White Hawaiian Wedding Dress | What To Wear To A Wedding | Summer Wedding Guest Outfit Ideas | 5 Do’s & Dont’s Of Wedding Attire

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What To Wear To A Wedding | Summer Wedding Guest Outfit Ideas | 5 Do's & Dont's Of Wedding Attire


Hi, everyone and welcome to my channel. Today’s video is going to be all about wedding gifts, attire and my top dos and dont’s for wedding guests. So in the UK were pretty much in the middle of wedding season. I feel like most of the wedding. Soon in the UK are done in the summer and most of the weddings that I’m going to are going to be during August, so I felt like it was prime time to do something wedding related. I thought that what better to do that wedding, dos and dont’s. Because personally I’m a newbie. When it comes to weddings. I haven’t been to that many weddings, so I’m a little bit paranoid about doing things, right. I’m not making mistakes and I felt like. Maybe there are other people out there like me who would really benefit from this video. So if that sounds like you then keep on watching. I’ll also be showing my top five tips for wedding guest’s dresses that are out in the shops right now. So if you’re looking for some inspiration that you can skip to that part of the video and now without further ado, lets. Begin the video, all right. I’m just going to jump straight into my tips. And my first tip would be to consider the colors of the season, so we’re talking about summer weddings now, and you’re pretty much open to wear whatever color you want. But the most appropriate colors would be parcels and bright colors, especially yellow, is a very good color to wear colors that you should definitely avoid are white and black, and I know that some weddings allow black to be worn. I personally worn black to a wedding, but it’s kind of a touchy subject. I feel it’s up to the bride. So if we definitely want to wear something black, just ask the bride if that’s okay, and if you don’t feel like asking the bride if you don’t know them that well then up for something. Navy or another dark color? Another tip about colors would be that definitely. I see what the bridesmaids are wearing. You don’t want to be wear the same colors as the bridesmaids and worst of all. You don’t want to be wearing the exact same dress? The bridesmaids are wearing. So if you can ask the bride. What are the wedding colors? What is appropriate to wear? And you’ll be fine. My favorite colors for summer weddings include yellow and floral patterns. I feel like those will always be acceptable to wear to weddings and a couple of examples of yellow dresses. Are these ones over here, this one? I’ve shown in my videos before is a casual dress for me. But it’s also suitable for special occasions. It’s very flowy and very long. It’s perfect for summer weddings, and it’s perfect for looking nice, but not stealing the attention from the bride. This is the other yellow dress now. This is a lot tighter than the dress that I just showed you. But because of the length of the dress it works, it also has this intricate lace detailing all over the front of the dress, and the neckline is very high. So it’s conservative enough for you to wear it to a wedding. My next tip would be to wear comfortable shoes, and I know you want to look your best when you’re going to a wedding, but it’s more important to have fun in a wedding that it is to look good. You don’t want to be sitting around just because you can’t set up because of the heels that you’re wearing. So of course, there’s a lot of shoes that I could recommend, but in this pair last week, so I want to show it off and here’s my new pair of shoes. If you’re into designer shoes, you would know that these are. Valentino Roxette tubes. They’re not the actual shoe, But they very much mimic the shape and also the comfortable less of the original shoes. So these ones are quite comfortable to wear. They’re not walking shoes. Obviously the heel is almost 10 centimeters, but they are very comfortable to wear for weddings and special occasions. So if you’re into the designer, look, then it may be. This is something for you to look into as well and of course. I’ll be leaving links to everything down in the description, however, if you’re not a heel type of person, it’s completely acceptable to take flats or sandals with you to the evening ceremony. It’s more important that you feel comfortable dancing than it is to wear high heels. All right, next, Let’s talk about jewelry. It’s completely fine. Wear statement. Jewelry to your wedding. I recommend wearing statement earrings or a statement. Bracelets watches are not great for weddings, so stay clear of those a couple of examples. I have for earrings. Are these ones from Lillian Rose? These are just beautiful, beautiful earrings. They make such a nice statement And also these ones from Ana Luiza jewelry. You can also wear hats and fascinators to weddings, It’s especially common here in the UK to do that. But you definitely don’t need to wear them if you don’t feel comfortable in them and one other thing that I wanted to mention is that It’s better to be overdressed than underdressed, and if you were things like a hat or a fascinator to a wedding, you can always take it off. If you feel like you. Don’t really fit into the crowd and you’re a little bit overdressed and moving on from that. It’s always a good idea to check. What kind of wedding is taking place, for example? Is it a formal wedding? Or is it a casual wedding? If you’re not sure you can always ask the bride. However, normally this would be clear from the wedding invitation. You can also look for cues such as wedding location, for example, if it’s in a church, then it’s more than likely going to be a formal wedding, but if