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Bridal And Bridesmaid Wedding Day Must Haves


Hi, guys, welcome back to my channel today. I am going to be doing another episode of the wedding series, and I am going to be showing you some of the things that I have gotten for wedding day as far as like shoes, purses, little cute makeup bags and those types of things, and also the things that I’ve gotten for my bridesmaids so far. So if you’re one of my bridesmaids, please don’t watch this. Okay, but I was gonna wait to do this until like after we were married, but if people go out and buy the same things who cares? I don’t care and that’s the purpose. I want you all to be able to find products and like the vendors that I’ve had great success with so that you can get good products for your wedding day because it’s not easy to find reliable Amazon and I see vendors and I just wanted to share the ones that I’ve had really good success with the only thing that I haven’t found so far are water bottles. And if you guys have any good vendors, please leave them down below because I’ve looked even to do them wholesale to have people that I know that have like the vinyl cutting machines to be able to make them, and I can’t even find the water bottles, wholesale and the reason. I’ve kind of held off on ordering them on Etsy is because I’ll find a really great deal. $10 a water bottle and then I’ll go to checkout and I’ll be left with, like, $30 shipping for only five water bottles. And you’re easily spending over a hundred dollars, so it’s. I’ll probably end up doing it that way, but I’m gonna exhaust all my options until that. So this is all of my things for wedding day. This is not Bachelorette stuff, so I can do a whole other video on that. And maybe vlog. A little bit of X. I think that would be super super fun to add to the wedding series because believe it or not, There’s only a month and a half until the wedding. And I want to share as much as I can with you in this wedding series so before. I keep babbling on. If you guys like this video or like this channel, please give it a thumbs up and subscribe. Please share this with any of your friends who are newly engaged or who are just looking for videos to help them because they’re thinking about getting engaged or if they’re in the same boat as me and they’re getting married fairly soon and they’re in crunch time, and they want to find good products. Alright, so one of the first things. I got as a gift for my bridal shower. I got like a few things, but this was so cute. I thought this is a really good idea. This is a wedding day travel jewelry organizer and it’s just as misses on it now. This was a gift, so I don’t know where it’s from, but this might be something that you haven’t thought about that. You want to invest in if you’re getting ready outside of your home and you know, either at your venue or your ceremony site and you really want to just kind of have something. It’s really, really nice. It has different pockets, so you could put earrings and bracelets. Whatever you’re wearing on your wedding day. And it gives you a separate little cute festive organizer to take with you. I just think these are the little things that add so much cuteness to your day also in that gift. I got this, you all know how? I feel about my makeup and, of course, like I’m getting my makeup done, but I always just especially on your wedding day. Just in case you look a little touch-up. This is so cute, and if you’re staying over or like the night before and the night after you’re gonna have to bring some makeup skincare or something with you. So this is the wedding day prep kit, and it’s a pretty pink bag. I can link that down below with I am oh! Sh Ioann usacom. So if you guys are looking for like, a cute makeup bag. These are also really good gifts. If your friends are getting married, and they want cute, festive things that you might not think of because you get to a certain point where you can only give so much cash and sometimes you want to add like a cute little gift in there with it so that they can have things that they would normally buy themselves, but they’re happy to have for that day. All right, so these are super cute these. I got from Francesca’s and they are mother of the bride and mother of the groom bag. So let me just open it up. Cuz it just slides right off. I actually haven’t opened them up yet, and I ordered them probably six months ago. So let’s see so this one is mother of the bride and it’s just white with gold writing, and it says mother of the bride, and then you can just fill it with their gifts that you give them, but it’s just a cute way to, you know, give the gift. If you want to just throw it in bag, they’re super festive, and then there the groom one is exactly the same so. I got this on Francesca’s comm. I got probably six months ago. They always have really good wedding things, so be sure to check that out. Don’t forget about the parents in the bridal parties. You want to make sure that you are giving them festive things and that you’re buying gifts for them, but I feel that I started buying the gifts super far in advance, because I knew that the time would come when the wedding was coming, and you have so many things to think about and little extras that happen. You have to pay for and you want to make sure that you have the extra gifts in tact for your wedding day. So a little bag. I haven’t finished, There’s a couple shirts that I’m looking to order for that. I’m and like other gifts, so I’ll do an updated final gift video when I am done by my gifts. I also have a bride’s man. So like I have a guy standing on my side, and I haven’t found his gifts yet, either. I want to make sure that they’re like, really nice and special, and that’s just really important to me. So when I find the right gifts for that as well. I’m gonna do a video on that because I know I’m not the first bride to have a, you know, Male friend, stand on her side, so I will share that with you as well. Alright, so we have two more gifts for myself or things that. I bought for myself for the wedding day, and