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Diy Welcome To Our Wedding Sign


[MUSIC] [Music]! Hello, everyone! I hope you guys are having a awesome day and I am back at you again with another DIY project, But this time, it’s gonna be something different. It’s not gonna be florals this time. I’m actually going to kind of switch things up a little bit and try to do some more. Diy’s that are non floral related. Okay, and this is one of them. We’re going to be making a wedding sign out of foam board and here. It is right here. I think it came out awesome, so I’m gonna show you how to do that, and I’m just gonna run through the supplies real quick, but everything will be in the description box below, so you are going to need some florals. You’re gonna need a inch and a half foam board and I’ll get into that as we go into the tutorial, and you’re gonna need some vinyl. Okay, so for those who have a cutting machine you can use either. The regular, permanent adhesive vinyl, or you can use the removable liner, Whichever one you choose to use. So if you have a Cricut or a scanning cut design and cut cameo 3u you’re gonna know how to actually cut out words to use for different projects. I’m not going to get into that in this video. If you don’t have a cutting machine. I’m gonna leave a link in the description box below where you can actually order adhesive vinyl lettering. You can pretty much. Just tell them exactly what you wanted to say, and they will send it to you. Okay, and that is through. Aliexpress and you can also, you know if you want. If you don’t want to do that, you can also go to the craft store and find vinyl lettering that you can use for your sign. Okay, so you do have two options in case your. DIY bride and this is. Just, you know, a one-time deal. You just need to make one sign. Then you can purchase it from Aliexpress or Hobby Lobby. Okay, so the flowers that I’m going to be using. Is this Bush spray right here and I got this from Michaels and this was, of course, half off, also going to be using some eucalyptus bushes. I also got this from Michaels when they were having a 60% off sale. Gonna be using two of these. I’m going to be using some burgundy. Um, it’s not like cabbage roses, but I don’t know they’re just they look a little on the cheap side, but I’m gonna use them anyway. I got these from Joannes and I’m also going to be using a pink rose that I purchased from the one that I used on the on the side. It’s from Walmart, but this one is from Michael’s. Okay, but use whatever flowers you want. Alright, guys, so we’re gonna go ahead and get right into this tutorial. Okay, guys, so. I’m going to show you how to make a quick welcome to our wedding sign on the cheek now. I’m going to be doing mine in a vertical position only because my stand is really set up for verticals sign instead of a horizontal sign. But you could do it in any position. This is the most popular way to do it. You can see it’s just too low on my stance. So this is from a Seymour. I want you to look at the depths of this. This is really thick, okay. This is a nice, thick foam board. Very, very thick. I believe this is $12 and I used a 60% off coupon. So this is a twenty by thirty and a half and it’s from Elmers. Elmer’s is a very good foam board. Okay, so this is what we’re going to be using. I’m gonna take the sticker off. I’m not gonna use the other side, cuz. My grandson stepped on it. Okay, so we’re gonna get into it and we’re gonna be using our hot glue gun. You will need and you can design this any way you want, but if you want to duplicate it exactly the way. I did it! You’ll need some of these eucalyptus leaves, and I got these from Michaels and they were on sale. Okay, so I’m gonna be using two branches of these? You will need the rolls of your choice, okay. This is really pretty. I got this from Walmart. This was three bucks this past summer. I believe, okay. I’m also going to be using two burgundy. I wouldn’t necessarily call these cabbage roses. I’m not too sure what they are, its. Maybe it’s supposed to be cabbage rolls. But it’s just done on a little on the cheap, but anyway. I got these from Michaels and I’m going to be using some adhesive vinyl okay now. I did make a sign using vinyl with my machine. I have a cutting machine, so I used my designing cut and you probably won’t be able to see it, but it says, Welcome to our wedding now. I’m gonna leave a link on the description box below. You can order this. If you don’t have a cutting machine, you can order any wording that you want off of. Alex, first and they’ll do it for you. Okay, but I’ve already gone ahead and made my sign, and I think the first thing we want to do is go ahead and try to place our vinyl onto our back like a backdrop. All right, guys, here is my lettering. Now If you are familiar with cutting out lettering with vinyl using either a Cricut or designing cut or scanning cut or cameo three, I will not have to explain this particular part of the video. This is basically transferring the vinyl on to transparency paper, so that will make it easier to put it on to whatever surface you want. Okay, so that’s basically what? I’ve done, I have transferred it onto the sticky transfer paper, so I can go ahead and apply it to our side. All right, so I’m basically just kind of figuring out like where I want my placement to be, so I’m thinking I’m probably gonna want my welcome. Some we’re a little bit away from the top because I’m going to be applying some flowers there, so I’m going to eyeball this thing and try to get it as straight as I can and put it a little bit. Maybe about. I’d say this looks to be about eight inches away from the top once. I placed a lettering where I want. I’m going to use my Cricut tool and just kind of it’s a scraper, and I’m just going to use this to kind of scrape it and really apply it down [Music]. Okay, and then I’m going to go ahead and take my transfer paper and pull it away from the lettering. So we have our final part and I’m going to put that on as we speak there. We have it guys. Welcome to our wedding. I don’t know if this is gonna show backwards or not. I’m not even sure, but I did get this on here. So one of the things that I figured out is that you don’t want to burnish or really press down too hard with your scraper. Because then you may apply it too much, and then when it’s time to pull it off, you could take off some of the paper on your sign, so you do have to be careful, so I will probably have to do this over when I get ready to use it for my business, but just to show you guys here. It is welcome to our wedding super easy and again. If you get this lettering done off of Aliexpress, it’s probably gonna come the same way, and you will have to apply in the exact same method now. What we’re gonna do is we’re gonna start adding our florals. So this sign can really pop, so we’re gonna go ahead and add our our eucalyptus leaves right here, and I’m gonna do that using some hot glue. I applied our first set of eucalyptus leaves going in a downward position with my hot glue gun, and now I’m going to apply the other set of eucalyptus leaves on the top and I’m going to use the same method and it’s gonna go straight across [Music]. Okay, so you want to press down and I’ll give you a close-up, so that’s what the glue looks like, so you want to press down really, really hard and get it. Put a generous amount of glue on there so that it will hold now. I’m going to apply my white spray and I’m going to pretty much do the same thing. I’m going to apply it using my hot glue gun guys. So that’s what we have so far. It’s looking pretty good, and I’m gonna go ahead and start applying my flowers, Okay, guys, and there. We have it a very simple but elegant. Welcome to our wedding sign. And, of course you can always customize it. By adding more lettering, you can move the lettering up a little bit closer and then put the persons the bride and groom’s name on the bottom, mr. Mrs. Williams, you know you could put the date. You can put whatever you want, but I just wanted to. Keep it simple just to give you guys an idea of how quickly you can make a welcome to our wedding sign on the cheap, very, very fast and it looks professional. It looks great, so we’re gonna do a little bit of a close-up here, and that is awesome. That’s so pretty, and it’s just quick, easy and elegant. I love it, it’s gorgeous, that’s! All you need sometimes at wedding. Some people like so simple. They don’t want a whole lot of embellishment, so that looks amazing, all right, so I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial and as always, don’t forget to rate and subscribe and also don’t forget to follow me on my social media platforms, which is Instagram at one hip system and Facebook. You can hit the Facebook link on my channel, and it will take you to my Facebook group. Please join my Facebook group. I’m always sharing things in the group that I don’t share on Youtube. Okay, so make sure you join. We’re almost up to 5,000 subscribers. Now, okay, alright, guys, so I will see you in the next. DIY video. Take care bye bye.