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Wedding Hairstyles You Can Do By Yourself!! - Kayley Melissa


Hey, everyone, Kaley. Your friendly neighborhood hair stylist here. And today we’re gonna do some DIY wedding hairstyles. I wanted to take it back today and really focus on hairstyles that you can do on your own, but specifically this time. I wanted some great formal hairstyles. That are actually diy-able. You don’t need to be a super braidaholic for this one. You just need to be able to do a few basic things, and I’m going to show it to you on my length of hair, but also on my sisters really long hair that way, no matter what length, hopefully you’ll be able to replicate this at home, and I hope that you guys really enjoy it for whatever formal event You guys have coming up, So that being said, let’s get into it so first things first as somebody who does actually style wedding hair. I think one of the most important things is having the texture be perfect, because if you don’t have lift volume polish, whatever you’re going for before you do the updo, you’re not gonna have it after. So, I think the very first thing we should talk about is prepping and curling the hair, so my hair is naturally fine and flat and shiny and so for an updo or for a formal hairstyle. I actually need some more volume. Some more texture hold and I can sacrifice a little bit of shine. So today I’ve used a volumizing mousse and a volumizing primer in my hair, and I feel like she is big, and then I’m going to be using a heat protectant with some. Hold on my hair now. If you had more Frizz prone hair or your hair has a lot of volume. Naturally, I would say you would do almost the opposite. You would focus on smoothing on getting your hair really nice and deep frizz when you’re doing your blow, dry routine and with the products that you’re using that way, you still have really pretty curls. Your hair is going to give you the texture naturally, and that way you’re just taking it back to a more styled place, whereas I have to add texture to get to the style place, so whether you’re taking texture away or adding it in, we’re going to meet here, I’m going to be using a one inch curling iron because my hair does not hold a curl as well. Also, if you’re going to be putting your hair in an updo, the curl is going to stretch out, so you always want to go a little smaller than you think you need to so for a more relaxed wave curl. Look, I’ve got a one inch curling iron. Then I’m gonna be going in sections gonna go ahead and apply my heat protectant. I’m using the one eight hundred. Hold me! You guys know I love this. This is gonna be the move for anyone. Whose hair does not like to hold a curl now? If your hair is okay with holding a curl, but it likes to frizz out or get extra texturey. I really like the bumble and Bumble bb glow, heat protection mist, Alrighty, and then we brush it in and we’re ready to curl so the curl method. I’m going to be using is really easy. You can do it with or without a clip on your iron. If you have a clip, hold it open. Take your section, wrap it around, and if you have the clip, let it close, then just let everything heat up. It usually takes about five seconds, and then you’re gonna take it off, Give it a little tiny tug, that’s it, and then you’re just gonna keep doing that. All throughout your hair and Anna Laura’s gonna be doing exactly the same thing on her long hair. If you want to get fancier with the curls, I have so many videos on how to curl your hair, it’s insane! If you know you don’t end up loving this one. I have a whole playlist for you, And then for these really short pieces that I cannot physically wrap around. I’m just gonna do a normal little curl with those. If you’re gonna do a half updo or wear your hair down some way I think doing the little tug at the end of the curl is really good. If you think you’re gonna put it up, I would not because you just want the curls to be as tight as they can for that updo like I said they get stretched out. I’m gonna let the cast sit gonna let them just keep cooling. We’re almost done. I took this last section in two, so I can make sure to get every single little curl and girl I did. I mean, this is the difference between like a normal hairstyle and a wedding hairstyle is that you do need that longevity. So you want the curls to sit and cool? You want them to have a little more? Hold than usual now. When I say that like these are still touchable, very, they’re not crunchy. They’re not crispy, Put the firm hold hairspray down. I’m just saying you do want to make sure you’re taking small pieces of hair and that you are adding in products that add hold. If you need it. Alrighty, and then to break these up. I’m literally just gonna like shake at the roots. If you’re gonna be styling it, you know, you can give it a little shake. I wouldn’t do too much because as you take your pieces to do the hairstyle, all of that, it’s gonna break up on its own. But, you know, you can give it a nice little shake just to break the cast up, all right, so that’s the curls and you can wear obviously just down in curls, adding the extra little elements makes it more than your everyday like. I wear my hair down and curled almost every day, but this is still new, but also adding in a little accessory that makes you feel Super Bridal can be nice too. So I just pulled a little piece of my hair back and I clipped it here and then for Anna, I did a little like sweep and pin with these three Bobby Pins. You can get Pearl Bobby Pins everywhere. It’s just like a little like little saw and that way. If all you can do is curl your hair, you can make it bridal and still really enjoy it and the extra little steps of adding in mousse and like curl holding hairspray or heat protectan’t go a long way they do, and also this shape is not something I typically wear so this already feels more formal, like just having literally one side tucked back behind my ear