Wedding Bands To Match Halo Rings | How To Pick A Perfect Wedding Band For Your Engagement Ring?

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How To Pick A Perfect Wedding Band For Your Engagement Ring?


Hi, everyone! Amy from Bragg’s today in this video. I’m gonna talk about how to find the perfect wedding bang for your engagement ring. I have some different options here for you to show you some of the things that we can do. Let’s say you have the ring like this. One, which is more significant with the larger center side and big halo around it with some larger diamonds. Something like that. I really don’t think you need to add a wedding band to it like I try so many different wedding bands with my ring and none of them would look good, so I think sometimes just having a ring by itself, but it will look a lot nicer than adding everything back to it. I have another set to show you. This is from Christopher Design. The side. The diamonds on the side has a very unique setting. The way this the diamonds are set are very, very unique. So on something like this, It’s a lot nicer. If you get the exact matching from the vendor, so let’s say you’re getting a designer and your site. Diamond has a very particular design, so it’s a lot nicer if you get the exact matching from the designer, so your self looks complete. Something which is very trending between celebrities is the solitaire and when it comes to solitaire, what’s really nice is to add a very significant, nice, larger eternity band, which most of the times people choose fancy cuts like emerald cut. Asha, cut of all marquees and added to the Soul Eater. So let’s say and always they say you have to wear the band first to be closer to your heart. So if you add the band, you just put a really nice band makes your soul eater. That’s it so this way if you don’t want to wear the solitaire by itself that the band is also really nice, so this is something that a lot of people are doing recently. I have another set to show you. It’s from the, UM, cover. It’s very detailed. Has a lot of design has a lot of details. So on something like that. I think also the best would be to get the exact matching one from the designer again. – so with your set. You know that way? It looks it looks very complete and nice, and they look really nice together. Another option that it’s also very trending is if you’re getting a thin band with the center diamond. A lot of people do a stackable. Look which they add like different shapes of band. They just had it ad next to the ring. I’m gonna try that for you, so let’s say if you’re wearing this one, so here’s another one, and then you’ll add another one. You can add even one more. You see a lot of these pictures on Pinterest, Instagram that people are bearing their engagement ring with stackable. Look, this is, this is also very trending. It’s it’s very beautiful. If you don’t wear your engagement ring these fans on the other hand, it makes it into a right-hand ring. If you wear those together. And then we have one more band that I want to show it to you. This one believe it or not, is our number one seller in the entire store. I think we sold this ring more than 50 times. It’s unbelievable right now. I’m out of stock in the white coat, but I have it in yellow gold, but we always have it in stock, so this one will be called a curve band, so it’s a slightly curved on top, so this one it almost fits. I would say 80% of the engagement me so anything you wear because it has a little bit of curve. If you add this spot to it, it just makes it. You know, look perfect because it has a little bit of curve. So if you have some diamonds sticking out on any side, this will come out a little bit, and it fits really nice on the ring, so I would say almost 80% of the ring that we have in stock or customer comes and they want to buy it back for it. This particular band fit, so this is. This is a magic compact that we have in stock and it’s always fit to all the Rings. So for some reason. This is a very popular band. I think that’s it for today. I will talk to you guys soon again again. If you have any question, please feel free to text me or call me at nine, four, nine, two five zero and nine nine for nine or visit our website at Wwwengvidcom, okay.