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Purple Royal Wedding Cake With Gold Accents And White Flowers | Man About Cake


What’s up, guys? Welcome to man about cake. I’m your host, Joshua. John Russell. The royal wedding is upon us and sadly. I was not asked to make you cake. What I know, but I’m gonna make one anyways. So today we’re gonna build a seven tier american-style fruit cake, do–lets almond filling, finished with royal icing piping and tons of sugar flowers, so let us. [MUSIC] We’re gonna start by making our almond filling for the inside of the cake. The reason why I’m doing Almond Filling is because traditionally English style cakes are in robed in almond paste and then covered in fondant. I’m just gonna covered in fondant so the almond’s gonna go on the inside. So when you stop with the butter? That’s pretty excited for this episode you are. I finally get to break out my Michael. Caine impression. Get ready, guys! I’m Michael guy. That’s pretty good. Michael kite, Michael Knight. Can you say anything else? Our that guy’s great grapes. Great, great. [MUSIC] All right now we’re gonna add our almond paste, so there’s a couple different kinds of almond paste. You can get this. One is an almond, filling almond paste filling, so it’s a little bit softer or you can use almond paste. We just a little thicker. Yeah, like almonds. I don’t think they smell particularly good [Music]. Are you gonna top it with the comics? Oh, no! Oh, crunchy inside. Wouldn’t want a royal member of a family that chipper -. Wait a minute! Are you saying royal wedding cake? Yeah, they’re doing a rule wedding. No, that’s gonna be your wedding. [MUSIC] All right, so now we’re gonna run this through a sieve, so it’s a bit smoother a little out of time. There’s just some really big bits of almond in here. [MUSIC] suggest well. You got us all pumped up for this. Yes, and you’re throwing this party and we’re all going. Yes, okay. Do you want us to bring something? I was planning on bringing something. Tell me what you’re planning on bringing in. I’ll tell you if I want you to bring it or not. I was gonna bring some pizzas. No, it has to be like it. No, you need to bring like fish and chips or little tea sandwiches, no? I’m gonna have to change what I was gonna bring. What were you gonna bring authentic Mexican food? No authentic Mexican taco salad. You can bring like a beautiful fruit salad if you want. I don’t want to eat tea sandwiches and fruit salad. I was thinking about bringing some chicken wings. No chicken on my Snickers Perfect. Now It’s time to add our vanilla and our powdered sugar. Confectioner’s sugar. Oh, I call it English sugar. Danke, sure, sugar of Kensington. You’re not allowed to Minden sugar. Sorry already has a name beautiful. Let me give it a scrape. That’s good stuff. [MUSIC] That looks awesome. I’m gonna break down three ten inch american-style fruitcakes. So traditionally, English style. Fruitcake is really gross. Yeah, it just has like all these candied cherry thingies In it, and it’s weird and it last for years and years and years. So I Americanized it The same kind of idea you know where the recipe is, but it’s basically like better dried fruit like cranberries and blueberries, coconut, And then I soaked them overnight and whiskey. Look at that looks play pretty or right. You guys aren’t even know what English offered cake looks like [Music]. All right, we’re gonna fill this with our almond butter cream that we made, but I’m gonna soak it first with a little bit of simple syrup just to get some extra moisture in it. No, boozy, just sugar water. I have no idea I think that’s maybe the Queen of England, and this is the most interesting guy in the world. Then I’ve eyes, so I have no idea. I thought the shirt was funny. I don’t always eat fruit cake with the Queen When I do, I eat three of them. We’re gonna have to invite a lot of people to our wedding viewing party because this is gonna be a ginormous Boo so I can invite whoever I want. Yeah, do you remember the rapper? Chingy. Okay, let me see the list before my friend. Jordan is Jordan nice. Yeah, he’s pretty nice, okay. His sister, his sister’s boss. Ted’s a jerk? But it’s sort of like a combo deal. Okay, Darryl, from Walking Dead Zombie. He a zombie on the Walking Dead. Oh, he’s regular guy. Can he come and saw me makeup? Oh, cuz it’s fun. No, he’s a regular guy. That’d be weird. [MUSIC] I’m gonna get this guy in the cooler. They were only cut the side’s crumb coat Final coat, all right. I just got a couple more, know the answer, my Barber’s wife, Her daughter [Music] one more trip to the cooler like a fat baby. Oh, and there’s one more person. I wanted to invite. Is that cool? Do I know who I’m hoping you would bring your wife? Oh yeah. Rachelle will be there and then one more, okay. Michael Kite. I’m gonna cover the cake in this royal purple fondant. I’m going to roll it down to Brandon. Actually knows how to speak completely proper British. You do, yeah, yeah, haven’t asked him to say something in a British accent. Why