Wedding Cake Looks Like Bride | Bridal Dress Cake By Reema Siraj.

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Bridal Dress Cake By Reema Siraj.


I was quite certain about what I’m going to make. When cake talks? Oman invited me to contribute a showpiece. My name is Rima Suraj! I am a Dubai based designer. My fondness of mediums, such as these perms and fabrics is what drew me to the idea of constructing this life-size dress. I was inspired by easier at Makaha fashion designer from Beirut. I’m mesmerized by his eccentric fabrics and unconventional beading styles, so I pursued through his 2018 and nineteen wedding dress collection. All the details in the dress were to be entirely handmade. I began by crafting the Englishmans one by one starting with the delicate flowers made with faithful paper centered with edible pearls. It was a tedious task of hand, crafting over 2,400 individual wafer paper flowers to create these gorgeous. Couture down [Music] [Music] Lanes was the main feature of this cake with over 3,000 individual lace flowers, covering almost 90% of the entire dress each flower that formed the lace design had to be individually cut and positioned on the dress in an orderly fashion. [MUSIC] Next was the physical structure of the cake. The fact that it was a life-size wedding dress meant that this was something challenging for this gown blocks of rice crisps were shaped and used to create a stiff base and enhancing the 3d effect of the gown. The finishing details of the dress were just as important as the main features as these are the touches that often differentiate between a designer gown and a high-street one. The pearl buttons on the back of the gown were 94 in total lining almost the full length of the dress each hand made using balls of fondant fastened into another 94 fondant grooves. [MUSIC] The reason I decided to document, this was so you can experience this beautiful journey and to inspire you to try something new. This is a race to all the cake artists out there who work restlessly to create masterpieces every day. [music] you [Music]!