then we have all the bridesmaid stuff coming off, so just hang tight. If you are waiting to see those things, but these are from my future mother-in-law. She surprised me and bought me these super cute shoes because I did not want our heels on my wedding day. I’m just I like to wear heels, but not often I’m more of a comfort type person, so I wanted a pretty flat and my dress is like an off color, so I really wanted it to be something that would match kind of nice. So these are Betsey Johnson Blue. She bought them for me. I got them in a size 8 and a half. That’s like the size that I I’m usually like an 8 or any in half, but I thought these were so beautiful like the way they sparkle and the light, and they’re pretty enough shoes where I could wear a flat and still take cute pictures and not feel dressed down, and it gives you your something blue, because you have blue bottoms, tears and being that my weddings like middle of November. I need to make sure that I have shoes. That are good to walk and snow or something if snow does happen, which I would not be mad because I love snow to a certain extent, but I just thought that these were super cute. They’re weather appropriate, and I don’t have to worry about slipping if it’s raining or snowing or whatever the weather may be that day. So if you guys are looking for these shoes, These are the Betsey Johnson Blue shoes and they’re just the flats. They came in the super cute box and it looks just like this. I love them! I think they’re so cute next. I have showed this before video. I believe, but this I got for our honeymoon. This is a cute little. Just Married Sun Hat. And I got this from Francesca’s. I ordered it as soon as I saw it online because I thought it was so cute, just married and it’s bedazzled and gold and gold is my favorite color. Most people like pink, purple, orange blue. I love gold! Gold glitter is my favorite color so. I just thought that this would be super pretty to have for the honeymoon. Alright, so next is my purse that I have for the big day. I forgot about this. So this is my purse. It is so pretty It’s a mix of sequins and beading and it, like every last detail is just perfect and it comes with a strap so that you can carry it like either way, depending on how you’re wearing it that day, but I absolutely love it. It’s from Francesca’s so you can look. I just thought it was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen, and as soon as I saw it, I had to buy it because I figured it would be the perfect wedding day purse. It’s kind of vintage looking like you can’t see it, but all of this is actual beading, and then this is the sequins, but the beading is just so pretty and detailed. Then it makes it look really really fancy and vintage, and it just gives it a very pretty look. Alright, so starting off with my bridesmaid’s things. I’m actually really excited to show you guys all of this fun stuff. So I ordered bridesmaid’s robes and this is from the vendor shop rose-gold rebel. So its rose gold rebel is the name of the acti shop. They sent us a little card, – what – tag for Instagram and stuff. But I wanted to show you guys mine, and then the one that I got for my girls kind of me like a little bit hard to show you, but let’s see they had them so nicely wrapped. And, of course I unwrapped them because I had to look at like two of them, but I’m gonna steam them. Of course, they’re little wrinkled, but this is mine, it says bride and gold, and then it does have the lacy like ends to them, so that’s what mine looks like, bride, and then it’s just super cute. You can’t see the level of cuteness, Then it’s on unless I actually put it on, but I’m kind of debating between this robe and one that my friend got me like two seconds after I got engaged, my friend Melissa brought over this cute robe, and I forgot that I had it hanging in my closet and it is so pretty. I believe it’s from Target if I’m remembering correctly and it’s just a simple white row, but it says bride with like a little diamond at the top and it’s in blue, and there’s just something so cute to me about that. So I am still debating if I want to be super matchy-matchy with like the lace or if I want to do my own thing and have a cute little blue writing, we will see. This was the one of my bridesmaids that I actually opened up. I had a hard time picking the color of the robe. I just wanted it to look pretty and kind of stay with our theme, but this is my one bridesmaid robe. This is actually the maid of honor, so it says maid of honor. And it’s navy blue. It’s more like a almost like a slate. Grayish navy looks a lot. Navy, ER, on the camera. And it has the lace, and it’s just super pretty. It even has lace along the bottom or such good quality, all of these so. I just wanted to show you guys. I ordered a bunch of them. And then they were only $15.99 A piece and the quality does not like the quality is amazing. You would never know because there are robots on there that go easily for 30 $40 a piece on. Otzi and I was extremely impressed. You could choose from so many different rope colors and you could choose from so many different writings like the color of the writing. So the maid of honor is so pretty in gold. I’m a gold girl. So whenever I get the option between silver and gold, I always go with gold. I’m just sitting here thinking about how the ropes are probably just wrinkling away in this box, so I’m gonna go hang them as soon as I get off camera so that when I go to steam them for the big day that they’re a little bit loosened up and not so crunched up in this box that I got them in, but I do have to say I’m extremely impressed and I would recommend the Rose Gold rebel on at sea time and time again I got these bags at Tjmaxx, and they just happened to be in mine, and they say bridesmaids and they’re just white and black, and they were $5.99 a piece and I bought them for everybody about them for my maid of honor My groomsmen on my side and I bought them for my bridesmaids, and I just thought they were super cute. They’re just cloth, bridesmaid’s bags. I could just throw their gifts in them and not