you’re not sure, just ask the bride, this is my final do tip so do consider other options than justice. You can also wear jumpsuits or a pantsuit for a wedding. So as long as it’s a classic looking jumpsuit, you should be able to get away with it. These same rules apply to jumpsuits as they do for justice. Don’t wear black. Don’t wear white. Don’t wear something that’s true revealing, but otherwise you’re good to go. Some good places to look for jumpsuits are a sauce misguided. Reese and Karen Millen. I’ve looked at all of their collections recently and they have such classic pieces that are great for summer wedding. All right, and now moving on to get down, so I actually only have four dont’s for wedding guests. I’m some things I’ve already said throughout the video, but let’s go over them again. So first and foremost, don’t wear white. That’s the most important tip. I’m going wear black either. Unless the bride has given you permission to do so, black is seen as a funeral color. So you definitely don’t want to give up a funeral vibe at a wedding. It’s seen a fat luck most often. Don’t show too much skin. It’s always good to be on the more conservative side when it comes to weddings. You don’t want to attract attention for the wrong reasons. Thirdly, it don’t work in tight dress, and if you wear something, that’s tight. Make sure that it’s appropriate, looking in different ways. For example, you want the dress to be long enough to cover your knees and potentially even your neck. So if you’re opting for something, that’s tight, then make sure it’s conservative in other ways and fourth. Don’t act like it’s your big day. It’s the bride’s big day, so let her shine Don’t steal the spotlight from her. You’ll have your day soon or if you’ve already had it. Congratulations, but that’s a bright hot. Friday, I hope those tips were useful and now. I’m going to show you a couple of outfits that I picked out for a wedding guests this summer. I’m only going to two weddings, but I picked that five different office to show you. So if you’re looking for something to shop, then maybe you can get inspired by these dresses. This is the perfect wedding guest dress. If you’re looking for something that you can wear throughout the summer. I’ve worn this a lot of times just on an everyday basis. When I’m doing my shopping or whatever I’m doing, it’s not a very formal dress, so it’s perfect for special occasions as well as everyday life. Then next I picked up this gorgeous dress, also from Chichi London. That has this intricate lace detailing here at the front and then here at the bottom, it has pleats and it comes to you below your knee, so it’s definitely a more conservative dress. The color of this is perfect for weddings because it’s possible colored. It’s a nice summer color, and it doesn’t clash with the bride. However, some people have told me that bridesmaids often wear this color. So if that is a worry for you to check with your bride and ask what color the bridesmaid’s dresses are. The next dress is a very similar color to the dress that I just showed you, but in a very different fit, so the dress that I showed you is very flowy, and if you feel like you’re not one of those who can walk in Flowy dress then mainly in tight dress option would be for you, and when I say tight, this isn’t in tight, and it’s not showy it doesn’t show any skin. It’s not trashy looking. This actually comes down to your needs, and then that the next portion here is very high as well, so it’s a very conservative looking dress. That’s perfect for special occasions, then here we have something back up a little bit different. The color of the dress is very similar to the dresses that I showed you, but the detailing of this dress is very different. So here you can see on the front. It has intricate lace detailing and then this portion That kind of comes out of the dress, and I feel like this dress would be perfect with a hat or a fascinator it’s. One of those looks that you could spot at races or weddings. So definitely this is something to look into. If you’re thinking of going for a full-on formal look for a final height dress. I have this yellow number over here and this is one of my favorites from this little whole collection because I love wearing white, but obviously you can’t wear white to wedding. So yellow is a great alternative for that. I like yellow, especially during summer. Just compliments, everyone and brings out the best in everyone. It’s such a positive color and brings out everyone tan, and it complements especially blonds ideal, so it’s definitely a great option to go for this dress much like the other dresses comes by, and it has a high neck, so it’s very classy, looking for those of you who are looking for formal dresses and the final option. I have is this yellow, just like you already saw. And it’s the perfect dress for both formal and casual weddings. I feel like you could wear a hat or a fascinator with this one, and it would look perfect. The flowy material of the dress is just incredible for summer days. Looks very nice, but like I said before, it is just casual enough for you to stay away from the spotlight and love the bright shine in her bright and actually notice that all the dresses that I’ve showed you are from cheeky London. Except for this one, this is from coast, and I have to say that cursed also has a very good selection when it comes to wedding dresses, so you can pop in to coast and have a look at what they have an offer. And I really hope that you enjoyed these tips. I hope they were helpful, but most importantly, when you’re going to a wedding, it’s not all about how you look. It’s more about the experience and giving the experience to the bride so have fun. Enjoy yourselves and Ill. See you next time bye you.