Wedding Dress Garment Bag For Travel | How To Travel & Pack Your Wedding Gown | Simple Tips For A Safe Transport

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How To Travel & Pack Your Wedding Gown | Simple Tips For A Safe Transport


Hi, everybody! Welcome back to my channel. I’m doing a video on how to pack your wedding gown today. I have many clients that are planning destination weddings or getting married, just a cross country cross state whether they’re packing the dress into their car or packing the dress to carry onto a plane. I’m going to show you today. How to package your wedding gown correctly? So you have less wrinkles than you need to put into it and it’s easy to re seam repress. When you get to your destination. You don’t have to worry about losing your address on the way either. First and foremost, you want to make sure that you’re not checking your dress Why it can get lost and the insurance on your ticket never covers the expense of the actual wedding guy who wants to replace the gown that they found that made them cry or made them happy. As May they imagine themselves walking down the aisle to their groom or bride. Long story. Short, let’s package your wedding on correctly. Let me show you how to do that. First vital thing is your hanger. You don’t want to be in a situation where your hanger breaks on you? Stores normally get their dresses on plastic hangers and that’s. How you get your dress if you’d like to get a wooden hanger, which is something that? I highly recommend request the store. Sell you one. We definitely always have them on hand to sell our brides. We actually customize them for our brides with that’s something that should request. This is a simple, something blue that we added for our brides so simple nothing to it, but it’s a safe wooden hanger heavy duty that can actually carry the weight of your wedding gown, and it’s not, which is very important because some boutique hangers actually don’t have a notch and that’s not gonna help you in this situation. So you have your wedding gown on the hanger, but how you hang? It is very important on the hanger as well. You want to make sure you’re using the straps of your dress? Not just not the actual caplets or straps that you’re wearing on your body, but the hanger straps. This is very important, You’re taking the weight off the dress straps, caplets whatever it is and not stretching them out by using these. These are put into your dresses for a reason you want to be able to use this properly. This has probably been tailored to your body, so make sure it’s it’s in the right place and it’s not falling off of you. So when you put money into that alteration, the last thing you want is for the dress to be sliding off of you because during flight or during transport you had hanging by those, so use these fingers. Steps is very important and also one thing that. I always recommend is that you double these up on the notches of your hanger. Why less chance of it falling off and this just reinforces? If your dress has these use them very important, you see all. The weight of the dress is hanging off these straps right here. Not on the caplets so important. So you have your dress on a hanger? Hang it up on the side. Let me readjust my camera for you, so you can see what? I’m gonna do next, so we’re gonna hang your dress someplace that we could function with it correctly. You’re gonna grab your garment bag. It’s important to have a cotton muslin garment bag. My wedding gowns. When you purchase a reorder dress or a brand new dress or something, that’s out of a higher price point. They come with these most stores. Sell these. We do sell them to clients. They’ll walk in off. The street need a garment bag. We also sell them on it for our clearance gowns. So what we do is we take pick out and we hang it up through the hole in that actual bag. What’s nice about this bag? Is that it’s cotton muslin? It’s breathable, So your dress is not yellowing in a plastic bag? This is very important and what’s nice also is that you can’t see through it. So your fiance or anybody else? They know it’s a wedding gown, but they don’t know what it looks like. That’s a surprise for the wedding day. Right, so here we go. We’re gonna tuck this dress in correctly. All dresses for most dresses have trains some longer some shorter. This one has a chapel-length train, which is a longer train. We’re gonna tuck away the top first, so we stick them into the top of the actual bag, and now we’re going to tuck away the skirt. Let me back this camera up a little bit for you, so you can see what? I’m doing so now we’re gonna tuck away. The skirt of the dress were gonna take the corner of the first side and tuck that in first into the corner of the bag. The bottom of the bag. Then we’re gonna fold this side side in as well. This is a ball gown. By the way, ladies, so it’s a full skirt. You have a lot of skirts to put into. I wanted to make sure you use the bigger dress for you. So you see how to tuck it away correctly, and if you use a smaller dress, then you’ll just know how to do it. It’s can be much easier. The Train is the hard part. It’s a most because what you have to do. Is you have to fold it up correctly now? I always recommend that you actually travel with your dress. I’m bustle so it doesn’t create a crease across the rear end of the dress. It’s just lower at that, and it’ll be easier to steam up because most the design is like in the center to the bottom. This is gonna be higher up, but not at the rear, so you’re gonna tuck it in by folding it gently into the by folding it into the actual back. Can you do that then? You straighten it out now. What’s nice about these bags that you have room at the bottom for your slip and your bra. If we need says you can transport everything in one bag. I do not suggest ever putting your shoes into the dress bottom. Whether you have a slim dress, a tiny dress or a full dress, two reasons one well because most shoes have sharp edges. And you don’t want the shoe to snag a dress, even if you put the shoes in a shoe box and the shoe box is in the dress bag. Boxes have sharp edges. You don’t want anything touching your dress that can snag it. So we’re not gonna put our shoes in here in a box or not in the box, but what you can’t put in here like I said, is your slip. Roll it up! Put it in the bottom. Good also point your bra if you have one inside the bottom yet what you’re transporting everything at the same time? I also like to package. My bride’s veils in here. Do these clips by the way you can purchase at your bridal shop that you bought your veil out something A website won’t offer you. What’s nice is that you can also put your veil in with the dress now. So where the hook of the hanger is is stick this right through that hole, and you attach it to the hanger and now we can zip it, So when you’re zipping the bag. You want to make sure you put your hand behind the zipper? If when you’re zipping it that way, none of the dress is getting caught. Neither will the veil very safe. Don’t want anyone else, dip this unless they know how to zip it. Zip it to the top and you are all set. Dress is packaged. So is your veil at this point? You can carry down like this, no problem. If they want to check inside, you, open it up yourself and you close it yourself. Remember to stick your hand behind the zipper? Always you can carry down like this, or you could fold it in half and then one more time. And then when you’re on the plane, you can put it into the overhead compartment very easily. It’ll fit or if there’s a great crew on your flight. You could also ask one of the flight attendants. I’m getting married. Would you mind putting this into your closet? Every one of my client that I’ve ever flown with their wedding gown was able to do that, but so you have two options. You can stick it into the overhead compartment or you can ask, but you want to great flight attendants that they could put it into their closets. And there you have it. Your wedding gown is safe. You can carry it around anywhere. This is a reusable bags. Cotton muslin, breathable, they’re safe. FAA approved, they’re gusseted. So all your goodies will fit in there. Remember not to pack your wedding gown with your shoes? Make sure you have a wooden hanger and make sure that you’re actually putting your hand behind the zipper when you’re zipping it up. Also big deal because this is going to actually rink a little bit, so don’t make your seamstress do a proper steaming at the end. She’ll semen out for you, but if you know you’re fighting with it, you’re traveling with it. You’re gonna have to Retouch them anyway. So don’t be a stickler about that because you’re gonna have to redo it anyways, when you get on site, whatever wherever you land wherever your getting dressed wherever your hotel or someone that, you know is gonna have to help you with that, so make sure you have arrangements set up for that so that someone could help you steam it or press it out properly. You don’t have to worry about the wrinkles. The day of your wedding hope this video helped look forward to seeing on my next one don’t forget to. Like and subscribe have a great day and safe travels [Music].

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