Wedding Jackets For Bride | $10 Thrift Find Turned Custom Wedding Jacket: Diy With Me

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$10 Thrift Find Turned Custom Wedding Jacket: Diy With Me


Well, hello, lovely humans and welcome back to my channel in this week’s video. We are doing a custom DIY wedding bridal jacket, but not just any jacket. No, no, this one is thrifted and I got for less than ten dollars. You see, I’m a huge fan of this current trend. That’s happening right now. Where brides will get some sort of custom jacket made for them to wear on their wedding day. I think it’s so cool. You guys know me. You know that? I love that juxtaposition of like the fancy, the elegant with like the texture of a jacket like this. Just it’s just a rad concept to me, and there are some stinking, amazing artists out there that hand paint these jackets, and it just blows my mind, but let’s be honest that is not in everybody’s budget. So I hit the drawing board, also known as Pinterest, which I will link the board of all of my inspiration down below, um, and started gathering just ideas for kind of if I wanted to create a custom denim jacket. What exactly would I want it to look like, and that’s? When I came up with this beauty, I am so obsessed with how this turned out. So is so stinking. Good, it’s so stinking good. If you guys have been around for a hot minute, then you know, I have a qriket, and you know, I stinking love it. I see it as a wonderful investment for anyone who happens to be a wedding planning. It is 200 that may not be in everybody’s budget. But if you are a crafter or a Diyer, this is such an amazing product. No, I’m not hi, cat. No, I have no affiliates with them. No sponsors nothing. But, hey, Qriket! If you want to if you want to, you know, partner up with a girl, they’re great, uh, but basically. I bought qriket with business money a couple years ago and every once in a while, I got to use it to justify both my accountant and my husband that overall cost so that’s. Why, for our DIY custom jacket? We are gonna be using the cricut and heat transfer vinyl today, of course. If you guys do like this video, let me know in the comments below, and I will try to do another method. Um, or another version of this using something else for those of you who do not have a cricut on hand. There are also sellers on Etsy, who will do custom vinyl iron-on cutouts for you. So if this is still a vibe that you like it that you really really want to use, but you don’t want to buy a cricut? Uh, you don’t want to do patches. You want to still have this feel? Be sure to check out some of the Etsy shops I have linked down below, Uh, where you can put in a more customized order. And then all you have to do is iron it on. I am by no means a cricketer or qriket pro or any of the names that the qriket posses happen to call themselves. I don’t even know if there are cricket. Posses, that’s how disconnected I am with being good at, uh, cricketing, But for how intricate this design ended up being. I didn’t find it to be that difficult. I may have done some things wrong, all right. I may have done just just a few things wrong, but honestly, the end result is absolutely stunning. And I’m not mad about it at all. So if you’re a pro cricketer, don’t don’t at me in the comments. All right [Music]! I may have a slight denim jacket obsession. I’m not saying I’ve been, you know, accumulating jackets for months for this video. I’m saying I’ve been accumulating these jackets because I love them and I happen to be sacrificing one of them for this video and for today’s supplies. We are going to need a qriket. Obviously, some iron on and here, just a couple options that are available computer and a jacket. If you have not experienced the magic of watching a qriket open, you’re welcome. First Step in. This whole thing was, uh, to actually measure out the back of the jacket to figure out how large I wanted. The, uh, decal to be based on the Pinterest board. I really had decided that I liked the geometric shape with the wording in the middle and then florals kind of surrounding it. So I found out this really cool trick, which I hadn’t known about before where if you layer a single item, a single layer item on top of another one. And then you select both, you can slice them. Look at this and then I can delete out the center, so it leaves me with a perfect little diamond. Now we’ll get into my thoughts on like the wording and selection of wording on jackets later, but for now, let’s go ahead and talk about the placement. I knew I wanted something that was. Um, going to be at an angle and I knew I wanted script, so I went with East Liberty signature, and as I closed in the letter spacing, I realized that the E and the Y would never be as close to the F as I wanted them to, so I went ahead and created a new text box so I could smash them a lot closer together and then attach them when looking for SVG files. Uh, which are the cutting files that you use with a program like qriket. Um, I like to go to Etsy and kind of pop around and figure out what really works. Well, because there are so many small businesses on there with so much talent. So I actually found a whole pack of hand-drawn flowers that once I saw them, I knew I had to use them. In this project? Honestly, it’s so inexpensive. It helps out another creator. I know there’s free stuff out there that I can download, but I was just so smitten with these that I knew that I couldn’t walk away from them. After I figured out this new, uh, slice trick. I used it in every possible iteration, so I would do my best to flatten and or weld the hand-drawn flowers, so I could use that slice tool to make sure I had only the sketching on the outside and using this method I was able to use the circle to get rid of any overlapping flowers, so lets. Go ahead and talk about the wording for a sec while we go through a very satisfying time lapse of what took me about 40 minutes to create. Um, I understand that there is a really really fun quality to having like your new last name on your jacket. I do think, however, that in five to seven years, the the funness of that might wear off, and you might not want to wear it anymore. So you have two options. You either toss it or you donate it, but with your last name on it, no one else can wear it. Same thing kind of goes with stuff like bride or bridesmaid. If you’re making this for someone, it’s not going to be something that you’re going to wear, or they’re going to wear for a really, really long time so again when it comes to these custom fun jackets. I like to err on the side of longevity. Like, uh, wifey’s going to work for a really long time. And if you decide that, you don’t like it anymore, then you can donate it and someone else can make a lot of use out of it. Once I get my design all settled, I got to, uh, cutting and weeding. I’m using the Sizer heat transfer vinyl for this particular one. Um, but I do use the qriket one a little bit later