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My Wedding Day Accessories! Bridal Accessories | Emelyne


[MUSIC] Hi guys, it’s! Emmaline so today for this wedding Wednesday. I’m gonna share with you guys. All of my bridal accessories. My wedding is in a few months and I’m just a type-a personality. I have to get everything like 10 months in advance and or else I freak out, so I did get these things a little bit early, but I think it’s better to be early than to be late. I wanted to share this with you guys before the holidays came up that way. If you guys aren’t getting married. I think it’s really great to ask for some of these things for Christmas from. Either your fiance or your parents or friends and family. Just because it’s less things that you have to add to your list to get so so anyway. I’m gonna share with you guys. Everything that I got for my wedding. I’m just gonna start. Um, with the head? I guess so for my hair, I decided to get a hair vine, so the caravan I originally wanted was like 140 dollars from the bridal salon, and they advised me to go home and see if I found anything else that I like better, which I thought was so cool of them to do because most places just want you to buy everything. So I actually found this one on Amazon for $9.99 It was insane, It’s so pretty though. The quality is amazing. It’s rose gold, and it’s just very, very simple. There’s nothing crazy to it, which is exactly what I wanted to do. Something really elegant and beautiful, and it also came with two Bobby pins, so you can either pin it to your head or keene, with two different strands of this like ivory colored ribbon because there’s like little holes here, which is what I’m gonna do, and then you can just tie it like a little bow behind your head, so this I’m not going to put it on my head because it gets stuck in my hair every time, but it’s gonna sit right on top of my head like that, but you guys could, of course, like weave these in and out of your hair. I’m gonna link all of this stuff down below as well as do a blog post with pictures that way. You guys can see it all since we just said that. I guess I could show you guys my wedding veil. So this wedding veil is so gorgeous. It’s from Devi and she. Oh, I am so excited about this, mainly because this veil is called the Eloise and you guys know I love the Eloise movie, But this veil was actually sent to me. You can take the different hair color clips that you want everything that I have is just rose cool, so I decided to go with Rose gold for this. So this is a cathedral-length veil. It the quality of this is insane When I took it out of the box, I was amazed at how gorgeous the quality is, and it’s like the material just feels so luxurious. It feels like this should be like a $500 bail. It’s just it’s so soft. I’ve never felt anything like this. And it’s all handmade from Vancouver, so I think it’s just really cool to support them and work with them. They are having a Black Friday sale for 25% off, so I will leave that coupon code down below. So if you guys are looking for a wedding veil, I 100% recommend getting a veil from them, or they have like earrings. They have garters! I 100% would recommend it because I had a really great experience with them, so it’s really awesome of the happy 25% coupon code that coupon starts on November 23rd and ends on November 26 My birthday, so you guys should definitely go. Check that out and like. I said they also have like earrings and garters. So you guys can get a lot of your wedding stuff for a good deal. Speaking of garters. I actually made my own garter. I did a blog post on this, and I also shared this in a video so I will link that blog post down below. If you guys wanna learn how to make it think making a garter is a great option to buying one because some of them can be like super super pricey. The one that I wanted was like $60 so I just felt like you know what a really good option to make. It and it was really fun to do so the next thing. I’m going to show you guys is def by far my favorite packaging of like anything ever gotten. So these shoes are by Kate Whitcomb. I hope I’m saying that, right. They actually reached out to me and sent me these shoes and I am like floored. These shoes are gorgeous and they’re packaging for all of you. Gorilla girls up there. You guys are going to really appreciate this. So their packaging is light pink and has really pretty gold, and then when you open up the box, but it says, may your life be filled with health, joy, love and happiness, and it’s just the cutest thing ever. I want to like display this. Am I ready so inside? The box comes a shoe bag and it says on it, the perfect pair. And I just think that it’s really cool. When brands have like gorgeous back well, very you, okay. Hey, are just like tripped over the camera. I’m sorry, oh, poor baby. Um, but anyway, I was saying I like when brands have like, really pretty packaging, and they just make it feel like very luxurious and special, so I really appreciate this, and I think it’s awesome to just throw your wedding shoes in for the day of your wedding, especially if you’re traveling like I am my wedding. It’s not in New York, so we are traveling a good amount of hours away for the wedding location, so I definitely think that’s really cool to have so my actual wedding shoes. I’m going to block off the personalization that’s in them because I want it to be a secret until the day of my wedding. Then I’ll share it with you, guys, but these are the shoes that I got. They are so stunning, so their website is really cool because you can actually personalize your wedding shoes. So there’s like these little blue marks in here and on the blue marks. It has a very special, meaning, so these are what the shoes look like. They are so stunning, And I just think that the fact that you can personalize your shoes and you put like your wedding day in. You could put a scripture. You can