Vintage Wedding Cakes With Lace And Pearls | How To Make A Vintage Wedding Cake! (challenge)


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How To Make A Vintage Wedding Cake! (challenge)


[MUSIC] Hi vintage dolls! It’s Emeline, So I’m really excited for today’s video. We are throwing it back to baking. I have been getting a lot of requests to do some baking videos, but today’s video is going to be extra fun because it’s not only baking, but it’s also vintage. So you guys really liked when I went to the antique store and tried on vintage wedding dresses. If you guys haven’t seen that video, I’ll put it up in the cards and also put it in the scripture box down below. But you guys really seemed to enjoy that, so I thought it would be fun to try to make a vintage wedding cake, but in one of my old recipe books, I found a recipe and basically a whole guide of how to make a vintage wedding cake, so we are going to try to tackle this today. I’m not sure how it’s gonna go. I’m hoping for the best I haven’t done baking in quite a while, especially like decorative work. So this is gonna be really interesting so this morning. I went to an antique shop and I basically just showed you guys. Everything that you need for it. So we are going to go cut to that footage right now. Tada, okay. You guys look how cute this recipe book is. I am so excited like this is actually making me really excited to bake right now, but I mean, look at the pictures inside. They are so stinking cute. How adorable and then this one. This one is very extra and it’s huge. I don’t know how big mines gonna be because the only cake pan I have. Is this one? So I figured I’m trying to, like, figure out how to make this? So you need about four of the same size. So I think I’m going to use this. This is the will in six inch pan. I think it’s like six by two, so I’m gonna do that for these, but I’m gonna go to Michaels and buy another one of them, so this will be like the four bases, so it’s up one two, three, and then that’s a fourth one and then for the top, I might just use this and then just like cut out a smaller piece that way. I don’t have to buy a second cake pan because I’m really not baking that much. Don’t want to have to buy some extra stuff. Holy cow, you guys! This needs seven packages of white cake. Mix six packages, fluffy white frosting mix 4 pounds of confectioners. Sugar, that is a lot, but what? I’m most excited about is this So when the antique star that I always go to, they always have adorable wedding cake topper. So I’m gonna go take you guys along right now, and we’re gonna go pick out a wedding cake topper for this cake and I’m so excited. I cannot wait to make this. I hope it comes out, okay, and hopefully this is not a fail video. Okay, you guys, we have made it to the High Park antique center, so lets. Go inside and see what we can find. Give this one, which is super cute. It’s a little big, but I could definitely work Also found this one, which is like it’s probably bigger than the other one, but it’s so cute because this little thing like moves on it. And I feel like it’s so adorable. Okay, there’s also this little one. Look how cute this is! This is like a pink little case and everything it is. Oh, cute has a little fighting. Oh, my gosh, and there’s also this cake topper. This one is so cute! I can’t decide now which one to use. Alright, So I decided I’m gonna put this one back. I really like it, but I think that it’s kind of like hard to see from. I mean, from this angle, you can see it. Well, but I think it’s on the cake. It might be kind of hard to see because I had six so much going on. So we’re gonna go with the other one. I totally forgot to bring my blog camera into Michaels, but like I said, I had to get another one of these cake pans. So I the cake pan. I got disposable decorating bags. We could got the 104 tip. I got the number 10 tip, which is just a round one. And then I got a coupler. This is so weird because I feel like I haven’t done this in so long. So I’m kind of scared, but we’ll see how it goes. All right, so I just got home. I feel like this looks like it’s like a Betty Crocker and sponsored video, but I just got everything that it said to get, but I got less amounts of it because it said to get seven boxes of cake mix and six packages of frosting. But because my cake is going to be a lot smaller than this one. This one also you guys can see. They did like three layers so. I’m not gonna layer mine, so it’s just gonna be like a smaller cake because realistically, like why do. I need to make a huge wedding cake. I just don’t want to waste food. So this is the amount of everything I got, so I’m just gonna get started on baking all this [Music] also, I wanted to mention every single time I use Pyrex. I always get these. Pyrex police coming after me, saying not to use my vintage bowls because this scrapes it, but I don’t like push this down. I don’t let it touch the bowl, and my bowls have no damage to them. I’m one of those people that like if I have something that’s old and vintage. I like to use it and appreciate it rather than having it. Sit on a shelf and just going to waste, alright? The cake batter is all done. Oh, my gosh, you guys! This smells so good. I feel like I’ve not baked a cake in so long. I’m gonna be a little bit of a process baking since I do only have two of these, so I’m gonna have to like, you know, keep going in out of the oven with these, but we shall see and I’ll see you guys [Music] all right, so I would start my dance party with Wilbur. But the oven is now seeping, so it is time to take these cakes