Wedding Dress For Pregnant Lady | Wedding Dress Shopping – I Said Yes To The Dress, Pregnant!

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Wedding Dress Shopping - I Said Yes To The Dress, Pregnant!


So what happy was? I already found my dress. I already went dress shopping with my mama and my sister and my cousins and one of my bridesmaids. I wasn’t even engaged when I went to go. Look at these dresses. I was pregnant and I knew the wedding was already being planned. I don’t know if yall are gonna be watching this video after before our like wedding video where I’m talking about everything that’s going on with the planning, but because we knew the date of our wedding and I still didn’t have a ring on my finger. I was like, you know, I’m just gonna go. Try on dresses and hopefully find something because we have. We’ve basically planning a wedding in like three to four months, and I know wedding dresses. Usually take a while to come in, so I went to go Try on dresses and I did find a dress. However, given my situation of pregnancy, it’s very hard to determine what my size is going to be at the date of my wedding because I will be about five to six months the day that I get married and Here I am trying on dresses still on a size like 0-2 so what we did was. We bought a dress size 12 okay. I know a lot of you are probably thinking. Why did you buy a dress in size 12 well? I was told that you’re supposed to get a dress. So many sizes larger than what you think you’re gonna be. So that way you get It altered down to fit your actual size. Well, everyone! I tell that to that story of me. Buying my size 12 It’s like you’re out of your mind. You’re not going to be a size 12 that’s ridiculous, so I called the place that I bought my dress. I asked them if they had any smaller sizes coming in anytime soon, and maybe we can go with that size and, of course, taking it from there so that the alterations wouldn’t be so in any way, that’s what we’re going right now. So these numeric measurements and because the days that we went to go look at dresses. I didn’t record anything. Don’t ask me why. I didn’t record any footage of any of my like fittings or trying on dresses or anything like that. I don’t know why I think we’re just living in the moment Was my first time looking at dresses for myself. I think I kind of wanted to have that experience with my family, but I still want to show you that some dress. Okay, so we’re gonna go. I’ll show you some dresses that I was thinking about. Getting some others and yall can kind of. Get you know what my plans are. [MUSIC] All right, so I got my dress from Pearl’s place. Bridal it’s in Metairie, Louisiana. So if you’re in the Greater New Orleans area, definitely check this place out because they have a time. I mean, a ton of dresses to choose from. They have so many different styles, something for all different body types, different designers that you can think of just beautiful, beautiful styles to choose from. They also have dresses for flower girls for mothers of the bride. Mothers of the groom. They’ve got bridesmaid’s dresses. Hello, there, yes. I did say yes to the dress. But today we’re gonna be trying on other styles that I may or may not have been interested in. Okay, so first up, I had a very romantic soft gown with some beautiful lace, and I almost immediately regretted putting the dress on, and you’ll see why this is why we don’t try on wedding dresses after you found. I had to hurry up and take it off. But this second dress is a very sexy strapless lace mermaid gown with some gorgeous tulle at the bottom [Music] [Music]. So I can still wear this if I wanted to show off a bump. The bump would be a little bit bigger. I’ve seen a lot of pregnant brides Baby Bop, So I love the sexy Look, But this one was a little more traditional. It was an a-line satin silk satin. So I don’t know I forget, But it was still a classic look very formal and just stunning. Oh, yeah, walk down the stairs with the buttons. Is this your personality like? Yes, You’re a princess, and you look like a princess, but is this you? I mean, you’re a princess, but I’m the Princess Dream dress. I love pockets when I tell you. Oh, that was an awesome surprise, but this one is a little more form-fitting a little more sexy, but I see it more as an outside type of dress. Oh yes. I can totally see this at the beach. You look pretty in all addresses. It’s not fair, It’s not fair belly. Yeah, alright, last dress. I promise we’re going all out with this massive ball gown that your maid of honor is probably gonna hate because she’s not gonna want to help you go to the bathroom in this dress. Absolutely not no, this can. This might be a girl’s. Yes, definitely. Yes, but this is, but if I am helping you throughout the whole day. This is mine! Don’t you dare get this dress! No, you have to be every 15 is a beautiful dress. Sparkle and then when I came in here, she’s like, oh, I know from experience. I thought you know she was, actually, so she knew about style. Either suggest you come in very early as you did. You didn’t have belly shoes before second trimester, right, Yes, our deck manager definitely recommend first trimester or after the baby because we won’t get exact measurements when the belly grows, and that was always bad because we don’t know we can’t guess we’re always first trimester or after the baby is born, and that’s been our thing is just like. I’ll be five to six months. Honey, just don’t. Yes, you know, and then you have to kind of go with a ball gown or a lion dress. Some brides want fit-and-flare or mermaid, and that won’t work because you can’t really guess the size. So you don’t want it to be your fault or the consultant’s fault, and then it’s just a bad situation. Yes, so what about those brides that actually do go with those tighter fitting dresses like what how do they go about? Getting will two things. I’ve actually had a bride who came in about five months. She was still very petite, however, who was still able to get the size of her because her belly wasn’t so big so we did get a good measurement for her, but she still wanted to stay with her size. Never stay with the size you are because you don’t know the size you’re gonna be after you had the baby. Yeah, so she had to get, Of course it is [Music]. Well, you know what the fine things that? I told him that we were coming in to possibly be that size 12 yeah, and after she took my measurements, he had turned out that [Music] [Music] [Laughter]. All right, you know, so there you have it. Five beautiful wedding dresses to choose from. I had my soft, romantic Look and the first dress I tried on the sexy strapless mermaid. Look, the princess pocket. A line dress, the beachy Lace. Look in that big, beautiful, sparkly ball gown. Let me know in a comment below. Which one was your favorite so far? No full disclaimer. None of these was my official wedding dress. But I just wanted to give you all a look into the different styles that Pearl’s place has to offer. But I’m telling yall again. They have a ton of other dresses to choose from, so definitely check them out. I’ll leave a link down in the description box below on where you can find them. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram at Reese’s Brazil’s because the wedding is coming up. And I want yall to see my real dress. Subscribe if you haven’t subscribed already. I love yall Besito and I’ll see you in the next video bye.