your name your future husband’s name like anything that’s so special to you. You can put it in there and a lot of photographers do like a flat. Lay photo with your shoes. So I think it’s really cool to have that. And this is also doubling as by something blue, so you can choose any color insert for this like little section right there that you guys can see that’s blue. You guys can choose any color for it. I think they also have like floral, which is really cool, but I don’t want it to be my something blue and as my dress is really fun and has a lot going on. I wanted just a really simple white shoe. You just kind of have like a old-fashioned wedding vibe to me. I can just picture like your girl like the 50s or 60s wearing these on her wedding day. So I love these, and I do have a coupon code for these for 15% off, so I will link that down below and also on the screen for you guys. So now we’re going to get into the undergarments for the wedding, so I swear by these little booby things from Amazon, so in this pack comes these, which are obviously they go right here on your boobs. And then it also comes with the little nipple covers, but I have those on right now, so I’m not gonna show you guys those, but at the set of them, so for this and the covers is only $12.99 It is such an amazing deal because I feel like if you go to Victoria Secret For this, you’re paying like $60 for, and it’s such good quality. These last me about a year and then you can just like, wash them off with warm water and soap, and they are back to brand-new definitely would recommend these If you guys are looking for a sticky bra because they are awesome. I do have my panties that I got. These are just from Victoria’s Secret. I feel weird showing these, and I wasn’t going to, but right now I feel like I’m just gonna show them because why not, but basically. I just got little panties. They are, they’re called like coconut white or something like that. I just thought they were really pretty and wedding. E you guys can also get like custom is underwear on. Etsy and I just wanted to like point out to if you guys do have a tight dress. Don’t forget to get some sort of like no-show underwear because I know people before that. I’ve got another really cute pair of underwear, and then they put it on with their dress and you can totally see through it, so just make sure whatever type of dress you have. You get panties That are appropriate for it, so besides the headpiece and my engagement ring? I don’t really have any other jewelry that I’m you wearing for my wedding day, except for this bracelet that I pretty much wear every day, It’s from Henry Bendel’s and it says dream on it. The next thing I have is probably one of my favourite things and again. I got this in a very cheap way, So you guys can go to Etsy and get these, but they’re gonna cost you around like $15 Um, her charm. But I went to Amazon and got an entire pack of like 24 of these for. I think it was like $9.99 Yeah, I wanted to do something special for my mom. I do have something else planned for her, which I’m not telling you guys about yet, but I wanted to do something else special for her. So if you guys have ever seen some people on their bouquets, they do like a bridal charm and basically what it is. Are these little charms? And you put a picture of someone who isn’t with you anymore so for me? I’m gonna put a picture of my grandma and grandpa, and then I’m going to put this on my bouquet. So basically, this little kit that I got from Amazon as a kid to make it, so it comes with the little charm and it comes with this glass thing that you put over it, and then you just glue it on with a picture and it’s super super easy to do so for me. I’m gonna do my grandparents and then for my mom. I’m gonna do my grandparents and then I’m also going to put on another one of these her brother that passed away. I think that it’ll be really special for my mom to see a picture of him on the wedding day and to have it on her own bouquet. So I’m super excited for her to get her bouquet morning of the wedding and then for her to see it. I feel like it can do to speech such a like, happy special moment, and we’re probably gonna be crying so much last thing. I have is kind of weird, but I felt like I should just mention this because I feel like a lot of people. Don’t think about this and I was just in a wedding and it really sparked this thought in my head so here. I have a little Rolly suitcase thing, So this is going to be designated to my hair and makeup stop. October, I was in my best friend’s wedding, and I had this like huge bag just filled with, like all of my makeup stuff, all of my hair stuff And it was really hard to carry around and like all of us were realizing that that was like the heaviest bag that we all had, and there was a lot of it and like. I said my wedding venue is like hours away, and I don’t want to forget anything as far as hair and makeup goes. Because I’m doing it all myself. I invested in a really good sturdy where these called suitcase, and I just feel like it’s really easy because I’m gonna put all of these accessories that I’ve showed you guys into this bag as well as all of my hair stuff and makeup stuff. I just really want to make sure that I have everything and don’t forget it. So everything that I need. I’m gonna throw in this bag and then all I’m gonna have to take. Is my dress and my veil and I will be set, so I think it’s really good to, like, invest in one of these like. I said hair and makeup stuff. If you’re traveling for a wedding, I think you definitely need some sort of bags. It’s not going to just be like super annoying to carry it around so. I think this is the perfect option, So I hope you guys enjoyed this video. I hope all of these things were helpful to you guys. If you guys can think of anything that. I missed then. Just let me know. Thank you guys so much and I’ll talk to you guys next time. Bye [Music]!