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Wedding Dress Shopping | $-$$ | Bolee Bridal | Pronovias | Rosa Clara | Watters


Hi, everyone, I am. Gigi Grid. Welcome to my channel. How are you today~~? If this is you, click on my channel at once. I got engaged recently. But because of the epidemic? When will the wedding be held? So I decided to do something. I plan to make this Youtube channel. Focus on the subject of wedding dress trial yarn and my goal is. Try more wedding dresses. Hope to help everyone. Find your perfect wedding dress more targeted. If you are planning a wedding Or you like to see beautiful skirts. Welcome to subscribe to my channel. Then Today’’s content is about to begin~. I’m going to a new store tomorrow. It’’s Bolee Bridal He’s in Sunnyvale, Northern California. I’m on the computer now. Preparing for tomorrow’s trial yarn Before general yarn testing, I will go to the shop’s website. Browse their website. Go find the dress. I like Screenshot save. Then when I arrived in the store, I just show the clerk the picture on the phone. I think it’s easy. Use this way. They can directly understand what I like. For this shop, I’m going tomorrow. His name is Bolee. I found him because I searched for Pronovias this wedding brand online. That is a Spanish brand. I am very excited. Let’s see how the yarn test is going. I just filled out a questionnaire. Ask when is the wedding? I don’t know, I also asked what version I like. Then they went to get the skirt for me to try.