What To Wear To A Tea Party Bridal Shower | Bridal Shower Special | *tea Party Theme*

Adam & Mary Ann

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Bridal Shower Special | *tea Party Theme*


Hi, guys, welcome back to our. Channel it’s time for the bridal showers, So I literally just rushed. I just got dressed. I’m hosting it, so I’m very nervous right now. They told me a couple weeks ago. They’re like you’re gonna host it. So little nervous. Don’t even know what? I’m gonna do haven’t even going over it. I’m just gonna wing it and see how it goes. There’s a head in this bag. Yeah, that’s my wig. I installed a wig when I put it on for special occasions. When you guys see me with this hair on, it’s a wig, it’s a being the baby. All right, got my outfit on ready to go don’t. You look gorgeous! Thank you, baby well. The bridal shower starts at 12:00 was currently 12:15 So I’m about 15 minutes late, but I actually think out of my immediate family. I’m the first one here, so I’m gonna go down. See if any guests have came. I’m gonna show you guys how it looks how they decorate. It looks really nice, so we show you guys that and I will see you throughout the video. The bridal shower is a tea party theme, So I’ve got this at my local beauty supply store. It’s kind of like a little hat thing, and I’m gonna put it right here on my head real quick. I wanted to show you guys how it looks before. I go out my little tea party hat or wherever you want to call it my look. I was kind of going for Megan. Marco, you know the princessy. So you know, Tea Party? You know all that so. I think I did pretty good. I’ll see you guys soon. [MUSIC] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music]. My mom has her pearls. I’m looking beautiful. Yes, yes. Tea Party pinky up. The bride-to-be is here. Hi, cheeky, marry the bride! I know you want to take a picture. [music] There you go! This is how you know, it’s real and you hungry. Look at this, huh? Tell a joke, all right, you guys. I’m currently hosting the bridal shower [Music] [Music]! Okay, the goddess. Take a look, which one you want -. Adam Chocolate. Yeah, you know? I’m all ready for that strawberry. You want that strawberry? I’m gonna get the glaze, Cheers. So as you can see? The bridal shower is officially over. We’re getting our last minute Pictures right now. We’ve got my dad over here singing. The bridal shower was great. Food was really good as you can tell. Don’t know what the rest of today is gonna bring, but I really have fun. Bianca, I wish you nothing, but the best and I cannot wait for the wedding. Me and Adam, because we’re both gonna be in the wedding. We mentioned already, so yeah, we’re really excited for everything. Thank you guys so much for watching what you think in. The comment shuttled to my dad for this little background music that he’s doing for us. [MUSIC] [Music] [Music] singing it? [music] Whack me Father [Music]!