Wedding Vows On Canvas Diy | Turn Your Wedding Vows Into A Memorable Poster Decor

Abigael Dodd

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Turn Your Wedding Vows Into A Memorable Poster Decor


Hey, guys, it’s! Abigail, welcome to my channel, so I just wanted to show you a quick video of the poster that I created because it’s just easier to show it to you in video than have a picture up of it. So I’m gonna turn the camera around. So you guys can see, okay. Alrighty, so here is the poster that is framed above our bed. I’m sorry if the camera is a little bit shaky. I am standing on my bed right now, so hopefully. I’m as still as I can be so anyway. Um, the frame. I got from Michaels and it was about 27 dollars retail price, but Michaels always has 40% off coupons on a regular price item. So I used that, and it cost about 1213 dollars after that. And then the poster I printed out Walgreens. It set it with costs for a 20 by 30 You would cost $23 But I ended up using the coupon for that as well and it was a 50% off coupon, so it was about 12 dollars so overall, this is like a 25 dollar project. Everything else was free, cuz. I did the labor, but anyways. Um, so this is my husband’s vows to me part of it. And then this is part of my house to my husband. So I usually sleep on this side of the bed. He usually sleeps on that side of the bed and then in the center, we have our initials and our wedding date. That’s surrounded by the heart-shaped greenery, Which I love so much and then there’s also more green area at the top, and I love this quote. I have found the one whom my soul loves, so that’s been a part of our entire wedding and everything because I use it in our invitations and our welcome signs, and I really like it, so I think that’s it, so I’m going to step down and then so that you guys because we came down the bed without falling. Thankfully, but this is basically it. We have a California king bed so you can see the size of the frame. Compared to the bed, it’s pretty it’s kind of small, but I think it’s a pretty good size. Sorry, that is a mess because I was standing on it. But yeah, I’m gonna come around here inch the closer view. It’s pretty big, fine as well. So, yeah, there we go, so I mean, actually, it is exactly this. I mean, our thousand stuff how I created those, but I think I’m gonna show you like a demo on how you can accomplish this style in this kind of poster. So if you are interested in doing a project like this, and I suggest you keep watching and thank you guys. Alright, guys, so I’m just gonna quickly show you how. I created the poster so I did use Photoshop so right now. I’m opening that up and just making a file name for that. And I did do the poster in 30 by 20 inches. So you want to make sure that it’s in inches and then for the resolution? I just kind of left that the same. And then now you want to create a header for this and for me, it was, I have found the one whom my soul love, so I’m just typing that out right now, and I’m going to make it bigger. You think 75 but that’s a little bit smaller, so I’m gonna type in a bigger size font, and then you want to make sure that centered. So the Purple line indicates the center point right there. Alright, so I’m going to draw two rectangular shapes or boxes, so just a duplicate this one and then two of them, an east-side so one side is gonna have my husband files and then the other side is gonna have my vows to him and you want to. I know it’s black right now, but we’re gonna make this transparent, so you want to click the rectangular tool? Well, let me just make this a line real quick, and then you want to click the rectangular tool and then at the top. You’re gonna see the white box with the red line. I’m going to click that to make that transparent and do the same for the other box and then we’re gonna click on the text tool and I will highlight the boxes and you can type in your vows or whatever that you want in this box. So this is just a demo, So I’m not gonna put my vows in here. I’m just gonna pull it like I love you or something like that. You know, it’s just letting you guys know. That’s where the bouts go and then. I’m gonna do the exact same thing, but for my husband and put that in there as well. So for this, I think you can. It was a good idea for me to use a font that was readable at least clearer than the cursive. So I chose text and narrow, so I’m going to link all of the fonts that I use in this video in the description box, so I did get these fonts from be font calm. I think that’s what the website is called. They have a bunch of different free calligraphy or brush style fonts. So I’m just finishing up here with the I love yous and I love you. Twos and he’s gonna fast forward here so anyways. I’m going to get the watercolor paint from PNG tree, and I already have these downloaded, so I’m going to show you what I have on my downloads. So you guys could see which ones I got, so I only used two two different times. It was this one on water, kind of leaves and the heart-shaped greenery. So I already have these downloaded, so I’m just gonna go ahead and open them up on my computer. So now that I found one of them. I’m gonna drag it in to Photoshop and kind of adjust the size to what I think is an appropriate size for my design, and then once I’m done with that, I’m gonna drag it to the header just like on how I have it on. The already made already finished poster. I’m just gonna make sure that everything is centered again. Definitely need to do a lot of adjustments when you’re adding new stuff. And then I’m going to take the greenery duplicate it and then flip it horizontally, so it’s kind of creating a border around the heading, so there’s how you flip it horizontally and then again I’m just gonna make sure it’s aligned and with the other side and it’s just just how I like it, so just adjust it as much as you need if you were doing this exact same design or whatever it is that you choose so now. I’m gonna go grab the water color, The heart shape greenery, which is gonna be in the center, so we’re going to adjust that as well and then. I’m going to think that’s a good size right there, so I’m gonna go ahead and add a text right in the side of the heart shape greenery, which is going to be our initials A AND N, so I definitely wanna make that smaller, so it fits properly inside that heart-shaped greenery, So right now that the font that I have doesn’t do symbols very well or actually at all, so I chose something that was kind of similar to the font to do the hand, the hand sign and sign not hand sign, so yeah, some of these fonts because they are free to include everything like they will include numbers or or symbols. Anyway, so I’m just going to pad at our wedding date to the bottom of that and then make it smaller than our initials and kind of just making sure everything’s aligned again. Make sure it’s centered and perfect and just where I want it to be, so it’s all about your eye and what you think looks good really so. I think I want to make that a little bit smaller. So this is basically what I did for my poster. I mean, there wasn’t really much more into it. So if you wanted to do the exact same one, just replace the. I love use with your actual wedding vows. So on the left side would be your the vows. Your husband wrote to you and the right will be the vows that I wrote to my husband. The file that you wrote to your husband. Basically, so now we’re just gonna go export this file into an image and then I’m gonna show you guys The final product for the Photoshop version. So now I have it, download it to my desktop, and I’m just gonna open that up so here is. This is a final product. This is a poster. This is a 20 by 30 inch poster and you can print well. I suggest you definitely print a sample on a regular piece of paper and see and make sure that the text and the watercolor paints are clear as you would like them, and there are no typos and whatnot before you print it out as a poster and at Walgreens or a printing facility. Alright, guys, so we’re pretty much done in Photoshop so now. I’m going to show you how to do this on camera. Comm, which is a free photo editing website if you don’t have. Photoshop, this is a good option for you, so we’re gonna enter the dimensions of the poster 30 by 20 inches, so cameras kind of like PicMonkey. It’s in a way if you’re familiar with that instead. So now I think we’re gonna go add a header just like we did in Photoshop, same exact thing, so I have found the one whom my soul loves. That’s gonna be the heading, and I’m just going to finish typing that in and then drag it to the top when I’m done with that. And then so here, you don’t have custom fonts loose. Whatever they have you use for, but if you didn’t want to add your own font, so you can do so if you have like getting like a premium subscription to their website or something like that, so there’s going to use euphoria script for my heading, and I’m literally going to be doing the exact same things, so I don’t want to be too repetitive. I think I’m gonna end the video or continue the video, but I’m going to stop talking at this point. So you guys can just kind of watch and see what I’m doing here. Alright, so I hope you guys enjoy the rest of this video. Thank you so much for tuning in and let me know if you would like to see more. DIY hardest like this. Thank you. [music] [Music] [Music]!