White Sapphire Wedding Ring | Diamonds Vs White Sapphires Comparison

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Diamonds Vs White Sapphires Comparison


Hey, guys, welcome back today. We’re gonna talk about something very interesting, and it’s not makeup. We’re actually going to talk about gemstones well. I’m actually going to do in. This video is compare white sapphires with diamonds. I’m gonna show you a side-by-side comparison. I’m gonna tell you guys, the pros and cons of getting either one of them. And if you’re interested, please keep on watching. So the biggest difference between a sapphire and a diamond is the price. When you’re going to buy a diamond, you will be looking in terms of thousand pounds when you will be buying a sapphire. You will be looking at hundreds, but that being said it doesn’t mean that the Sapphire is much worse than a diamond. The chemical formula of these two gemstones is completely different. The diamond is made out of pure carbon and the white sapphire is made out of corundum, a gem material, obviously because the chemical formula is different. You get differences in terms of physical properties of both gemstones and in terms of hardness, The diamond is the hardest to measure the hardness of any gemstone and professionals normally use the moss as scale and on this scale, A diamond would be a ten out of ten. This means that this gemstone is very hard to scratch a sapphire on the other hand is a nine on this scale, and although from nine to ten, you would think that there is no such big difference. The scale is not linear, which makes the diamond three or four times harder than the white sapphire. So if you have a time and don’t keep it together with another diamond, If you have a sapphire, don’t keep it with another sapphire, because obviously the sapphire will scratch another sapphire sapphire wouldn’t be able to scratch a diamond because the diamond is very hard now, although you would think that the hardness is the most important thing in a gemstone, it’s not true, the fact that the diamond it’s so hard makes the gemstone brittle just means that the gemstone can crack or chip. At some point. This is highly unlikely for a diamond, but it’s still a possibility, For example, a diamond would be rated as good or very good in terms of toughness and the Sapphire would be rated as excellent. This means that the sapphire will be very, very, very unlikely to chip or break. Now let’s talk in terms of sparkles because that’s the most important for us in terms of sparkles! The diamonds are very, very, very sparkly. Sapphires are sparkly as well, but they will stain, for example. If you use hand cream all the time, if you use soap, it will stain the sapphire when you would stain your sapphire. You would see instantly. The Sapphire is not shiny anymore. It’s gonna look very dull, Whereas the diamond, it’s still gonna shine free now. If you guys have a sapphire and you want to keep it as clean as possible as sparkly as possible, you could buy a home ultrasonic cleaner. They’re not very expensive. I checked online and a small one was like 30 quid, which is quite good because you can use it for other jewellery as well. The white sapphire can be very, very, very sparkly and beautiful and just depends on the way it’s cut if it’s cut properly. If the stone is not too big, it will look very, very similar to a diamond, whereas if the stone is very big, you could kind of start to see differences because the Sapphire is very symmetrical, and if the stone is small, you can’t really see the incisions inside, but if the stone is very big, you can kind of see this very clear lines, very symmetrical, worried. If you look at a diamond, you wouldn’t see any symmetrical lines. You would see a lot of lines that are spreaded all over the stone. They will have some kind of symmetry in the diamond, but it won’t be as perfect as in a white sapphire now in terms of buying a diamond or a sapphire. Obviously the diamonds are very expensive and you would find that you won’t get as many designs. I mean, you would get a lot of designs, but they wouldn’t be so extravagant, Whereas if you buy a why sapphire, you would get some really, really really cool designs like, honestly, the Sapphire that I’m wearing today is from this company called Julia and when I was on their website and I was picking this one. I think I took a few days to actually decide on which designer should go for because there was so many designs. And I will add some around me so that you can guys see what you can get, it’s crazy. They are so beautiful and simply for the design. I would definitely get some more jewelry from this company. Julia, except that I’m wearing on this hand from Julia. Has two rings and one is a wedding band and one is like an engagement ring, kind of style. They are made out of silver, but they are covered in rhodium. If you guys don’t know what rhodium is is basically a precious metal that you would cover white gold with so they have this white appearance like a platinum appearance. My diamond ring is on a platinum band, but platinum again is very, very, very expensive compared to silver as we all know now when I looked at the specification of this gemstone on the Julia website. I thought that just one is love creative, and I wanted to talk a bit about that. Many people have this misunderstanding that if a stone is lab created, they think it’s fake, but it is not true, it’s not true, This means that this stone was made in the same conditions as you would have been made naturally, so instead of going and looking for it somewhere you could make it in a lab and it would have the exact same physical properties, the exact same chemical properties, the exact same appearance. Yes, exactly if the genuine stone, but it’s just lab created. So over all guys, these are the pros and the cons. A diamond is very, very shiny. I think the shiniest gemstone out there. It’s very, very hard, so it’s very resistant to scratch. It’s very beautiful, and it shines so beautifully and you folks special, very special and for all these features. You have to pay a big price, guys. It’s something that you would get for a big occasion. You wouldn’t just go and buy a diamond casually in terms of the Sapphire. You can get a full range of colors. I prefer the white one, but there’s absolutely every single color of a sapphire. And when the gemstones are quite small, they look very similar to the time and very shiny, very sparkly, even big gemstones. They look very sparkly, but you have to take good care of them. You have to clean them constantly so that they look at their best. You will be very resistant over time Only after many years of wearing it every single day, you will start to see scratches on it, whereas on the diamond, you will not see that. But still, the price justifies the properties of this gemstone. If you’re looking to buy an engagement ring. I highly recommend that you have a look on this website. I think every single girl will find something for her on that website because they are so beautiful. I didn’t expect for them to look that beautiful, but honestly, they are very, very, very beautiful. Okay, guys, thank you very much for watching. Let me know if you have any questions about these gemstones or any other gemstones that you wanted me to review. Please subscribe to my channel and I will see you soon. Bye.