Wedding Dress With Gloves | The Inspiring, Uplifting Wedding Videography Of Sadie Robertson & Christian Huff

Andrew James Abajian

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The Inspiring, Uplifting Wedding Videography Of Sadie Robertson & Christian Huff


[MUSIC] Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, good evening, ladies and gentlemen, it’s a beautiful evening, and we are all here to celebrate two very beautiful people. So if you could please help me welcome to the dance floor for their very first dance as a married couple, Mr. And Mrs. Christian, huh? So when you shuffle is frightening, you see, right, don’t. Dump mess inside me and you call me out to pull me in. Tommy, I can start again. I don’t need to keep on hiding. I’m fully known and loved by you. You pour my God no matter what I do, and it’s not one of the other. It’s our truth, and we to give us Grace to be known [Music] [Music] Sadie Caraway Robertson. You are the love of my life. You are so much more than I could have ever dreamed of or thought to pray for. You Are my absolute best friend and the best teammate. [MUSIC] And I know that that will never change. There has never been a time where he walked any room in that room. Didn’t line up but because of your presence. I mean, seriously, look at you standing here right now. Do you have a smile that glows in this presence that changes every atmosphere you enter into [Music]. You’re the most beautiful person that I have ever seen in my life, and you have absolutely captured and only every ounce of my attention forever. I promise to only never have eyes for you. That’s my bride! You were all that. I see you are captivating and evil. My attention now and forever and promised I would remind you of how beautifully ready you become as you look toward our Father. In heaven, for one glance, you captivated my heart and changed [Music]. It is my joy to honor you as my wife representing our marriage to God faithfully every day. I promise to always love our Savior first. So that my love for you is an extension of his love. I love you best when I’m satisfied in him. I promise to love you unconditionally and never stop pursuing your heart. I promise to steward your heart to the best of my ability and to do whatever I need to do to make you smile The most beautiful smile in the world. [MUSIC] promise to always be your best friend from dancing in public going on dinner dates to having the most random spontaneous adventures and everything in between. Because I’m with you and cannot be more for you. I promise to protect them to fight for us, reminding one another that got us with us prayerfully standing together against the NI United for each other in our family [Music] no matter what circumstances left me bring. I promise to be your safe place. I promise to never take for granted yet. The overflow of Christ Lovin. You in the overflow, of Christ’s. Loving me is the true gift. Our marriage brings to the world. I love you and I promise to always love you. [music] Christian Chandler Huff. You are my greatest and most evident touch of heaven art. I see so many good things in you that I’ve had the blessing of seeing in some amazing men in my life. You’re sweet like Papa Schadt. A go-getter like Papa Howard. Your love for the word is like Papa. Phil, You seek and learn like to Baba, and you are confident and fun like my dad. I adore all these things in me. But most importantly, you are so much like Jesus in that, I change my life. [music] One of my favorite verses is first John 4:12 No one has ever seen God, but if we love one, another god abides in us and his [Music]. Thank you for letting me see him every day. Through the way that you love me, people asked me when. I knew that you were the one. There were two moments that come to mind. One was on our very first date when you cranked up the music in the car. – yeah by. Usher and waited for me to get up and dance in the most crowded parking lot in Nashville. You didn’t care who was watching for your eyes really liked on me laughing and having fun and it is two of my favorite things that day, your eyes and your humor. I always tell you I love your eyes. Not just for how beautiful they are, but for what they seek and what they find. [MUSIC] You’re so intention on every way you’re not distracted by a crowd. Your life quickly became my favorite sound, and your smile still makes me giddy. The other. Moto is when I call to tell you that I’m sorry, but I would not be able to date you in the moment because I need to focus on to her [Music]. You said never apologize for the things. God is doing in my life [Music]. And then you stated if it is a win for the kingdom and a win for you, then it’s a win for me, so that leads me to my first promise. I promise that if it’s a win for God and a win for you, then it will always be a win for me [Music]. I want you to know that you don’t have to hide because my desire is to know all of you and my commitment is to always love all of you. [MUSIC] I promise to never put an expectation on you or our life together to be perfect. I know we live in an imperfect world and we are both imperfect people, but I choose to learn from God’s perfect love to love you. The best I can [Music] seventy times, seven will be the measurement forgiveness [Music] tonight. I throw my fear. Get some win so that I will not hesitate to give you the life and the love within me through every moment [Music] I promise no matter where God takes us or what life throws at us. I will not let my circumstances determine the joy of our life or dress as we say about everyday. This is the day that the Lord is made. I will rejoice and be glad in it. Today is the easiest day of our life to Richard’s [Music]. Just thank you so much for all of our family and friends who are coming to celebrate what you’ve done. God, and pray that God, through the way that we love each other, Everybody in that place would feel loved. Feel known for seen by you. God, all right, thank you for this man. Thank you for how kind he is. How strong he is, come credible Leader. He is and thank you that yet so husband, thank you for the lifetime. We’re gonna get to live together. Would it be filled with the fruit of who you are with joy? Golden peace or we love you. We thank you for this day ready today. Even made we were enjoy, you. Glad [Music] [Music]!