world-famous fan of shock value was the one that she was marrying in 2005 Here you can see exclusive photos for. Vogue magazine taken right before the wedding deters dress was designed by Vivienne Westwood, a world-famous British fashion designer who is called the creator of the punk style in fashion. The most important thing about the outfit was that it was made of luxurious taffeta of a hypnotic purple hue. The icing on the cake was the cheeky hats and a tight corset, which perfectly emphasized the wasp waist at the artist. The groom looked no less gothic, too. He was wearing a black tuxedo with a velvet. Truman of vintage shirt with a big collar. And, of course, the singer’s signature, dark makeup. The ceremony was also stylized. All the guests were dressed in nineteenth-century outfits. It’s a place, of course in a gloomy Irish Castle. By the way you might be surprised to hear that the tradition of brides dressing in snow white dresses was not always around until 1840 when the British Queen Victoria married Prince Alberts, in a white dress, girls preferred to marry in bright dresses of different shades. They also often decorated them with flowers. Barbie dress in the modern world of fashion, an abundance of pink or leopard printing clothing is considered a bad taste. Even though 20 years ago, it was the height of fashion. However, some people do not let the fashion industry trends dictate their choices and simply follow the call of their hearts and perhaps they are doing the right thing. Merely from the United States has a wedding dress that combines all the nightmares of a modern stylist, a scattering of crystals, feathers, bright, fuchsia and patches with leopard prints on top of everything else, a huge, puffy skirt that makes one wonder how many people did it take to accompany the bride to the altar dress from a movie? A former member of the Spice Girls pop group, Victoria Beckham and a famous husband have always been one of the most discussed couples in the world of show business. At the time of the wedding, the newlyweds already had considerable fortunes and today their combined assets reach about 900 million dollars. And by the way, if you didn’t know that’s upwards of 300 million dollars more than the Queen herself, Of course On the eve of the wedding, Everyone expected strict clothes following the latest fashion trends from such a sophisticated couple, but the Stars decided not to go along with the public expectations. Anne opted for more extravagant looks. The wedding began very traditionally during the ceremony. Victoria and David were dressed in snow-white outfits. The Spice Girls satin dress was designed by the legendary Vera Wang and the course it was made by Marc Erskine Pullin, the most famous corset maker on the planet. Victoria wanted her waist to be as thin as Scarlett of Horrors in Gone with the Wind, a six metre long train and a fabulous tiara worth about $30,000 Were the final touches to the look, the dress by the way cost about a hundred thousand dollars. But Victoria is saving it for a daughter, Harper. After all of the formal parts at the ceremony, the newlyweds changed into much bolder outfits as suits and a dress in bright purple from the British fashion designer Antonio Berardi. Not everyone appreciated them back then, but in contrast to the snow white dresses. The outfits look quite interesting snow. Queens dress enhance Christian Andersen’s books, snow Queen’s character represents heartlessness indifference and even cruelty. But Annie was not afraid of looking like a [Music] she decided to try on an outfit of the cold sorceress for a wedding. The dress was made, according to all of the canons of Children’s Fairy Tales, First, a luminous tiara shaped like a snowflake and an inked rust. Asian of 80,000 stones, along the entire length of the corset train for some, it may look like the worst nightmare for any fashion magazine, But for Annie, the outfit was the embodiment of her most daring dreams, and this is the most important thing green dress Since her marriage to music producer Owen back was not the first 14 at Cerner, The iconic soul singer decided not to dress in white. The newlyweds had been dating each other for 27 years before the wedding, so for them. The ceremony was more of a pleasant formality than something else. However, not everyone appreciated the artist’s unusual choice. She decided to ignore the usual rules and put on a black and green outfit with the skirts of an unusual shape, the transparent nylon leggings with a scattering of sequence with a pinnacle of the original. Look, the reason for choosing the outfit was actually quite simple one day. Tina saw a dress at one of the designer. Giorgio, our mise fashion shows in Beijing. At that moment, there was not a shadow of a doubt in the singer’s mind. She just had to buy a dress even if she would never wear it. But soon she came up with a better idea to ignore social stereotypes to show up in the extravagant dress at her own wedding. You’ve got to admit when you’re 73 years old. You simply don’t care what other people think. A royal gown. There are probably a loss of brides who would love to try on a black dress, but they could be misunderstood because dark shades are usually associated with funerals. Not weddings, apparently. Alyssa was also torn between the two yin and yang colors but eventually reached a compromise. Aside from the many brilliant crystals. We can see a large black lace on the unusual wedding dress, which adds a certain gothic. Flair to the looks, but perhaps the most surprising element was not even this, but a huge tiara, which was much higher from the bride’s face mass-market dres’s. We always expect mind-blowing outfits where thousands of dollars from world-famous stars like the American Top Model Emily Ratajkowski, Especially when it comes to weddings, but sometimes stars don’t meet our expectations and go against the stereotypes associated with their social status. Emily got engaged to her boyfriend. Sebastian Bear Macleod in secret from the public without any pomp or luxury, many stars do this in order to avoid gossip but too much talk, but the model went one step further. She even refused to wear a wedding dress instead. Rasik house key appeared at the ceremony in a mustard colored pantsuit from one of the well-known mass-market brands. It cost about two hundred and fifty dollars talking about accessories. The girl limited are served to an elegant black hat with a veil and simple heeled shoes. Many people will probably find it completely inappropriate for a wedding outfit. But you’ve got to admit that a stylish suit sometimes looks even better than some expensive dresses. Hey, stop being lazy. It’s time to use that brainy. Ors, welcome to brain time, incredible facts from the past, the present and even the future, the power of nature and wild animals, amazing facts and unsolved mysteries. You’ll find all this and much more hair subscribe. Now you won’t regret it. [MUSIC].