and a little sparkle like this feels very fancy to me because I always when I curl it. I just wear it all in the front, and I wear it down so yeah. The volume feels fancy for me and all the definition in these little curls. Okay, now for the easiest half up half down. This one is good for somebody. Who’s not used to doing their hair? Practice this a couple times and you’ll be good to go, It’s so easy! If you add in your hair accessories, it’s gonna look like you hired someone you’re gonna start by grabbing a large section of hair from the front and for the short hair version, we’re gonna kind of pick up hair as we go. I’m also gonna leave out anything that I want to frame my face, so here’s. What we’re starting with? You’re going to twist a couple times? Then you’re going to pick up some new hair next to that twist, just a little, and then you’re going to twist. You’re going to pick up a little bit more hair, put it with it and twist, and you should just about be able to reach the back by now, but if you want, you can pick up one more piece of hair. The key here is that you don’t want to pick up big chunks of hair. You want to leave a lot of hair down, so your hair looks nice and full, and it takes less hair than you think, so maybe, like half a drinking straw thick with these sections that you’re bringing in unless you have a ton of hair, then you can adjust accordingly. Also, what’s that like the most important thing here is that you want to take that twist to the piece of hair, So I twisted. I picked up a new piece of hair. I took the twist to that hair. Not the other way around. You’re basically just continuing to take the twist and let it like travel around your head, and you’re just giving it like little road stops along the way, so from here, we’re gonna pull apart And depending on your comfort level, you might want some Bobby pin first, or you can just hold on to it. Whichever way I’m gonna hold on to it. If you were gonna Bobby pin it, you would just put a Bobby pin right here to hold your place. Well, what I’m going to do is take my thumb and my index finger and pull the tiniest pieces of hair that I can to fluff up the twist. Just a little bit and once you have it where you want it. You’re going to take your Bobby pins and you’re going to pin up into the twist like they’re going through a tunnel And the twist is the tunnel. You want to do at least two or three Bobby pins to make sure it’s held really securely and now we’re just gonna do that exact same thing over here, so I’m gonna grab some and I have less hair on this side because my hair is parted this way, so it’s okay. If this section’s a little smaller than the one over here twist, pick up our little piece, take the twist to the piece and twist some more. Once you’ve got that twist to where it meets the last one we just did. You’re gonna go ahead and stop, pull it apart and then pin it in place, all right, so that’s the half updo. And now if you want to make it a little bit more, something you can add in some accessories, I’m gonna keep going with these pearl Bobby pins and just dot them around where the two twists come together, which could be a good tip for covering up any little Bobby Pins or anything That’s sticking out at this point. [MUSIC] Okay, so the long hair version is basically the same, but you don’t have to pick up more hair as you go. Oh, nice, so you just get to pick up a big old piece of hair. Twist it, loosen it up, pin it in place. Wow, yeah, honestly, as long as your hair is long enough to reach the back without picking up more hair, you can do it. Wow, okay! Yeah, all right, sounds good. Get to it, I’m just gonna leave down some pieces in the front Because Kaylee, just cut me some face framing tendrils. Yeah, yeah, okay, executive decision because kaylee’s in the other room, I’m going to take this little piece right here and go ahead and pin that in place because my cowlick is crazy, and if I take the section from the front and I don’t add it into the back, It’s just not laying right, so this is my little hack for this. I approve this hack. I’m just literally gonna section out the part of my hair that gives me the most trouble gonna smooth it out. I’m gonna lay it down. Go ahead and pin a little basin now. I’m going to repeat the same thing on the other side. [music] what. I am going to say about the little piece You pulled back is that you can see like where that little piece is, and then the rest of the hair falling and it might not be showing up as much on camera, but that’s going to look, you can pull apart the hair that you pulled into the Bobby pin and kind of fan it around and it should hide the stuff pretty well. Ideally, you know, you want to do that before you do the twist, but it is something you can fix. After the fact, if you end up here, we have like a nice straight line going on this side and so over here. If you you know, take a little look in the mirror, this one’s kind of drooping. You can just pick it up and we’re gonna pull back a little, so there’s no slack and then pin it right there and between those two maneuvers. We have made this look a lot more professionally, done a lot more symmetrical, more. Secure all the things another thing. I love about, like a simple half updo like this. Is that if you are wearing a veil, this is something that’s really nice to be able to pin into because your veil comb does need something to go into, and it helps to have just something simple like this, and it also frames it. So if it’s sitting here, you have hair that’s cascading back into the veil, and I think that’s a prettier look in my humble opinion, and you are welcome to disagree with me to have something that’s going back into the veil than to just have the veil sitting and I am going to say if you’re going to do your own hair for your wedding or whatever. Just go ahead and buy some frenchies. It’s going to make your life a lot easier. They are like velvet hair pins and they stick