Woodland Fairy Wedding Dress | Making A Woodland Fairy Wedding Dress

Helen Hobden

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Making A Woodland Fairy Wedding Dress


Hello, welcome to this video. It’s gonna be a 71 this time. I’ve got a project and wine to make a sort of woodland greeny brownie fairy dress. And and I’ll show you what I’m starting off with here. We have an Indian tunic, It’s pure silk and its gorgeous fabric. I love the way these little flecks of metal glint in the Sun. And there isn’t a lot of Sun today, but trust me, it happens. See, Look, it’s very pretty. Um, few floors. There’s a stain here and here under arms a good, so I shall. Yeah, it’s also not colorfast this sort of I love this sort of mottled II green, but that’s happened from me hand, washing it and some of the color running, but I love it, so I’m happy with that, so it’s quite a plain beginning. There’s not much of the really fancy embellishments that I sometimes work with, but I still, I have to love it, and I’m looking forward to getting saying again. It’s been a while and right, so I need to raid my fabric stash and get started, so I should probably explain if you’re new here that the sort of things I make a generally a sort of patchwork mishmash of fabrics, so begin with something quite often like this, and then I’ll cut out. The floors are supported a few more stains at the bottom there and just sort of work with the fabric, manipulating it fabrics like silk that are usually dry, clean only. I tend to wash fast anyway as well. I can’t afford to try clean all the silks that I get, and then I combine it with other fabrics and turn it into something new, so I should have probably put in a little bit of an explanation at the beginning. So here it is Daddy’d. Go and have a look at my sharp ocean wwwoshoco’m okay. I’ll put the link below, and you’ll see the sort of things I make, and this will be probably quite a fancy draft, so I’ll probably end up in my ocean occasions shop, and I hope you enjoy watching this video and seeing how it all comes together by the Morning Sun, the chamber looks such a bright little place with papered walls and a carpeted floor, Then someone like the bare planks of stained plaster of Lowood that my spirits rise instantly. I dress with care. The dress finished at last. It took a few days, but it was really good fun. It was so nice to get sewing again. It’s been a while with it. It turned out really nicely. It fits me so as the cheapest model available. I’ll be doing that I hopefully. When the weather gets a little warmer, it’s still freezing outside, so it might be a while for this guests in the shop, But then I am really behind on doing the videos so it might end up being for at the same time. Yes, as you can see. The main tunic bit is still fairly obvious. It’s that bit hasn’t changed a great day. I’ve just embellished the neckline. I’ve used the same fabric for frills, so it’s throughout. You’ve got pure silk, pure silk, cotton underneath. It’s a silk viscose mix lining, so it’s really nice and soft. Yeah, here’s the back again. This this sort of embellished color. And I added a corset. Let Loosing at the back too. So it’s a little big. You can just pull it in at the back and I’ll keep a really nice, flattering shape and more cotton, more pure silk, some silk chiffon. This is lovely. Some morals, a tunic fabric or other cotton cotton, so embroidered silk here, net silk chiffon. And it’s got these little crystals in as well, which it’s really pretty and then. I think this is, I’m not sure it’s sort of brushed cotton. That’s a vintage fabric letters, so that’s all the different fabrics at the back. The last thing I did was throwing some beads in their color. Super stinky little tiny beads vintage pearl. Yeah, and yeah, there we are. This is silk as well. Yes, sir, there’s some really nice luxury fabrics in there. So it’s ideal for a woodland wedding dress or special occasion. Maybe a prom or a fairy ball. Maybe, yeah, just add a pair of wings and some more glitter and away. You go off with the fairies. I hope you enjoyed watching this video and seeing how I made the dress. And if you did, please give it a thumbs up. And if you’re new here, please subscribe, so you get to see lots more crafty. Zoey videos, different things and some vlogs thrown in all my contact. Details are below my website and links to where you can buy the dress. So please have a look at that one. If you’d like to okey-dokey see you soon.