Wedding Dress That Goes From Long To Short | Best Wedding Dresses For Short Brides- 5 Must Have Styles!

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Best Wedding Dresses For Short Brides- 5 Must Have Styles!


How my name is. G welcome to my Youtube channel. You’re watching petit dressing. Today’s video is about best wedding dresses for petite brides. If you are petite, you don’t need me to tell you how hard it is to find the right clothing to fit you when it comes to your wedding day. This is one of the most important occasions in your life, so you want to make sure you look absolutely stunning and as perfect as it can be on your special day, that is why? I want to share with you in this video. The best tips for you to find the best wedding dresses as a short pride. [MUSIC] Before I get into what you should be looking for. I want to first tell you what does not work. And how do you know this is from my own experience when I was looking for my wedding dress, I had my mind set on what particular style and guess what it is. It is the princess style! I have been looking for that one wedding dress that looks at a princess. I’ve been dreaming about looking at the princess When I was REME 10 years outlook. So, of course, the first style I will be trying Mom for my wedding dress and fancy long ball gown, kind of justice. I went through a ton of the dresses, but the more inch wide, the more I realized. No, it doesn’t work. It just doesn’t look right on me and sure enough they look perfect and look, just like, you know, princess of the models or on the mannequins, But once I put them on and it tried it so many of them. None of them worked out, And now that I know what I know today. I will tell you! The princess time probably does not work for most petite women. I cannot speak for every particular out there because everybody has a different proportion and different traits of everybody, but for the majority of us. If you’re short, the princess style, the big Poufy Boga will not look the most flattering on you because it’s just too much going on. The man just has a very puffy gown, It adds, so much volume to your bottom. Make you look bottom heavy because we’re petite. Our goal is to make our finger look longer and leaner and not bigger and popular, so that’s why. I want to tell you. What are the best dials that will work on a short. Of course. You can still try the Volga just for the fun of it. If you are petite, the most important thing is to make sure the wedding dress is not overly complicated. Of course you want to have the embellishments and you want to have the laces in my case. My wedding dress is you have seven layers of laces, so you want to make sure. The silhouette self is clean-cut, so the top five wedding dress styles for petite women number. One is the mermaid shape If you have curves, for instance, if you are an hourglass shape, if you or if you are an apple body shape, or if you have, you are any other body shape if you do have protests and round hips, then the mermaid shape is perfect for you. Even if you don’t naturally have curves, for instance, if you 10 if you are, you have a very athletic body type if you are the rectangle shape or the inverted triangle shape, and if your on the skinny side, a mermaid shape will have two curves to your body and make you look very feminine on this special day of your way. When Kim Kardashian got married to Kris Humphries in 2011 Kim had three wedding dresses at his lavish wedding. Two of them were mermaid And one was Bogan. My personal favorite of the three is the mermaid waist, modest tail. It highlights all her assets without overwhelming her petite figure. The other mermaid dress also highlighted her curves, But it got a puffier tail. It might be you less is more in 2014 Kim got married. Yo, Kanye! And this time once again. She chose a mermaid dress, classy, elegant and sexy and number two is the style or the column style. This is a very flattering shape for petite women because it adds all the lens we need. Most of the wedding. Gowns are floridans or at least in colons. And if especially if you are wearing a lens with with a train dragging on the floor. This is a very flattering style because it makes your body look longer and leaner. When Eva Longoria got married to Jose Basten in 2016 She chose a simple sheath dress with a sweetheart neckline. It was made with love by her close friend. Victoria Beckham, who was also petite number. Three is the modest a-line shape, see? I have told you how the iboga looks just doesn’t look right on the dirty woman, At least in my case, but when I was trying on the modest a-line, which is like the less dramatic version of the ballgown, it still has a flare skirt which looks feminine and it still has a princess kind of look, but because it doesn’t have that puffy gong. It looks much better on a petite woman and number four is the short wedding dresses. Yes, even though most of the draw. I did most of us looking for a long. Florence wedding dress might also consider a sure wedding dress. If you are going to a city hall that you can wear to the recession in my case. I had a long wedding dress and a short wedding dress on my wedding day. The short wooden dress. I was wearing it for the photography session as well as the wedding reception. A short dress never fails a petite girl. Because when you’re wearing a short dress, it shows off your legs and the idealist. I would suggest is either me or a little bit of, Of course. You don’t want it to be too short. You know what, you don’t want a look of a clubbing dress? You do want to look elegant and appropriate for your wedding day, but you want to make sure it’s short well. Maybe your body proportion look better last, but not least the empire waist style. So you can call this a style or that you can call this a design because some of the styles. I mentioned earlier. They could also have empire waist design, and what is in Paris to so important for fancy women because as a petite woman proportion is the number one thing when choosing the wedding dress. I want to say that’s pretty much the most important thing when you’re choosing anything you wear. As a short woman, the wimpiest has a very much elevated wisline, which is much higher than our natural waistline. And that will make your legs look at least two thirds of your body and that is extremely flattering. If you are petite empire stress can also hide your tummy, which makes it a wonderful choice. If you are looking for a dress to hide her midsection or a maternity dress, There’s more videos that you will find helpful in your styling. Watch this video and let me know if you have more questions.