Wedding In A Forest | A Festival Wedding In The Woods – Noelle And Braden

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A Festival Wedding In The Woods – Noelle And Braden


[MUSIC] [Music]! Oh, Christmas where this didn’t come from? What is it, you always end up like a fairy tale? [music] I’ve known. Both you guys long enough to know that you guys have made each other way. Better people than you were six or eight years ago this morning. I just when I first saw you. Bright in tears just came to my eyes because I’ve never seen anyone in my life so incredibly devoted to making a day so beautiful for his bride. You pour that devotion into everything you do. Here’s the beautiful thing about Braden. Braden is insane and he believes in the impossible he gets so invested. He falls so in love with every situation. He’s in Brandon. I love you because when I doubt, and when I think things aren’t possible, you show me that it’s okay to hope it’s okay to dream. It’s okay to never give up and a barrel through the impossible. It’s just beautiful, It’s beautiful to see someone do that, and it’s beautiful to see your love for Noel and Noel. It makes my heart so happy that you have that [Music]. Hello, my name is Yella and you might know me. As Noelle’s other fiance, We did rock-paper-scissors a couple months ago, and Britain won so happy here [Music] [Applause]. Well, the first time I met you officially, for some reason, you got down on the ground as you’re taking our engagement photos and we’re inching towards us and you said to us, I feel like a sensual inchworm, and at that point. I knew I wanted to be best friends with you, But over that time, we figured out you are really very strange as we had hoped that this beautiful person was just as strands as she was beautiful. [MUSIC] We are all here, you and I to witness the joining of their lives together and we’re outside on a beautiful day grounded by the trees. The animals that are kind of going. This is new for this place anyway. Camels and whatnot. But you around all people that love you. It’s it’s kind of overwhelming. [MUSIC] Now I’m gonna get emotional, cuz. I’m thinking back to this moment and what I saw starting to happen and what had happened that there’s this girl that he wasn’t even dating. Yet he really made him want to be this responsible man who could care for a family and and take care of. And I remember him telling me. You know what’s happening that he’s falling [Music]? I’d never seen breathing like that before and made me really happy [Music] and thankful for all the unseen parts of life, the things that cause us to do things like make lifelong commitments with each other, the ability to express love to other people, the ability to have dreams and to create a life together All these things that we can’t touch in our hands, but they’re so powerful that we live and we die for them. [music] Noelle with this ring. Do you promise to commit to brain as his wife and honor your sacred vows from this day forward? Can Braden with this ring? Do you promise to commit to new well as her husband and honor your sacred vow from this day forth? Thank you and for the community. Do you guys promise to love and support reading a well as a couple from this day forward with the power vested in me to pronounce you? Husband and wife [Music] [Music]. I hope that today, you know, Ellen Braden can look around and realize how many people you have and continue to touch this beautiful wedding. What’s pulled together by your community and family is a testament to your commitment to how well you both love those around you. We have the insane man who believes in the impossible and the beautiful weirdo. You guys are so beautiful and together you make. It sounds cheesy, but dreams come true amidst all the chaos, and I just want to raise a glass to the two of you. The impossible into the beauty [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music].