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3 Wedding Guestbook Ideas For 2018 | Diy Wedding Decoration Tips & Tricks | Wedding Decor


Hello, my beautiful brides and handsome groom today. I wanted to share with you. Three awesome new guests book ideas for your summer wedding, whether it’s a modern wedding or rustic wedding. I’ve got the guest book for you [Music]! I don’t know if you’ve got the memo. But clear acrylic is all the rage this summer. This guestbook idea incorporates a modern clear acrylic look, but it’s timeless and classic. Depending on how large your guests right, you can probably obtain 75 to 150 signatures. The finer tip marker. You provide for your best design with the more signatures. You are going to be able to fit on your guest book, so I always recommend going with a fine tip marker. If you have a lot of signatures that you need to obtain, you’re going to want to use an oil-based paint pen, You don’t want to use a chalkboard marker because those write right off, they’re meant to eat white dog and written on again, just like chalk, but an oil-based paint pen such as one by Sharpie will stay and you won’t have to worry about losing all the signatures that you gained on your wedding day. Luckily, the oil-based paint pens are available in one. You just like chalk. And they also have some other fun colors. He’s got spokes are really great because you can put them on display in your home, and it’s a nice memory of your wedding. That’s available for you to look at all day long. The next wedding guest’s book idea is perfect for having a rustic style way. This guest book has a rustic palette style to it, but because it is printed on, it is smooth enough so that you can gather signatures and still be able to read them. The guest book is personalized with your wedding. Monogram. Typically, it is the bride’s first initial, the new last name initial and then the groom’s initial, and then it was also personalized with the wedding date. This guest book. We also recommend signing with oil-based paint pen again. You can get them in white, or you can get a multitude of other colors, either matte or metallic and because it is a printed on design. It’s not going to rub off. I don’t know if you’ve ever tried signing out a rough palette board style wood, but it’s really hard to write clearly on something that’s ridged and bumpy, but on something like this, you can get a beautiful signature, but still have that rustic look this tile. You can plan on being able to get about 50 to 125 signatures more or less, depending on how thick your guests ready. I think this guest book is 17 inches by 23 inches, which is a really great size. It’s not too big. It’s not too small and again you could use this guest book as a decor piece in your home after the wedding. The last guest book idea is something very unique and different. And I think you’re going to love it, especially for a summer or spring wedding with that light and airy feel. And that modern acrylic? Look that everybody loves right now. This guest book is going to definitely make a statement. This is a clear acrylic guest book letter that you can have everybody sign at your wedding. The great thing about this guest book is you can use this as a decor piece in your home, and it is definitely going to be a conversation piece, and it’s going to be something that you’re going to love to look at when you’re in your new home as newlyweds, and you can see all the signatures and love from your family and friends. This is definitely something that you’re going to love. So how well this is going to come out on camera? But in person, this guestbook letter is beautiful, Its photographs beautifully. It styles your home beautifully, and because it’s clear acrylic, it is so versatile, it can really fit your decor super easily. All right, here are a few quick tips on your wedding guest books. If you have a clear acrylic test book, definitely do not clean clear acrylic with any harsh cleaners such as Windex or anything like that, it will actually cause the acrylic to crack. So when you’re cleaning your clear acrylic guest book, you’re just gonna want to use a microfiber cloth, that’s it and just give it some good elbow grease. If there’s any fingerprints that you want to get off and because our personalization’s are printed on there, you don’t have to worry about that coming off if you’re rubbing around it. And if you use that oil-based paint pen, you don’t have to worry about those coming off as well, so definitely just use a microfiber cloth and a little bit of elbow grease to get off any fingerprints that show up on your clear Acrylic guest book again? I can’t stress enough that you want to use an oil-based paint pen for obtaining the signatures. If you want to preserve them, which we all do because it’s not a guest book and stay away from the chalkboard pens. Because those are just gonna wipe right off, but forget the tip about having your bridal party. Do a little bit of a signature before you put the guest book out so that the rest of your guests will follow suit and sign in the size and style that you’re hoping for. And then afterward have the rest of your bridal party fill in the gaps, You can even go total control freak, which I know I would, and I would be like you need a sign right here. You need a sign right here. You can sign right here, but do a little signature because it just this. Is it little empty space that needs to be felt? I would do that. I don’t know, I’m a little crazy, but I think that that’s fine. When you’re a bride, you can do what you want again. If you have a lot of signatures to get or if you want the writing to be very crisp and clear, I would go with a fine tip, and if you have just a few signatures to obtain and you don’t mind them being very, very big, you can do a fatter tip Marker. If that’s something that you’re going for and they have white, they have met colors and metallic colors. Choose the one that you love the most, and that goes with your wedding style, so that’s it. That is three wedding guests with ideas that you can use for your summer wedding this year. Thank you so much for watching and congratulations. This is such a wonderful and happy time of your lives. We hope that you have nothing but a wonderful time Planning your wedding. It’s gonna come out beautiful. No matter what you do, but hopefully you can incorporate one of our new modern or rustic style wedding guests whips into your big day, don’t. Forget to subscribe and give us a huge thumbs up. If this is the kind of wedding guest book that you would incorporate into your wedding day, happy wedding planning [Music].