have to worry about it for the rehearsal. They’re just literally carry them out the door like this and have all of their gifts, ready and in tow. If you guys are looking for bridesmaid’s bags, check tjmaxx. I mentioned them in my fall home decor video. So if you guys want to know more about them. Check out that video as well. Alright, so for my bridesmaids. I got some jewelry so far and I got these pretty three-prong looking bracelets, and I even put it on and show you guys, so it’s iridescent, and I think they’ll look really pretty with their dresses. They’ll catch the light and everything, so I thought those would be really gorgeous. And these are from Francesca’s and they retail for $18 apiece. So I bought these probably in January or February. I’m not going to lie, so I’m not sure that they’ll still be in stores, but they might possibly be, and I just think that they are so pretty. Alright, so I ordered these earrings. Amazon and I hit every intention of sharing with you guys. The vendors that I used for everything I am. Not going to share these earings vendors with you because I opened up and two out of four, were broken, so they are very pretty earrings. They’re exactly what I was looking for, and I’m not going to judge the fact that they were broken because things happen in shipping. I am no fool to that. I know that things get thrown around and it’s not the company’s fault. But I do want to show you guys the earrings. So they’re just simple, pretty drops. They have three different like jewels. All one, two three. And it’s not really showing you guys the gravity of the gold, but they are gold and they are super pretty so. I’m gonna figure it out whether I just don’t do anything and buy two new pairs of earrings. It wouldn’t be the end of the world, but I am a little disappointed that they came in broken, but it’s better that I know now and that night of the dinner when I’m packaging up everybody’s gifts, and I see that two of the girl’s earrings are broken, and I don’t know what to do, so there’s a reason. I did this video. There’s a reason I found out that they were broken now. So I’m just thankful for that. The very last thing that I wanted to show to You Guys was the fur shawls that I bought. I feel like half the reason I always knew. I wanted a November wedding or like a Christmasy wedding, Even though the week before Thanksgiving isn’t yet Christmas season. I feel nowadays. Christmas Music is playing the day after Halloween. And I always knew I wanted that. Christmasy, like super cold, pretty fall wintery wedding. It worked out where my found they’re like. Yeah, whatever you want. I’m very lucky in that aspect. Just I knew I’d have first off, and these are my most exciting things, and I got these pretty shawls. They look like this, so all my girls will wear them and it just wraps around your shoulders, and it’s so nice. It has like a silk overlay, and I got the exact same one for my wedding dress. This is what the first haul looks like, And I just feel like even though I’m wearing a sweater right now that this is so fabulous and fancy that I just would never like not buy this. There were only $15.99 And I will share the vendor with you. It is sold by EU on Amazon. So it’s D iyo u th and I will also link that down below. Because if you are having a winter wedding or you live somewhere cold, where you know, you’re gonna need some kind of shawl. I would want to go with this vendor because I think they have really great quality products, and I’m not disappointed at all with that being said. That’s the end of my bridesmaid’s gifts. I have so far. I have a couple other things that I want to pick up for them. We have like Bachelorette stuff that we still have to buy. I have water bottles. I still need to get and then my Brides man gifts and the more mother, the groom or the bride, father of the bride. I self to buy, so I have my work cut out for me. I’d like a whole list that I created the other day that I just have a lot of things that I need to do. I feel that this month and a half mark. All of a sudden you have to figure out all sorts of little things that you need done readings and like ceremony, things and times and you to do your seating chart if I could give one piece of advice at the end of this video because we are done is the fact that I would recommend number one not only numbering every RSVP card at the bottom like the bottom left hand corner do like one two, three four and have it match up with a Excel spreadsheet because I have gotten back a no-name RSVP, and it just saved my life because I knew exactly who it was and I don’t have to track anyone down. The second piece of advice would hit behalf people. RSVP, um, at least a month to a wedding, But I did a month and a week, so I thought that was really you helpful because I have most of mine now, and I still have like a month in three weeks until my wedding. So after next week, I will be able to start my seating chart and get all of that fun stuff done. Those are my two pieces of advice. I plan on doing a wedding series video every week until the wedding. So I’ll do one make up one lifestyle, maybe and then one wedding series because I want to share this experience with you guys and let you know every step of the way what’s happening until then, because we only have seven more weeks, so they’ll probably only be 7 more videos unless I throw a couple Bachelorette leg vlogs in there because I think that could be really fun as well and I could do a whole video on bachelor decorations shirts, all that stuff, too, when we have all of that settled, so I will share that with you as well. Now, my favorite thing is when people message me on Instagram or even on Youtube, and they tell me what they thought of the video, and it’s just my favorite, so be sure to LIKE comment. Subscribe, Tell your friends about this video and share this with any brides-to-be who might find this video helpful helps in any stage of the game Sure to share that with them. You guys so much for watching and I will see you all soon again in my next video.

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