Wooden Wedding Guest Book | Diy Wood Wedding Sign Board | How To Make A Wedding Guest Book | Wedding Decor Tutorial

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Diy Wood Wedding Sign Board | How To Make A Wedding Guest Book | Wedding Decor Tutorial


ING family, My name is Alicia English and welcome to my channel today. I’m working on a custom order for a client. I get lots of requests for wedding. Guests, sign words. And so I’m going to show you how I’m gonna make one for this custom today in this video during this video. I’m gonna show you how simple it is to make your very own couple things that I really like about getting custom orders for weddings. Is that not only have they asked me to create something special for their very important day, but I love that they’re going to be able to use this in their home later on after the wedding, so it serves more than one function, So I’ve got a bunch of three inch wide strapping boards, so let’s get started, but I want to make sure that all of my boards are cut to 36 inches. I predicted that I need about seven slats to create about 22 inches in height for this board [Music]. I’m going to use my usual orbital Sander and I’m going to sand all of the boards and make sure they’re super smooth before I apply stain [Music] now! I’m going to see the boards with this beautiful, medium brown stain. I’m going to let these boards dry while I go and prepare the stencil using my Silhouette Cameo now. I’m going to turn all of my boards over so that I have to back up, and then I’m going to put it together using a few strap words in my granular. [MUSIC] Put some wood glue on the back before I fire my nails in [Music]. I just like to use the tape, so the edges aren’t all curling up when I’m trying to wheat. So normally what I do Is I weed out all of the lettering that would say this name, says Justin Ashley. So normally I would take out all the letters and just leave in all the Centers of all of the letters this time. I’m going to do it reverse where I want to take all the outside because I want all of the normal letters [Music] so you can see there that I’ve left the word, Justin, and I’m going to take out the Centers of this letter here [Music] so using another piece of contact paper, it doesn’t have anything printed on it. I’m going to use it as transfer tape to transfer my letters on to the board. So you can see there’s. No, nothing caught on it. I want to move all these letters that I save on to a piece of transfer tape, so you can see, let’s grab all of my letters all of it together, so no, there’s nothing on here. It’s totally blank and all of my lettering has been grabbed by my transfer tape here following my chalk line. I know that I need my letterings for the names to be here and my dates to be on here, so I’m just going to Center it from here to here and place it on, and then I’m going to leave the lettering down and remove my transfer tape. Sometimes this takes a little bit of guiding with your fingers, Especially when your font is really tiny [Music] based on finally using really vague shapes, you can just use some newspaper and in case. I’m gonna make a big heart, so I’m gonna put a couple pieces of newspaper together. Then I’m gonna fold it in half and cut out the heart shape that I’m going to need [Music]. It’s gonna add a little bit more tape so that I can use it as a stencil [Music] but fine would like the Hertz sort of hanging off of the board. So I’m going to line up my heart where I want, and then I’m going to put some tape around the outer edge so that it doesn’t shuffle. Why align stenciling. I’ve ruled some tape and so under some of the edges where I can’t really stick some tape on the outside. I’m just going to stick a few little world up pieces to ensure that it doesn’t move so now the fun part where we get to apply our white paint, we’re going to have our lettering show through a stain, and we’re gonna have a great big white heart, so I’m going to use a makeup sponge and a very, very little bit of white paint and I’m going to go over the whole area. You want to use minimal paint for this? You don’t want any bleeding and so? I’m having to blot off a lot of the paint. I’m going to go very gently all the way around First you can see. I have next to no paint on my sponge. [MUSIC] So I did about to all of our coats with my white paint, and if you want a more solid heart, you can do several more coats just allowing them to dry a little bit in between and just remember, really really light coats, but since. I want this rustic shabby chic. Look, I’m going to now. Peel off my stencil and be happy with my two coats as you can see. I got a nice, crisp part, even using the newspaper. Just because I used really like loads of paint now. I’m going to remove my lettering and fingers crossed. I have no bleeding. I love the way this guess court turned out. It’s gonna look totally finished off when all of their desks sign it with a white paint marker after this is all signed, my client will be recommended to use a little bit of clear wax to finish it off. One of the things that I love about having handmade business is that I get to create custom pieces that are going to last a lifetime for my clients. If you love love, then hit that like button if you liked this. DIY video make sure to hit that. Subscribe Button also click the notification bellow Youtube. Lets you know what, my next awesome! DIY is coming up on tomorrow’s video. I’m going to show you how I turn Trash into treasure [Music] [Applause].