Winter Wedding Guest Attire | What To Wear To A Winter Wedding: Winter Wedding Guest Outfit Ideas | By Erin Elizabeth

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What To Wear To A Winter Wedding: Winter Wedding Guest Outfit Ideas | By Erin Elizabeth


[MUSIC] Hi, guys, how’s it going? Welcome back to my channel. Today’s video as you probably could have guessed by the title. We’re gonna be styling up winter wedding guest outfits. I am joined by my little prayer. Baby, we’re gonna be styling up outfits for the winter wedding guests. Now, obviously winter. Weddings are beautiful and lots people love doing winter weddings and I feel like the styles between winter weddings and summer weddings are quite different. When I think of summer weddings, I think very light, very Airy heat, lots of florals and fun colors, fun prints, things like that when I think of winter weddings, I personally think a little bit more glam, deeper colors think jewel tones think sequins and sparkle like darker florals, things like that. I don’t know, I just think you can vamp it up a little bit more for a winter wedding. So that was kind of my in spa for the three looks that I’m gonna be sharing with you. So without any further rambling, We are gonna get into the looks, and I also wanted to let you guys know that. I did a full blog post on winter wedding guests looks and I picked out nine. Looks that you can find out there right now. Just nine things, nine dresses. And there’s a jumpsuit in there as well that I thought would be perfect for this winter’s wedding guests type of looks so I will link that down below and I will be giving you the styling inspo with outfits of things that I have in my closet. So let us get started. So outfit number one. This one is like the full sparkle glam wedding guests. Look, and all of these looks are great. Holiday party looks as well so perfect for this time of year. Just to give you some info all around this dress here. I love the color of it. It’s more of like that. It’s more of that blush, pink, sort of color, but the sparkles really make it seem on season and go perfectly with a winter wedding. Even though the color is a little bit lighter, the sparkles just help bring some depth to this look and just make it a standout sort of look for the footwear. I’m wearing a pair of shoes that I thought match perfectly with this dress. I have a pair of little black heels That are like a very pale blush, pink, almost nude and those just matched so perfectly with this dress. So I went for those and then for my accessories for this look. I styled this with a pair of statement earrings. I thought this was a perfect dress to go for a pair of Stevan earrings and my pearl earrings. I thought added a nice, really nice little touch along with the sparkle and for my hair. I styled it down. I have some tousled waves with more of a side part there, which I think is really cute, so you can get a little bit of volume from your hairstyle there with the statement earrings just popping through a little bit, and you’re really just letting the dress do all of the talking for an outfit like this, Lastly. I styled this with a little nude handbag just to tie everything together or this look, and for all of the looks, I am wearing the same lip color, and it’s the one. I’m rocking right now. – so this is. Ruby know why? Stila, I love this shade, and I think a deep red color goes so well with the pink color of the dress as well. Red and pink are such nice shades together and having that deeper lip really just vamps it up a little bit and makes it seem very wintry and appropriate for this time of year, moving on to outfit number two now. This look here is another one. I think would be perfect for a winter wedding guests. Look, I love black as you guys all probably know if you follow along regularly and I really don’t believe in the you can’t wear black to weddings rules. So if you follow that rule, then you might as well just click away right now Because the next couple of outfits are black, so I think darker florals are perfect. Perfect for a winter wedding. If you have any sort of dark floral dress or something like that in your wardrobe, then you could definitely style that up for a winter wedding. So I had this dress here, which I got. I believe we’ve got it last spring, and I thought this would be the perfect thing to style up in this video. I love around the shoulders. How the fabric just kind of slightly poofs out a little bit and has a slight ruffling. I think that’s so beautiful. And then the flowers are embroidered. Just all around the dress. Another thing that I love about this dress that I thought made it perfect for a winter wedding. Guest is the fact that it is longer. This is more of a mini length style dress. It goes to about me, lengthen a little bit longer. It does have that, like asymmetrical hemline. A little bit for shoes. I styled up a pair of black little kitten heel pumps that have a slingback. I thought those just went really well with this. Look, you could definitely pop on your nude colored tights. You can even go for black tights with a look like this if you wanted to do that as well and then. I wanted to jazz it up with my hair a little bit, so you can really play around with your hairstyle for weddings. I think it’s super fun to just play with accessories and mix things up a little bit. I went for some Barrette clips that have like faux little diamonds in them, and I just stacked them on one side of my head in behind my ear, and I thought that added another little bit of glam and a nice sparkle to this outfit and Lastly for my handbag. I just have a very simple little black clutch bag. That has a gold chain, yeah? I really like this outfit very easy. Darker florals are definitely a great option for styling up to a winter wedding. Okay, last but not least you guys have to let me know what you think about this. Outfit okay so. I’m wearing a black lacy dress. I’ve had this dress for a few years. I got it from Zara, and I actually found a very, very similar one online from H&M. I’ll link it down below for you. If you like this style of dress, I absolutely love it so much. This is one of my go-to dresses for any event or anything that I have to dress up a little bit for. I just think it’s so gorgeous. I’m also a huge fan of the higher neckline on this dress. I just think it makes it so elegant and so pretty so for this look. I thought it would be super cute if I just styled my hair back a little bit, so I took my hair into a really loose bun at the back and then added another little bit of pizzazz with my hair. I have this sparkly hairband here that I got from Nordstrom a couple of years back. I think it’s so cute, and it just has like the faux diamonds in there as well, so it adds a little bit of glitz and glam, and I thought that helped dress this up even more for a wedding guests. Look which I thought was really really cute or the handbag. I’m just wearing my black little clutch here again with the gold chain. And for my shoes here. I thought I would try something a little bit French. I am a big fan. I kind of like the look of the whole socks with the sandals. I’ve actually been on the hunt for a pair of white lacy socks that I could wear under shoes like this, but because we we have an all-black. Look here And my dress is already Lacy. I thought I would try out a pair of very simple black fitted socks and then pop on my black strappy sandals here with the little block heel. So let me know what you guys think of the whole socks and sandals. Are you a fan? Are you not a fan? But I thought I would show the look with these styled up because I think it’s really cute and it’s it can really change up your Footwear and you can have fun playing around with it. So those are the three outfits that I’ve styled for winter weddings. Let me know what you guys think of them. What kind of styles you think of when you think of a winter wedding and like? I said I did pick out dresses. That are available right now. Dresses in a jumpsuit. I picked up 9 that I thought were super cute and would be perfect for winter weddings, and they’re in my latest blog post, which you can find linked in the description. Where if you are interested in checking that out otherwise? Okay, I will see you guys in my next video. Bye [Music]!