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Valentino Rockstud Unboxing | Wedding Shoes


Hello, everyone for today’s video. I have a wedding / luxury shoe unboxing. So as you know by the title. I bought my wedding shoes. I’m so excited! I have one of these to be my wedding shoes for since we got engaged. I knew what I wanted as my wedding shoes. The thing is is. I wanted shoes that I would. I wanted some beautiful shoes, but I wanted to wear them again. I do want to spend a lot of money on shoes that I’m gonna wear once because there’s a lot of things that you only spent money on once like your dress, your flowers, all the other stuff and the shoes. I thought you know what I really want to be able to wear these again and to get good value from them. Here they are, they are from flannels. I witnessed or I tried them on. I fell in love and I bought them. They’re in there because I was like you know what they are beautiful. And they are from Valentino and they are the Valentino rock studs. Oh, my goodness! I’ve voted these for ages and they are beautiful. So they reach her at 640 pound. I didn’t pay as much as this I got discount, which was very, very kind of my friend’s. Brother gave me discount, which is very nice of him so yes, which made them even better, but these do retail at 640 pound. Come in a beautiful bread box. I can’t wait to wear these. I’m gonna wear them in around a half. I say wear them in dough, Ready to wear the men, probably not, but you know, I want it. They are comfy, though, so I’m not concerned about comfort levels. You’ve got the little card here. Here is the little canvas bag for the shoes ease. We have two little pouches. This has it some extra steps in. And then this has some extra keels. Oh, my goodness, these are beautiful, so appreciate the color, and I was kind of torn between getting. I was gonna get like white or cream or ivory, but I kidneys are beautiful because these are more wearable afterwards, and also I just think they look nice. I think they’re great for the wedding scene. So yeah, here they are. They are gorgeous! I think the color is something like water rose and is the pink. And then you’ve got this beautiful kind of nude dusky so here. They are absolutely stunning. I love them! So this is in the paintin as you can see. It’s beautiful, shiny. It’s so soft, but then this is also in a matte leather, and I think the contrasting is so nice because I was originally gonna get them in just the pale pink. It wasn’t this. It was actually in the matte, and it was kind of all over one color, but I actually love the contrast the heel isn’t that high This is probably my lowest heel that I own, and normally I find it harder to walk in lower heels because I’m so used to wearing high heels, but these are so easy to walk in. They’re so comfortable when I tried them on. I had the pop shots of my feet. Didn’t move slightly, but I wouldn’t be wearing these with any pop socks, and I tried the one since at home and they are perfect. They are brilliant, so I’m normally a size 7 I did size down for these. I had to go for a six and a half so just to be aware if you do purchase them, I would recommend going half a size down in this style, There’s another style! I tried on and actually a size. A size six-and-a-half was actually too big and then a size six was too small, but this style. I’ve sized down. They’re beautiful but, um, yeah. I love that I’m so glad I went for the contrasting colors. I’m so glad I went for it in the Paintin. I just think they’re so elegant and pretty. The studs are beautiful. I’m so so happy with them as you can see. Oh, my goodness! I love the straps on them. These fit perfectly. There is no excess gaping on these bits at the front because I’ve had some before, and these bits can be a little bit loose, but these just fit perfectly. They fit really nice on the side. I have quite narrow ankles. However, they have a, um, how that goes up to here and I was like, oh, no, if I need an extra, I can’t make it, but actually, it’s got the hole is actually tight enough for my ankles, which is perfect. They’re just standing. So these are my wedding shoes. I’m very excited to share another wedding related item with you and also to unbox these and show them because I wanted these shoes for the longest time, and they also have these in this cutout with the coat. This kind of like nudie this nudie? It’s like on almost like a nudie, dark blush color, so they have it in this nudie color and the black, but all in matte, and it’s they are beautiful. I’m very tempted to go back and buy them, but yeah, they’re beautiful. So they are my wedding shoes. I can’t wait to wear them. I’m so excited to have these in my life and have them in my shoe collection. So, um, because we’re getting married abroad, having a destination wedding, but we’re gonna be spending two weeks there and having lots of fun times with our family and friends, so I’ve been able to wear these for, like evenings out while we’re down there, which I think is really special. I can’t believe these are my wedding shoes. I currently to wear them on the day that I get to marry Erin, so I’m really excited. If you have any questions, let me know down below in the comments, and I think that’s everything, so give it a thumbs up if you enjoyed it. Subscribe if you like to see more luxury videos from me, but also some more wedding videos and Ill. See you in my next video. Thank you so much for watching bye. [MUSIC] [Music]!

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