Wedding Dress With Ruffles | How To Sew A Ruffled Cloud Mermaid Wedding Dress

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How To Sew A Ruffled Cloud Mermaid Wedding Dress


[MUSIC] Hi, guys, welcome to my channel. My name is Tosin and Im. A woman’s web designer, based in Nigeria in this video. I’m going to show you how I made a ruffled mermaid wedding. Dress keep on watching, don’t. Forget to, like, subscribe and drop a comment down below. These are the materials needed to make the lower part of the mermaid dress. You need a satin underlay about three to five yards. You need your two about 55 to 120 yet. And, of course, your scissors, your straight sewing machine, your fabric chalk. First, you decide how wide you want your base to be in this video. I decided against using a circle base, but I used. I cut out six panels instead, which would still be wide enough, but not as wide as a circle bottom. [MUSIC] Ah, [Music] once you’re done cutting off your panel pieces, you join them together using a straight stitch. [MUSIC] Next you’re going to mark out on your underling [Music] in this video, I decided to space them about two inches apart from each other, and you do this round your underling. So if you have a different base, you go around the circle and for my six panels here, I marked out two inches apart from each other all the way. [MUSIC] Next you cut out squares from your tool. As mentioned earlier, you are going to be needing about 60 to 120 or 100 yards or two, depending on what your base looks like. Now for my six panels that was first. Initially, I eventually ended up using about 60 yards of which is about 55 approximately 55 meters. Initially, I started by cutting off 10 by 10 square inches of two fabrics, but I ended up realizing that it was going to consume more to fabric. So what I did was fold about five yards, which is about four and a half meters of two fabric together, getting out squares from it and then cutting them out so eventually my squares were about where about mini rectangles, six by five seven by eight inches of two fabrics. Next you take three to four pieces of squirtle. Pick it in the middle and then sew along the top edge next. You sew each picked two on your underlay along the lines you marked initially, but don’t sew it all the way to the top. [MUSIC] roof so [Music] questions [Music]. So finally, you hand stitch what you have left at the top? [MUSIC] [Music] bye foreign [Music] you?