out, and then we’re gonna put the second ones in, so lets. See if these are done. Wow, they got so tall, all right. I just took these two cakes out, so I’m gonna let them cool for a second then. I’m gonna put them on a cooling rack and then put the next two loads of batter in and then bake those. All right round. Two of cakes are going in, so I have the cakes and I basically just put it on a sheet of this paper because I don’t have a any sort of like pan or plate. That’s gonna be able to be big enough to hold all this, so I’m just putting it down on this. So basically what you do is well. What the book says to do is put each piece of cake, so it’s like three like this, and then this piece goes on top, and this is clearly like a very flat cake. It’s not super tall in the book. What they did was they did like three layers, so like this would. This one would probably be up to here, so the cake realistically should probably be this tall but like. I said I just don’t want to be super wasteful with all of this, so I’m just making a mini version of it so next what we have to do is put the next layer on here, which I’m gonna have to cut out. So basically, I have this. I’m just gonna probably cut it out with, like a cookie cutter or something like that and then place that on top normally when I would make cakes like for actual people, I would layer like level these so that they’re not like kind of round at that top, and that way each of them is even but because this is just a, you know, whatever, a little cake I’m not gonna do that, especially because they’re all already like so small. Now what it does for the frosting is, it says, and then makes you repair one package of frosting, and it says to add half a teaspoon of almond extract if desired and such a transfer into a large bowl and blend two cups of sifted confectioner’s sugar and I’m assuming that can suck confectioner sugar should hopefully make the frosting thicker because every single time I’ve ever tried to use one of these types of frostings to frost a cake. It turns out horrible, especially because these are super runny. So when you try to pipe with them, it’s such a mess, so I’m really not excited for this. But hopefully the confectioner sugar will make it thicker. I guess we’ll see what happens. So here is the frosting. I added in the confectioner sugar and it definitely made it thicker, But now I guess it’s time to frost this. I am so scared I feel like the cake is going to crumble because that’s usually what happens when you use box cakes, but we’re gonna see. I think that I’m gonna go against the directions and actually just use one of these cans first. Because I feel like because this is so thick. I feel like it’s gonna like, pull out the cake too much, so I think I’m going to go with this for the first layer. [MUSIC] What? I’m going to try to do right now is I’m going to attempt to just kind of outline the tops of the cakes. If you guys can see this like little designs of them. I feel like I should have gotten a she’ll tip for that, but I just didn’t. I don’t know, I don’t know, I wasn’t thinking, so we’re just gonna use this tip. Which is the number 10 tip to make like little marks on the outside. This is what the cake looks like frosted. I know it’s not the prettiest, but I feel like we can kind of jazz it up a little bit with the frosting and make it look a little fancier. Ah, okay, we’re just gonna keep going with it. Everything’s gonna be fine. I feel like the cakes kind of melting. Though, because it’s like warm, store-bought frosting is terrible to decorate with, but it’s okay. I’m gonna just keep going with it. Oh, my gosh! This looks so bad. Oh, my gosh, okay, so what? I’m doing is I put confectioner’s sugar on my finger and I’m basically just hitting all of these little spikes, and it helps to push all them down and then the confectioner sugar helps to make sure it doesn’t stick to your hands. So this is the cake. Oh, my god, she writes in so bad. So this is a cake. Um, now we have to add some designs to it. I feel like the the tips that I got. We’re way too big because I just I didn’t realize how tiny the cake was actually gonna be so. I feel like the tips that I got are gonna be really hard to decorate the cake with. Hey, you know what? I feel like the flower actually looks kind of cute. I think if I were just to put a bunch of these flowers like all over the cake. I think it we could save it. [MUSIC] So I have a bunch of these white pearls. I’m gonna try to somehow a salvage it with adding the pearls. You guys, this is the cake. Oh, my gosh! I’m gonna put the cake topper on it in hopes that maybe it makes it a little better. So I’m gonna give this cake A 4.5 out of 10 Here’s here’s what I think. I think that the cake would probably look a lot better if I actually made it the correct height, so it would be like huge. I also think that it would be a lot better if I didn’t use the Box recipe. Because the cake was very crumbly. The frosting was super messy, and it’s not great. It’s probably not even good, but I don’t think it’s horrible. I think it’s kind of cute. It’s kind of a collective. If you guys try this out, then definitely it tag me in your pictures because I would love to see your recreations. I think the wedding cake, topper. Though, is what made this thing all just so amazing, but if you guys enjoy this video, and if you guys want more vintage wedding types of videos, let me know and give me some ideas of what you guys would like to see but. I hope you guys are all having a lovely day and they give me so much for watching. I’ll talk to you next time. Bye [Music]!