in really, really well. They reposition easily. If you need to, but they won’t fall out during your day and next, we gotta do something braided, obviously, and I thought let’s just keep it as easy as possible. All right, first thing we’re gonna do is take our large section from one side in the front, lets. Do a little evaluation first. Let’s take down any tendrils that we want next. Let’s see if it gets close to the back of your head close. Check, you’re good to go, all right. I’m gonna drop this out. You want basically this like two to three inches right here, and then you’re just gonna go ahead and hold it back in the direction that it’s gonna go and do your braid of choice. Whatever braid, you know, you can do do that. Three strand braid fishtail braid. Maybe a rope braid. I don’t know whatever whatever feels. Good, comfortable and easy, boom. Alrighty, now we got to pull this thing. Apart and there is an art to the pull apart. So first thing you got to do is get some slack in it. Pretend like you’re loosening shoe laces start from the bottom. Work it up, get some air in there and I’m gonna do one more time just for some extra slack. All right, you feel warmed up. We just got warmed up and now we’re gonna go through and pull each individual link trying to pull the middle of it and the outside of it. You don’t want to just pull on the outside because if you do that, you’re going to end up with like a skeleton bubble, the whole things not going to come out, so you want to position your fingers on kind of the inside of it and pull out and you might find as you go up that the volume you built at the bottom is coming out and that’s okay, you can always go back and re-establish that start from the bottom work all the way up once the top is as bubbly as you want. You’re just gonna go ahead and leave the top there, then go back. Look at the bottom and be like. Oh, there’s a little skinny spot. There, there’s a skinny spot there. Let’s pull apart. It’s okay, if at the end, you need to take the Bobby pin off. Sometimes that makes it easier, hauls it with a bobby pin. Braid number One is then again going to get as much as we can on this side. Even though it’s a little shallower, you can do whatever part with this you want. You could do a center part. If that’s your thing now, here’s another trick you can use if you want to get your braids. Super fluffy is to stop every couple inches and fluff it out that way. You can go ahead and get some of the slack out and loosen it up a little bit all that now we’re basically going to kind of pull the top half to the back, and then we’re going to bring the braids into the side because your braids might not reach to the middle and the back mine. Almost do so. This is a good way for you to cheat. If they don’t, I’m just going to take a hairbrush. You could take a teasing comb and get fancy if you want, but, you know, not necessary, so I’m just going to take the hair up here. I’m just going to do a quick little tease, Just like tiny backcomb. That’s all. We’re just trying to knit the hair together. So if you have a cowlick or anything, it’ll all be chilling back, okay, so now we’re going to collect all the hair from braid to braid watch these sides make sure that they drape nicely next to the braid. So when we pull this back, she looks good, so you want them to kind of make these little swoops on the side. If they’re going straight back like this, that’s not the move. You’re revealing your seams, not the goal. What seams we don’t know? Her we’ve draped the hair nicely. Now you’re going to do just one twist, Just one little 180 and pin that in place. Got your hair all together. It’s looking nice 180 just like that and now pin it like a pincushion. And if it’s a little messy, that’s okay. This is our more like effortless Beachy Moment Anyway. So now I’m gonna take one side with my braid. I have this little piece that decided to not go with the twist, So I’m gonna pull that back. Pull the braid back and I’m just gonna give the end of the braid like the tiniest twist, just like that, and then I’m going to hold it and pin straight in to everything we have going on here. And now you do the same thing with the other side, taking that little twisty twist. All right, tucking her in only thing I want to fix is that I have some bubbling up here in the front, and that’s just because I didn’t hold the hair back at the angle, Really. Well, when I started, you always want to hold your braid and the angle that it’s going to be sitting so all I’m going to do to fix That is take the little bubble that is sticking up, and this actually looks like it’s kind of rogue, right like I have this nice piece, and then this guy is just doing its own thing. It’s just going to push them underneath, just kind of, like, hide them down a little bit and then use a hair pin kind of give them a little break. You know, just let them chill. I see this like little guy. This can always go underneath the braid. Always just hide them away. Say what we don’t know about that. What bubbles, the bubbles here? No, the braid is perfect. What come on if you have a hard time? Hiding pins and stuff, uh, accessories cover a world of sense and or Bobby pin mistakes. And that is basically the same thing for the long hair version as well [Music]. I just need to flatten this one against my head A little bit more. There’s a little bit of gapping here because the slack I left in it to make it big. No problem, just going to weave this back and forth in the braid. I learned that from one of Haley’s other videos. Okay, Lee! Oh, I did it. Oh, wow, says you look okay. Yeah, it looks good. Yes, so I’m gonna take some of this hair and pin it forward over your ear underneath the braid. Now we don’t have it. You’re peeking through! Yay, look at you! Oh, my goodness, this is really why, like I even walked away like I was just chilling. She was like peace out trying to decide. If you need some essential wreath, I think