Wedding Hair To The Side With Curls | Glam, Big, Voluminous, Occasion Hair Tutorial | Chloe Boucher

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Glam, Big, Voluminous, Occasion Hair Tutorial | Chloe Boucher


Hi, guys, welcome back to my channel. So obviously you can tell. Today’s video is going to be a hair tutorial before. I even begin if you’ve never watched any of my previous videos before I’m not that good when it comes to hair, I’m pretty basic, so don’t expect anything major today, and I do want to do more of, like, a fancy cut hairstyle like an event hairstyle. I’m gonna base it on the trend. That is he’s kind of pearl on Diamond hair slides. I see a lot of people wearing these at the moment well. I call them hair clips. I don’t know why I actually just call them parasites. Yeah, I really like the trend. I’m not sure if the trend really likes me or if it even suits me, but I’m gonna give it a try to say. Obviously you can like include the accessories or take them out or use something different and yeah. I’m just gonna get straight into it. So before I begin styling my hair. I’m gonna clip in my hair extensions, because as you can tell my own hair, it is still on the shorter side. It’s not the length. I want it to be at, Yeah, so I still use my pins. Even if my hair was at the length, I wanted to be at. I probably still would use connect pins just for the extra volume and kind of like glam that they give. And if you’ve never watched my videos before then you don’t know that I always always always use my foxy locks clip in hair extensions these. I haven’t even brushed yet. I list you just grab the middle drawer, but I used to shade Lash a blonde and these are the seamless Kippen. So when they’re in your hair, they actually lay flat against your scalp and they’re not bulky. They’re really under taxable when they’re in there. So come schools where I have the shade lash a blonde like I mentioned. However, I do have mine toned with purple shampoo to make them slightly more ashy to match my own hair, and I do have a video on how I turn them on my Instagram. If you guys wanna check it out. I’ll leave my instagram. Handle somewhere on the screen, so yeah. I’m gonna clip these in well. I’m gonna brush them on, then clip them in first, and then I will curl my hair with these in because it just makes it look more seamless and like it’s your own hair, if you curl them together or style them together. Sorry if my voice is kind of annoying. I been sick, that ass like weak, and although I feel much better, you know, your voice just kind of hangs on to the sick sign for some reason anyway. So when it comes to clipping in my hair extensions, it’s pretty simple, and I have done this in previous videos. If you guys want to watch them as well. I just sexually my hands, cuz I’m Way too lazy to circuiting tools. I like I said, I’m not really great. Gonna close your hair. I’m gonna just grab Bobbin. Throw it up like this. I keep a little section down and clip them in. I’ll turn around and I’m kicking them in. So you guys can see, so I usually begin with the tree clip left like this for the first section because it’s usually a little bit thinner. Hopefully you guys will see all this, so you can’t back. Comb your hair as well before you click them in to make them more secure. I don’t always do that, and I never you have a problem. They usually just stay in my hair. My hair is quite thick, though. So then after. I click in the first little piece. Take down my hair section and about an inch or half an inch higher than what I just did, and then clip in the next piece and basically continue this throughout my whole head, so I’m taking another three clip weft again and doing the exact same thing like so, so I’m gonna speed up the rest of this because I’m pretty sure you guys get the idea now. So now that I’m at the kind of top section of my hair, I have a few of the wax already clipped in. I do a three clip. After three clip weft and then two of the four clip weft. And then I basically take the smaller pieces for the front of my hair here. Just to make sure that there’s not a disconnect. See the way you can see this piece here where my actual hair is and then the rest. Obviously it’s more apparent now that the extensions are curl to my own hair straight, but you get what? I’m saying I clip these in just along here, and it kind of helps to blend us. Just realize I’m probably gonna be living as the back or worry about that when we get to it, so I have basically all of them. We’re clipped in bar these little pieces here, and because I’m thinking for my hair, I’m gonna do a side part today, so probably aren’t here. I might actually like both of these in on this side because I’ve seen more of my hair is gonna be this side so and even more of the extension to help blend so usually if I have my hair in a center splice, I’ll do one on either side, and I’m pretty random. I’m not gonna like I kind of just kicked them forever. And if they kind of show when it comes to the top right here, I can just kept them out and read it. Just them, okay. So that is all of the extensions clipped in. You can see my own hair because it’s straight, It’s a little bit obvious that will be more blended. Obviously, when I style my hair extensions just make you feel so much better like you just look dressy or in half the main I would recommend if you are wearing them for an event. – back home. Your hair beforehand just to be, you know, safe that they’re not gonna come out, even though, like. I said I don’t really back up my own hair, and I never have that problem, but just for peace of mind for yourself so now that they’re brushed, I’m gonna section my hair again before I start to curl it just because it makes things so much easier and actually speeds things up so kind of just go in between the extensions. What, I’m doing this name? So what I’m gonna use to style my hair Today is the GHD Oracle. You guys! If you watched my last videos, you would have seen me try the same, and I really do like it and makes the curl last really long like it holds four to three days in your hair, obviously not perfectly curled or well kind of loosen. As but I just feel like it lasts really well, and it’s so easy to use. So if you haven’t seen that video, definitely check it out is because, obviously. I tell you all about it, not. Okay, so my camera stopped recording there all of a sudden. I’m not sure when it stopped, so I take about an inch section of hair, and I started to style it with this and when I’m