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Best Bridal Hairstyles You Dream About! New Wedding Hair Transformations


[MUSIC] Hello, everyone! Welcome to DIY every day channel today. We’re gonna learn how to make. Bridal hairstyles. This year crowns are dominating bridal hairstyles, classic updos and glam waves are instantly updated with a boho chic flower crown or intricate metal headpiece. No matter what your wedding style is a crown will. Have you feeling like true royalty on your big day? [MUSIC] The first one is traditional chignon on paper. The chignon hairstyle is possibly the easiest. You could do for a bridal hairstyle. You’ve done it hundreds of times yourself heading to the gym, so the basics are easy start by pinning the hair into a knot or a twisted bun at the nape of the neck or at the back of the head and secure with pins. [MUSIC] But the devil of a great chignon is in the detail. There are so many different variations of the style as you can see above and plates. We mean, the hair accessories really lifts a simple bun into something special. [MUSIC] The next one is accented ballerina bunny, a textured bun, like this one looks great with accessories like headbands and floral crowns. If you plan on wearing a veil, decide on the placement of your veil with your hairstylist to determine how high up on your head, you want the bun to sit finish with hairspray and keep extra body pins on hand to make sure your bun is secure, whatever may come. [MUSIC] [Music] all right, let’s move on Bridal ways. This classic look for an oceanside wedding also works wonderfully silly, back 3,000 actuals and vision and effortless, carefree look in photos, enhance your carrie’s natural texture with surf spray in rather large sections of hair around the iron. This do is perfect for outdoors because you’re embracing natural texture and keeping everything natural and loose. [MUSIC] [Music] let’s check before and after transformation wrap two sections of hair from around the face to the back to create a loose knot at half up. Look, it’s perfect for outdoors because you can still have the look of having your hair down without the chance of wind sweeping hair into your face. [MUSIC] with the growing trend for bridal braids and hair accessories. This classic look has been completely updated, and we rounded up some of the best half-up half-down wedding hair examples to inspire you. This style works great on every hair link from long hair to short, Bob. So don’t be afraid to ask your wedding hairstylist to try a half updo in your hair And a makeup trial. It’s also great with lots of wedding dress styles, so there’s no reason to dismiss it. [MUSIC] [Music] [Music] Dear friends don’t forget to subscribe to DIY everyday Channel. See you in the next video.