White Dress Rehearsal Dinner | White Dresses For Brides Under $200! Wedding, Bachelorette, Rehearsal Dinner | Julia Havens

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White Dresses For Brides Under $200! Wedding, Bachelorette, Rehearsal Dinner | Julia Havens


Heels all of 2020 And I just wore them for two hours. My feet are dead. You guys okay. Pull these babies up. Hi, guys! Welcome back to our channel. So, um, as you may have seen over on Instagram. Today’s video is a bridal video. I’m showing you guys some really really affordable bridal dresses and gowns from Lulus. So today’s video is in partnership with Lulus. I’m so excited! Um, actually have like so many cute gowns to show you. And also also a couple rehearsal dinner options. They would also work for bachelorette’s things like that. So, um, just a couple of all all white things that are really pretty. Um, in today’s videos, I’m excited to show you guys. Which ones I picked out. Lulus actually does free shipping and also free returns for anything. Um, over 50 so you can just order the dresses that you want to try return. Any that don’t work or if you need to switch out sizing anything like that, it makes it super easy, but without further ado, lets. Hop into the gowns. So this first dress I feel like is the perfect rehearsal dinner dress. You could also wear this on your honeymoon. It’s kind of like a midi length. I feel like it is has a little bit of like sexiness to it. Um, it’s super flattering, kind of wrap style. This one is very me. I’m like I would have worn this to my rehearsal dinner or on my honeymoon. Um, it’s just cool. It’s edgy, it’s. You know, more fun, not as classic. I would say, um, which is fun to wear on your rehearsal dinner or for like a bachelorette or something, but still kind of has that polished. Look, I really like it and yeah. It gives me like an evening vibe. Even when I put it on, Hunter was like this. Looks like a dress that you would totally like wear. This is so used like I know I really like it. The first sort of bridal gown is really pretty. It’s this off the shoulder. Look with like lace poofy sleeves, which I love. I wish the off. The shoulder was kind of like in style. When I got married about five years ago, I think it was just coming into fashion, and I just really really love this. I feel like it’s so different for, um, you know, a dress and it’s still like that sleek, simple silhouette on the bottom, but then you get that fun like pop of lace across the chest and on the sleeve so really, really cool, kind of, like, gives me couture vibes. But the price point is so affordable, It’s also nice and really flattering through the center. Um, kind of, like cinches you in and keep in mind. None of these drugs are altered, so these are like fitting just as is as they came out of the package, But you could, obviously if you were going to wear them for your wedding day, you could absolutely alter them, and they would literally like fit you perfectly and make you look so snatched. This next dress reminds me of the dress that I actually wore on my wedding day because I went with a long sleeve option and kind of like a plunging back, so it was like we like to say it was business in the front party in the back comes up nice and high, so you look like super, just like tasteful and classic for all of your photos, But then you have a little bit of sexiness with the drop in the back, and then obviously the fitted silhouette, It just shows off your curves and it’s so pretty. I love how this one is laced all the way across the bodice. It has even like an extended train and it’s just so pretty this next dress. I feel like is the perfect dress to change into for your, um, ceremony. So if I could go back, I actually didn’t have two dresses. A lot of girls will do like a dress for their, um, ceremony and then a dress for their reception. So sorry, I meant change into a reception dress, and this is kind of like what I think would be the perfect ideal reception dress. It’s very simple, it’s silk or, like satiny. It’s just like sleek and super chic. It’s easier to dance in like if you have something. That’s a little bit more extravagant, or, you know, fancy and like glitz and glam for your, um, bridal dress. This is just like the perfect dress to change into for the reception. It’s just like it’s just a different vibe, But it’s so classic, so I love this. I also feel like this would be really pretty for a rehearsal dinner. If you wanted to go like a little bit more formal and long, but I think this is the perfect reception dress. This dress I thought was the closest to an affordable couture. Look as you could get and it has this really intricate bodice and kind of like asymmetric bottom. If you like that more puffy style, I don’t know personally if I went for like a poofier style. I never thought I would get married in a dress like that. I would do something like this. Where it kind of has like, an edgier bottom. Um, just a cool detail, and I really like the top. The bustier kind of has this like structured top, so it looks so flattering and pretty on, but you get a little pop of leg under the bottom. So this is a really fun option. If you like that kind of princess style strapless classic wedding dress next dress is a really really good. One fits literally like a glove. You guys, and I feel like this would also be good for rehearsal dinner option or really good as a bridesmaid’s dress. Actually, I think it comes in other colors, but it literally snatches you in. This was probably the best fitting dress, just straight off of like the rack like, literally. I don’t think I would really need to get. It altered that much. It just hugs you like a glove. It’s so flattering the top. Like if you have bigger boobs, it’s definitely gonna like hold you in feel secure, fine. If you have like a smaller chest, it just literally looks so good on, um, and really simple classic. I love this last, but not least is the look that I have on right now, which would also be really fun for a bachelorette or a reception. I feel like this is really cute. It’s a very simple white wide-legged strapless jumpsuit and its super white. I paired it a leather jacket over it because I just feel like this. Is the cream like all white so cute for, like a reception or ex your exit when you’re like going to the car and you want to grab like a white leather jacket, It’s just such a cute bridal. Look, that’s cool and still really comfortable. This would be very practical to dance in. I think, but I think this is also really cute for bachelorette rehearsal. You could like belt it. You could layer a ton of necklaces. Wear any sort of cool jacket on top anything cropped, but I really like it with like a leather jacket. It’s just like nice and fitted on top and then the wide legs. It’s like the perfect combo, so I think it looks so cool and pretty together, okay. Those are all the dresses for today. Hope you guys love this. I had a really fun time kind of putting together. The different looks like rehearsal, dinner reception, uh, ceremony? It was really, really fun. If I could go back and get married again 20 times, I would do it and do all the decor I mean. It is very stressful, but it is super fun. So if you’re getting married, um, make sure to check out Lulus. They also have really really good bridesmaid’s options as well and everything is so affordable. So I hope you guys enjoyed ill. Have all the links down below. And I’ll see you soon bye. [music] you!