hurting because I don’t use hairspray Ever in my hair, It’s not when you like the texture on my hair tends to hold a style pretty well, because it is gonna take her and dryer. I don’t mind if it’s on the courier side when I’m doing this, Usually I leave the ends of my hair. Eight kind of give it more of like a relaxed, casual vibe, but because I want my hair to be more glamorous. Today, you can see, I’m curling the ends as well because that is more of a kind of glam rock in my opinion. Basically, I just want something completely different than how we usually wearing my hair because I usually wear my hair quite like a lived-in and relaxed and stuff, so I wanted it to be more glam today. Why not so? I’m gonna do the exact same on this side, which I’ll probably speed up or skip a bit cause. I’m sure you guys get the idea of what I’m doing, okay. So that is all of the bottom section of my hair curls as you can see. It is quite curly at the moment, but I am gonna let it dry dry. I am gonna let it. Diann like this of the style holds better. So if you lack the curls, sass and cool thing, then you get longer eyed with them such as little tip so. I’m going to just tie the section that I’ve already styled like this, so I don’t get it confused with the rest of my hair when I take during this part because it can get lost pretty quickly, and I’m just going to section it again with my fingers when I have. The extensions clipped in kind of do like three to four sections. When I’m starting it just because I find it a little bit easier and quicker like I said, I’m gonna continue doing the exact same thing You can use a curling wand or just a regular kind of Curtis. If you want whatever you have at home is fine. You’ll get pretty much the same results. If you wanted to have more of a glam look, then leave the ends in like this. If you want it to be more relaxed, then leave the ends out and curl even straight. Also another tip. If you want a style to hold and better hair for longer in your hair, pretty sure this works. I might just be making this up, but I find if I take smaller sections and have a kind of courier from the beginning, it holds a lot better compares taking really thick sections. I’m gonna doing it too quickly. If you take your time and do it properly, obviously it’s gotta last that a little bit longer, so it’s worth giving yourself an extra 10 or 15 minutes. Depending on how thick your own hair is the taker, The sections you take the less curly, it’s going to be that, you know the sections you take the more curly, it’s gonna be okay, so I have a bit half of my hair curled so far. This is how it’s looking and again. I’m gonna let that cool down instead of rushing through it straight away. So it last little bit longer, but I am just gonna tie it together, so it doesn’t mix it with the on style hair. I’m taking take my hair again and sectioning it again. I know it’s kind of repetitive, but just so you kind of see each step so again just having it in the back. I’m bringing it forward. Also, make sure you do brush your hair extensions through before styling. Then we close make your life a lot easier, okay, so this is what we have so far again. I’m not going to touch it, tying you back and then taking day in the last and final section to style. Because I’m gonna keep this on a side part, and it’s gonna part it before I styler, which could be obvious to most people, but just thought I’d mention it, usually when I’m curling my hair kind of tense to this side ice undecided ice, so basically opposites, however, for this look, because I wanted to be more glam. I’m doing all the curls the same way, so you can see it’s going in this way. Instead of age, the way you usually harvest, and there’s little things. I thought that actually make a huge difference to the overall style. I also think it looks really nice. If you are clipping up this side, if the curls are all going one direction, it kind of brings the style around here the side, it’s not clipped and then I’m just basically taking kind of random pieces here because there’s a lot of hair, and I’m getting kind of impatient and I just want to be curls. Of course, the last piece would play me like that. What is that? I’m just gonna leave it. Believe it, okay, and we are finally finished so because this is all still quite warm. I’m gonna let it set for a minute or two until it’s like cool to the touch. Okay, So now that my hair feels a little bit cooler. I’m gonna start running my fingers through it. You can use a wide tooth comb as well. If you want or if you wanted to, you could use a brush. Sometimes when you use a brush, you actually lose a lot of the curl. I’m just going to give an example like to the ends if we brushes the night or loss. So unless I have a little piece like this, I kind of want it to be more fluffy. I’m gonna avoid using the brush too much, but these curls give us so much volume. Like, look it up. Crazy easy. Okay, so next is pretty easy and pretty simple. I’m just gonna start clipping in the hair clips, probably around here. Does that even look okay. I might try these ones instead, which are slightly smarter. Okay, so now. I thought the hair like accessories are in. This is the finished, look. I did change my t-shirt develop. Because the gray basic casual t-shirt was kind of reading the whole vibe of the whole glam. Look, even though this is not that dressy either, it’s better than the gray t-shirt. So yeah, it’s pretty simple. Hopefully you guys enjoyed this. Toil and although it is an easy hair tutorial, it does change up the whole look of your hair. It’s not like a usual way of kind of hurting it with the end. Straight and stuff like that, so it’s. Those are those little changes that actually make a big difference in the end, and it’s easy for everyone if I can do it. Then most people can still not sure if I can pull off this whole kind of embellished clip hair piece vibe, but I actually love how it looks, especially with gold jewelry. If you have like a statement earring on as well, it just looks really nice when your hair is off your face. So if you enjoyed this video, then please give it a big thumbs up because it really does help me out, and if you’re not already then subscribed to my Youtube channel to keep up with my videos. And if you have any other video suggestions, please leave them in the comments down below. And that is pretty much it for me. Thank you guys for watching and. I’ll see you in my next one. Bye [Music]!

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