on, and you’ll see why in just a second because things didn’t go to plan and after all of this now that I’m looking at this, I’m like that’s not very big for the back of a jacket. Yeah, like this is 12 inches by almost eight inches. But still all you’re doing. Yeah, no writing or anything. No, there’s right in the middle. I mean, like around it. Yeah, that’s small, so I might redo it. Bigger, which is fine. All all this is live and learn. And I can use this graphic on something else, but yeah, uh. I saw that going differently. In my mind, it definitely needs to be wider and take up more real estate on the back of the jacket. The overall design itself was both too tiny and the scripting was way too skinny, so I went back into Qriket. Design space made the overall design larger and changed the font to half azan script. I think again I’ll go ahead and link that down below for you guys. You don’t have a cricut. Then you do not know the joy. And the pain of weeding weeding is the process of removing the extra part of the sticker and or vinyl to reveal your design. This is time consuming but also extremely therapeutic and at a certain point. I developed a pretty good rhythm. Now, of course, fellow cricketers jump in the comments and let me know if you have any suggestions. You want to share with everyone when it comes to weeding, but what worked well for me in this particular situation, just use a pair of tweezers, push up the edge of some of the smallest little pieces and then pluck them up with the tweezers, so I did switch back and forth between the, uh, weeding hook and the tweezers and for the itty bitty little pieces, I found it way easier to use tweezers. Instead, after what feels like two and a half days, we’ve finally reached the final part of the weeding. Oh, I can’t feel my legs. Things classy. We’re gonna go ahead and iron on the floor. Cause that’s where my camera is pointing. Okay, uh, and I am using my iron set on the highest setting at this point, It’s all about finding the center point for me, so I would prefer to take the time to measure and re-measure to make sure that the end result is not going to be crooked with the amount of time that you put into crafts like this. You want to make sure that the end result isn’t totally ruined because you didn’t take the time to measure and to center in order to get the vinyl to adhere as best as possible. It’s recommended that you heat up the fabric beforehand. After making sure my design is as centered as possible. I grab a t-towel and press the iron over the top without wiggling it around. There’s such an intricate design under there that if I were to wiggle this back and forth like I do with regular ironing, it could potentially mess up the overall design now. According to the interwebs, all you have to do is press and hold for 10 to 15 seconds. I have yet to have that work effectively for me. I have to go over like three or four times. It’s fine, it just takes longer than all those blog posts. Tell me it should, Of course, that could be user error or faulty iron. I’m not entirely sure, but just prepare yourselves. If you do copy this, it could take longer than the mommy blogs. Tell you it does before you do any peeling at all whatsoever. Make sure it is cool to the touch one. You don’t want to burn yourself and two. You don’t want to pull up the design so as I’m removing the protective barrier over the design? Um, I am doing so very slowly. No, this is not in slow motion. This is in real time because there are so many leaves. There’s so many petals so many little itty-bitty pieces that I wanted to make sure that I wasn’t accidentally ripping one up if it was not already properly adhered and then proceeded to flip over the jacket and iron it from the inside. I could have done this when the protective barrier was still on there. In fact, I probably should have done it that way, but that’s okay like I said I might have screwed up, but it came out cute anyways, so there you have it guys turning my 10 thrifted denim jacket into a gorgeous stinking masterpiece, using just a little bit of my time and my fancy Schmancy cricket and not only did I make this one, but I made this one, which would be such a cute gift for flower girls, but this is actually, uh, for one of my daughters and the other ones still cooling down a little bit. They actually don’t even know that I made those for them, so they are going to die and then. I made this one, okay. You guys, I’m so excited about this. It’s just kidding. It looks like something out of sons of anarchy. There’s a top rocker and a bottom rocker and a fist with a ring on it. This is great, It’s so wonderful, Uh, and there’s a reason that I created multiple jackets for this video and that is because if you made it to this point of the video. Congratulations, special prizes. We are doing a giveaway. I will be giving away this jacket right here. All right, so down below, you will find two links. Each one of them has three ways that you can enter. Each entry Gives you another chance to win, and that is to follow us here on Youtube. Follow us on Instagram and follow us on Pinterest. The second link will take you to all of my personal platforms. Follow my personal lifestyle channel on Youtube. Follow my personal Instagram and follow my personal Pinterest, that’s it, that’s all you got to do so. Jump on down there to the links below and sign up to in this gorgeous jacket. It’s gorgeous, and I think I’d hang onto this one for a little bit. Maybe another giveaway in the future. Oh, and don’t worry that first. One that I messed up with that was too small. We turned it into a tote bag and I got rid of wifey in the middle, so I’m probably gonna put something else right here. So I’ll also hang on to this one, possibly for another giveaway somewhere down the road along with the engaged vest, but this one is up for grabs. I bought this one specifically because it has a loose and baggy fit. So hopefully it should suit just about anybody. Get it anybody again. Detail giveaways down below. Jump on down there, make it happen. If you want a custom. DIY thrifted cricut jacket from a non-cricketer pro. I just figured it’d be fun to do a random giveaway. We will give this until September 18th So if you’re watching this after the fact, I’m very, very sorry, but, uh, it’s probably gone and if you guys decide to. DIY, your own custom denim jacket, and or leather or leather jackets for your big day using this technique or some of these ideas. Please feel free to tag us over on Instagram. I would love love love to see it. Basically, I just want to inspire you guys simply because you have a smaller budget is not a bad thing, so that’s what we have for today. Folks, thank you so much for stopping by. If you haven’t done so already, go down there, give it a thumbs up and subscribe to this channel for more tips and tricks for the modern day bride and until next week, bye, guys [Music]!

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