don’t you say I really love butter? Oh, really, no, but, uh, see the proper. No, he’s from a different part than you’re familiar with. I’m from wherever Adele is use [Laughter] [Music]. Now we’re gonna make a decoration for the cake. I found this really awesome. Mold that kind of to me looks royal, uh, cuz. It looks like a crown. So first thing you got to do is roll our paste out. I’m gonna lay it over and well. Just push it in. So as you can see, they cut it away for us, but we do have to take out these little pieces. Now we’re gonna unmold it. So what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna pull it away from the sides all the way around, and we’re gonna turn it over. This is a great product to use on its own, but for me. That’s like a blank canvas, so I made one before so this one set up Just a bit and actually pearl dusted it, but I’m going to glue this one on with some royal icing all right now. I’m gonna do some piping on top of this. I’ve got a bag of royal icing with a very small star tip, so I’m just gonna pipe over all these cool little swirly things now. We’re going to do some freehand piping. I’m gonna show you how to mark this out, so we can make it as symmetrical as possible, but we’re gonna use the same star tip and then we’re going to switch to a round tip, so we’re gonna mark the cake with royal icing, spin it around and do one on the exact other side. [MUSIC] Now what I’m gonna do is I’m going to pipe a scroll, but it’s gonna be graduated, so I’m gonna start very, very small, squeeze, larger and larger and larger and then go back up to small. Now we’re gonna switch to our round tip, and I’m just gonna go in between and pipe graduated dots now. Well type dot smaller, So we’re going to my pipes in Florida. Lee’s so the last thing I’m going to do is make a little be loop. So now we’re gonna let this world ice cream dry. I’m going to bring back my other tier because that realized things probably dry by now, we’re gonna paint that gold. We’ve got a little bit of gold dust here that I’m going to hydrate with a little bit of vodka to make a nice paint [Music]. So two of the tears in this cake are going to be floral separator. So I’m going to use styrofoam. We’re gonna shove a whole bunch of sugar flowers into this. We’re gonna actually put some of these flat flowers against it, so it has some texture and then we’ll add the flowers to that. Just take a little bit of fun in our gum paste, Push down into our mold here, super easy. And then it pops right up, so I have a bunch of these made. All the flowers are going to be white, so we’re gonna do all the background and white as well. I’m gonna glue these on using royal icing. [MUSIC] All right now that I have big bin stacked over here. She really turned up. I went a little over ambitious, but it’s the rule winning. So I have my flower farm. Some of these flowers. I made some of them. I purchased you know me. I don’t like to make the little bitty ones, And then I have some leaves. So there’s no real technique to this. I’m just gonna shut flowers in to where they look nice. [MUSIC] For the final touch, I’m going to pipe a pearl boater around the bottom to tears. Our royal wedding cake is complete, and I think she’s super majestic, don’t. Forget, guys. If you want to throw your own royal wedding watch party crafts. He has everything you need. In the description box below while you’re down, there hit subscribe and next week we’re making a cake inspired by the House of Versace. A lets. Eat this guy. No, no, no, no, no, wait. What don’t you want all this stuff? We’re bringing to the party too. Yeah, okay, first! I’ll give you my card. Your imitation, not your card. Josh, sorry, I ran out of room. Okay, first of all that’s unacceptable. Let’s see what’s here rule. You can’t cross it down an invitation. This is the royal wedding. James J. Jr’s house May 19th 8:00 pm. Don’t. Bring taco salad, thank you. Oh, chicken wings hats provided cake. It’s who they are, please, please. RSVP to what you got. Leave a phone number. Oh, who’s next? Oh, it’s kind of its kind of weirdly beautiful. English people like fancy hats and just play with it on my like this. Are you guys enjoying the party and the cake, all right. Brandon, now you give his head. Brandon, it’s gonna be a real tongue. Show sure here we go. Hey, dude! These are actually really nice. Brandon’s a Renaissance. Man, look at this. What did you really do this? Oh, yeah, all right, so. Brandon wins. Yes, and Tommy. You have to wear that hat to the party. Okay, you made it. Come on, alright, let’s eat. I feel like royalty like a royal chicken. My hope kind, you know, a cookies called a biscuit. A lot of people knew like that whole country knows table is crazy. This is a good fruitcake, Not like one of those who pass back and forth every year at Christmas. Then you give me this fruitcake. Shake close. Oh, no, it’s a new one brand. New recipe shows up in the mail and was a shoe box. Oh, let the shenanigans commence, do it? Oh, that was an awful bit of shopping. [MUSIC].