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Diy | Dollar Tree Wedding Bling Card Box


Hello, everyone is. Tony, now in my last video, I asked you guys. If you see anything really beautiful for your home and you wanted to recreate it. Send me a picture of it. Posted on my Facebook page now. I got quite a few requests and what a request came from a viewer named Tony and Tony showed me Pictures of these beautiful wedding car boxes and one of them. I thought was really beautiful. It was made of this metal frame and it had all of these crystal pieces around it. It was sort of see-through, and I thought now that would be really challenging to recreate so, of course. I wanted to recreate that one first. So I want to show you what I came up with. I created my own beautiful wedding bling card box and I use all pieces from the Dollar Tree, So this box only costs me about 16 dollars to make now that the original piece that Tony showed me I looked up in cost close to $300 for one box. So this one is for you, Tony. I think this would look really beautiful on your wedding table, and I want to show you all how I recreated this. But it’s project. You’re going to need four bags of small, clear glass shams, four rows of Diamond. Wrap ribbon, a roll of regular ribbon. A bouquet of silk flowers now looked all over for, like a wire frame box to recreate this. And then I found these baskets Angela tree and I thought they might work. Well, because if I put two of them together, it would be about the same size as a boxing picture, and it also had a pattern die cut that would make it look see-through, so I got two of these. It would be great if they had black or white baskets, but unfortunately only had green, so I’m going to have the spray paint these. I’m using crawl on metallic silver spray paint and Minwax polycrylic protective finish. You’re also going to need a hot glue gun and everything here. I got from the Dollar Tree except the hot glue gun in spray paint. Okay, so the first thing. I’m going to do is to spray my basket with the metallic silver spray paint and I’m going to give it two nice even coats on the outside and let that dry and then spray the inside after the silver’s dry. I’m going to spray the outside with the Minwax polycrylic protective coating, and I’m using this coating because spray painting on plastic is easily scratched off, so the protective coating will make it a little more scratch resistant. Now, this next step you should do before you spray paint the baskets, But I forgot to do that, so I have to do it now. I’m going to measure and draw an opening big enough for large cards to fit at the top of this box. Then I’m using an exacto knife to slowly cut along the lines that I just threw to kind of open it in to the top of the box, and this opening is probably a little too wide so you can make it. A little smaller, probably enough is fit. Maybe two cars so next. I’m going to wrap around the opening with Diamond. Wrap ribbon, so I’m going to turn this to the inside and I’m going to cut two pieces. The length of the opening, then I’m going to hot glue. Half of the two pieces to the inside of the top, flip it over and hot glue. The other half to the outside of the top then. I cut and glued two strands on each side now. I’m going to cut a long two rope piece and use it to trim around the edges of the basket now. I’m cutting along one strand pieces, and I’m using this hot glue to glue. The strand across the center of the opening of the pattern die cut after all, its diamond strips are glued on both pieces. I’m hot gluing the clear glass gems in between the diamond strips approximately under each shape after all, the gems are done. I decided to put some more diamond strips around the edges, and I also cover the rest of the top of the box with the diamond wrap ribbon. [MUSIC] So this is what the box will look like when it is put together. I’m using this pretty sheer ribbon to tie the box together by the handles on each in, I also decided to tie the ribbon around some white flowers and it flowers to the top of the box behind and around the opening [Music]. Just one warning about this. You have to be careful when you’re handling it since I spray-painted this basket and glued the glass pieces on, it will come off if you pull on it or a knock it because the pieces are pretty much fitted on the paint. So when you pick up the piece, you want to pick it up on a handles on each side and also when you’re ready to get your cards out, you can just untie the sides to open up the bottom, or if you want to turn this into a lock box, you can get a jewelry chain and or chain from the hardware store and wrap it around each handle and pick up a small silver key lock and lock the end of the chain on each handle, so even though this is not a very expensive piece, it will make a very gorgeous Blingy addition to your gift table at your next wedding next. I’ll try my hand at the wedding cake gift box, so stay tuned. Add me on Snapchat. At your house, A home and Instagram at your house, A home TV for daily home, food and gardening tips.