Wedding Dresses Like Berta | Try On Wedding Dresses With Me In 2020 | Philly Edition: Berta, Milla Nova, Milla X Lorenzo Rossi

Andrea Helfrich

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Try On Wedding Dresses With Me In 2020 | Philly Edition: Berta, Milla Nova, Milla X Lorenzo Rossi


But I actually thought that this was my dress and I was like. Oh, my god is this! [MUSIC] It! What’s up, guys? Welcome back to my channel today. I’m coming at you with another wedding dress. Try on video. This is my second time shopping. The first time I went to kleinfelds in New York and thought I would find the one. But I didn’t, but I tried on some gorgeous dresses. So if you want to see those, I’ll link that video right here. This time I went shopping in a boutique in Philadelphia and tried on Virta Melanova Melanova by Lauren Zaracy Club. So for my brides to be at home trying to navigate this whole thing during coven. I hope this helps you. I’m gonna bring you into the dressing room. Show you what these dresses look like in person because all these dresses look different than they do online, some for the better some for the worse and then after each dress, I’m gonna give you like a little review of what I thought. Let’s go shopping. My baby’s marrying her baby. Am I gonna like it? This is so dramatic with the curtain. Reveal yeah, right. Wow, I recognize this. This one’s foreign is the one that I tried on in New York. You didn’t get to see it. You have it, you see what I was like? Whoa, it’s not you. They’re all her, it’s gorgeous, But I’m not gonna be at your wedding. If you walk when you see one that you’re like, oh, this has all the elements that I really really like. So, yeah, here we are, yeah. I like that. That’s not your dress, right. How good is that dress? This is a brand new Berta, part of her Napoli collection. And I knew I wasn’t going to get it because I tried it on in New York, but it’s so beautiful. I just had to try it on for my mother-in-law. Um, the honest truth about the dress other than it’s to die for beautiful. Is it so heavy if I could have that dress for my aisle movement and then switch out into another dress? I would do that hands down. That dress is ten thousand dollars, so I’m not trying to buy that to walk down the aisle and then change out. The only other thing is the glitter that is all over. It does transfer so hugging. I mean, if hugging is even a thing I don’t know. Can we hug people anymore? By the time we all get married, not sure, but the glitter does transfer. So that’s something else to note, but it is even more beautiful in person, but as you heard, my mother-in-law say, that is not my dress. So we’re going to keep it moving. Oh, my goodness! Oh, my god, look at this! Oh, we seem to love the leaves. Yeah, so see how this has and who is this? This is another couture designer from Ukraine right now. I have a skirt on her. We put the skirt on first, and then this comes over top. There’s a slit here because you have an option to have a ceremony. Look at a reception. Look, mini skirt. Stunning the president. She gave me now. Let’s see the train with the troll. Oh, wow, oh, my gosh! Oh, my goodness! This is stunning on the top here. Once it’s her size, she is going to have coverage. It’s not going to be a little like that. Yeah, just a little bit. Did you try on the mini skirt? I think so I think she should. We’re going to try on the mini skirt. Ready time, Flower. I’ll follow up very interesting. So Barbie wears a mini dress. I don’t hate it at all. It’s really look how pretty that’s insane, but so we’re partying, so we won’t have the bath like that. Oh, my, I don’t hate it. I don’t hate it. I think it’s really pretty. No, I love it. I wouldn’t, yeah, the price points nice and it’s beautifully shocking. Yes, price point. I don’t know what the hell so at first. I did not think I would like this dress like a mini skirt situation, But honestly, after I tried it on, I was completely converted. I think it’s really cool that you can have this transitional. I’m really into the transitional thing, right, whether it’s like an over skirt or in this situation. A mini skirt. I love the two in one. Look, um, and this was a really great option. It was absolutely beautiful in person. I think the price point is around 6 500. And the train on this dress was absolutely beautiful milanovas. Attention to detail on all of the applique is hands down amazing. My only con is, I’m not sure what they do with the train. When it’s time to go to the reception and I know you can bustle it, but I’m also not sure how a bustle would look with the mini skirt. Okay, let’s go to the next one, Okay, very pretty over skirt, okay. She wanted to see that look. She looks in one so yeah. This is additional. Yeah, so this comes off. You can literally just take it right off. It’s not absolutely, but, hey, look, it’s good to see what we don’t want. Yep, exactly, and that’s what this is too light for you. Let me see the back of it. It’s too white. Yeah, she says yeah. Yeah, okay, so this was a no for me, Im. Sorry, I don’t know the designer name. I know that doesn’t help you much. But this was a more fitted gown mermaid style, which I thought I liked that silhouette now. I have no idea what I like anymore, but I do know. I don’t want a bright white dress, lets. Check out the next one. Whoa, wow, sparkle sparkle waffle. Wow, wow! Oh, my goodness! Oh, my gosh, who is this? This is another Nova, okay, so this dress is part of the Millinova by Lauren Zurasi collaboration. I would not have picked it from the photos online, but putting it on it is so flattering to your figure. I love the square neckline, very different. Uh, traditional, which is really nice if you’re looking for that, And the applique is much more delicate in person than it looks online, lets. Try the next one. [MUSIC] This is really pretty look at you. You can see my jaw dropped. Oh, my God, it’s sexy, but it’s not overbearing, right, turn around in the mirror. You still have a lot of brightness going on. It’s not very white, but this isn’t a traditional gown, but you still have beautiful, bright applique. Wow, all right. Oh, my, are you there for me? I love this, you guys. This is beautiful! Are you crying? No, she’s just sniffing. She’s crying like I mean, that’s good. It doesn’t! Make fun of me if you have a fail for me. So how much extra? So this is one thousand eight hundred on top of sixty-three. I didn’t see the front. Look, yeah, go ahead. The back is a lot with the cape and the veil. You would need a short video. I don’t know if we need the cape, so you can probably tell by my reaction, but I actually thought that this was my dress. I had that moment of overwhelming kind of just feeling all over and I was like. Oh, my God, is this it and then when I got home and I was editing this video and looking at the footage. I didn’t really like the way I looked in it. And then I was like cross-referencing photos of the model wearing it and it was like, wow, she just looks so much better. I just don’t like the way I look in it, so I’m still trying to figure out if that dress is the one, but something in my gut is telling me it’s not if I just keep feeling not sure about it. We’re going to like this next one. Oh, my goodness, oh! She looks phenomenal. Well, that’s stunning. Oh, I like that a lot. These are beautiful blitz, her silver glitz, that beautiful kind of deep nude broozy color, her 3d applique, the florals and then the more silvery sequins. So it really makes you find this one, so this one’s 7 500. So I love it too, but I love this one more. Look, you see this while it’s gorgeous. You can’t do it yet. You would have to get that crosstalk and take it off, so I’d have to go to the reception with this. Yeah, no, and this is hamlet. This one is 7400 74. A little bit over 75 Yeah, she appeals to someone like the modern bride. You love some boldness, a little sexy, but also some, you know, flair to it. This dress is beautiful. It’s very comfortable. My only reservation was that sheer coming out of the sides. Like, what do you do with that? But I love the tone. It was so warm and beautiful. The applique was just like everything, so that’s it. Those are all the dresses I tried on. I hope this helps you see what they look like. On an actual person versus the photos online, because it’s so hard to tell, let me know which one you like in the comments below as you can tell, I’m probably gonna go dress shopping again because I don’t think I found my dress. So if you’d like to see another video like this, let me know in the comments. Give this video a thumbs up and be sure to subscribe to see the next one until then. Stay healthy guys. [music] you!