my golden rule when you’re doing hair accessories, especially when they’re Bobby Pin ones is like, hold it in place and see if you like it there before you stick it in because taking it back out is not easy. I will say you can put accessories in on your own, but if they’re going in on the back of your head, maybe just like, ask a trusted friend. Oh, he I made these sorry. Forgot guys. I try to only put stuff in here that you can buy ill. Try to find something similar. I made these for staff’s wedding, but the pearls weren’t the move, so we didn’t end up using them. You love a celestial moment. I really do, and there’s your braided option. I love it because you do get all the bohemian feels, but it’s not that difficult, Of course, if you want even more. Brady formal options. I have videos on videos for you, but I do love this particular one. [MUSIC] Okay to finish this out. Let’s turn anna’s hair into a quick updo. This is like a little bit of an ode to her wedding because you did your first look and all those pictures, and then you were like. I think I want to update you for the ceremony and I was like it was literally in that moment. I had five minutes and I was like, okay. You want enough? Due for the ceremony, you’re going to have an updo for the ceremony and inside. I was dying, but this is what I did, and it took just a few minutes and it looked so good. So this you could do with either. One of the half updos that we already did or any other half updo that you find in love. Easy peasy. Do you have have to first meet me here? I’m just gonna say frenchies. There were so many of those in my wedding. Get frenched! What and Laura actually has a heart out? She needs to go so we’re. Just gonna you can do this on your own. Though promise. Yeah, you’re gonna split the hair in half. Just go ahead and Chuck one half out of the way. And then this half, whichever one you want to start with, you can pull back or leave down. Whatever pieces you want, and then you’re just gonna wrap them around each other, really loosely clear elastic to hold your spot. We’re gonna make a C shape right here with this side, and then when we do this side, we’re gonna do the other half, so you’re gonna go around here and the biggest thing is that you don’t wanna put it over the braid, so use your hands, feel where the braid is or the twist or whatever you can even lift it up and stick it underneath. If you want, but you want it under that. Then you’re going to grab your pins and just go to town and you want to go ahead. And nestle? These ends inside, all right, and then you’re going to be able to mess with this a little bit more later, so we’ve got the shape. Take this side back. Basically, same thing I’m gonna do this number twisting away from the face on both of these. So you can pull it down like this. If you want or you can kind of look over to the side and do this number real quick and just pin a little piece up If that looks good to you. And then you’re just going to finish out the shape of the bun. So I’m going to nestle this inside of here, pulling the pieces on the sides back as well. Just because I like to have that little swoop into it. And because you already have the pretty curls in the hair like the curls. Do most of the work for you. You just have to get the pin in, all right, and I do remember that I left some of Anna’s little ends like this one out because I liked how it looked that ones all up to your personal preference, and then now that everything’s kind of in the only thing I have left to do is fix this little hole right here. I’m just going to pick up this section. I’m going to just fan these little guys out because I like them. Oh, bye, I love it. Yes, oh, my gosh! I feel so ready to get married again. It’s the same person just again, but that’s a similar way to do it. If you do have a lot of hair, another thing you could do is put the hair into two pigtails in the back before you twist it, and that would give you more to pin in too, and a little bit more security that way it doesn’t end up feeling loose at all. You just want to make sure that everything going back into it in that case. Stays loose and not like a tight little ponytail right here, all righty, So we went through several different hairstyles. I hope that you guys enjoyed it. You can customize these as much as you want. You can make them more shiny and princessy and blingy with just tighter curls and more accessories or you can make them a lot more chill with looser curls and just generally messier texture. So whatever you’re feeling, you can make happen and you can do it. I think it’s fully possible. Yes, and I really hope you guys give it a try tag me. If you do best of luck, congratulations on whatever’s going on, give it a little practice shot before you try it on the real thing. Yeah, you totally got it as a procrastinator. I understand that you might want to wait until the day of just don’t practice it a couple of times. You’ll feel so much better, but that being said, I think that is it for today. Don’t forget to comment down below and tell us which hairstyle was your favorite? Let me know if you have any more hairstyles or videos. You want to see from me? I think that is it for today, so if you did like the video, don’t forget to hit that like button to help support the channel. And if you’re new here, click that subscribe button to join the braidaholic family here on Haley. Melissa and all of yall can hit that bell icon to be notified. Every time I post a new video, That’s it for today. Whether you’re old or new or a casual lurker. You stole that from me. Thank you for spending time with us and I’ll see you the next video. Bye, our outfits! Today are brought to you by my engagement session of my life. I have like so many white things from when I was engaged and then you will never wear it again. Cosigned retweeted. This part of my hair wants to be wavy, so bad, but the rest of it doesn’t. I don’t know what to do.