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Wedding Veil Lengths, Edges, And Styles | Veils 101


Hi, guys, Kevin. Elizabeth and Stacy, Of course. Here as usual with me and today’s video was requested by one of you that we talk about the different lengths of veils, but we’re gonna go another step further than that, and we are also gonna show you guys The different edges that veils can come in, and even one that doesn’t even have an edge just has a whole lot of cool stuff to it, so we’re gonna get into everything you guys need to know about veils. [MUSIC] You look so beautiful! Is it weird since you didn’t even wear a veil for your wedding? Yeah, I did not wear a veil on my wedding day, mostly because my gown was so like extra that wearing a veil wasn’t weird. I don’t think I could have found a blue veil. Maybe I could have whatever I was like. It’s got a lot going on. I don’t need one so this is really weird. [LAUGHTER] I just never worn a veil before you look so nice, but this is one of our shorter veils. So is this one 30 inches? This one is 36 36 so this one is like the elbow length. Yes, so it’s slightly a little bit longer, but kind of for like the tall people. This is the elbow length and then so this right here is a ribbon trim, so just kind of very soft. This is a ivory ribbon trim, very simple. It’s more of a circular cut, so it’s not super wavy through the sides, So it kind of frames the body going forward really nicely. Yes, so this is about as short as you would want to go 36 inches now before you hit like a bird cage. Bail, Yep, which I don’t even think we have one. No, we don’t have one. Um, they’re beautiful. They’re just kind of a lot of maintenance to keep in the store and they get tangled on everything. Yeah, they’re they’re very vintage, so like. If you’re a super vintage bride, I’m sorry, we don’t have a bird cage jail for you, but you can probably find some really beautiful ones on Etsy. That’s where I would recommend those. Um, they’re just not super popular. I think we probably get maybe two requests a year for them. Yeah, that’s that’s the most I’ve ever heard. Um, so this is 36 inches and then I will go ahead and switch into a little bit longer. One, which is around 50 inches. You guys can see the difference, okay, So, for this 50 inch bail, We have zoomed out about as far as we go. So the top inch of Stacy’s head is cut off. Just ignore it, all right, so this one. It is kind of in between, like a fingertip and a ballerina length, so the fingertip normally will like, stop right here, so it’s a little bit longer. This is still more of like that circular cut, so not the crazy like waves in cascade. This one, it is a pencil stitch, so it’s really, really small. Kind of just gives it a little bit of a finish, but it’s not quite as bold as the ribbon, and so this one is 50 inches and then keep in mind, depending on how tall you are. These are going to hit you in different heights. Yes, if you’re taller, it’s going to hit you shorter. If you’re a little thing, it might be on the floor. Yes, so for reference, I am 54 and I have longer legs and a shorter torso, which has always kind of made me sad. I wish I had more torso to stretch out. What is in the middle? But I don’t, so it hits me. I would say a little bit slightly below. Maybe right, right at my knee. Maybe a little bit above my knee, but if you have a longer torso, which I’m very jealous of it might not go so far on you. So that is I would say, like our standard like fingertip length. This is like pretty much. If you don’t want a crazy long cathedral, this is the most popular language. Yes, and I would say like if you’re a really petite bride, so maybe even with heels. You’re only gonna hit five one. Five two that 36 inch might be a really good option for you. This might like the 50 might hit the weird point for your little cute petite body. Um, so go a little bit shorter with your veil. If you’re very petite, um, and then some designers, too, they will let you customize the length. So if you love this, but you wish it was like 40 like 45 inches. Some of these are made locally and then so it shouldn’t be a problem. Yeah, so a lot of options with this. Um, so also, the final, like length of normal veils would be a cathedral length. We don’t quite have the space to show you what that would look like on me, but I’ve got so many photos that I will be putting on this audio right now that you guys can see so what we’re going to do Next Is we are going to show you up Close veils, uh, for each different like type of edge that there is, and then we’ll end the video in one of my favorite veils, which doesn’t have an edge, but it’s really, really cool, and I really love it. You should buy it from our boutique, so let’s go ahead and show you guys the up close edges, so this is actually a veil that we make at our boutique and it is a raw edge veil, meaning that it literally does not have an edge so instead of having like a ribbon or a different fabric or a bead. It is literally just raw tulle on the end, which is really great for brides who want a veil, but don’t want it to overwhelm their gown. So somebody who wants something really simple. I don’t want to say plain because plain sounds bad, but just really easy, simple. This one’s pretty dramatic because it’s long, but what’s nice is that it won’t compete with any of the design in your dress. Yes, so that is a raw edge veil, so this veil right here is a pencil edged veil, and it’s got a very, very small amount of fabric on the edge, so something a little bit more than the raw veil, but still really subtle, so you can still have this not overwhelm your gown or just really fade into the background because it’s very, very, very small and subtle. This fail here is actually a ribbon edge bail, so you can see it’s thicker than the pencil, and it gives a little bit more of an edge to the veil, so this is really soft as well. It’s still fairly simple, but it’s just a little bit more punch than the raw or the pencil edge. This is an organza edge to the veil, so it’s almost the thickness of the ribbon veil that we showed you, but this is a more sheer organza type material. We went into the ins and outs of organza in one of our more recent videos about gown fabrics, but this is something that has a thicker edge to it, but since it is a little bit transparent, it doesn’t have a hard edge, so the edge is really just a fade out of the tool of the veil still really light, ethereal, airy and dreamy. This veil is actually our beaded edge veil. It is called glitter dance and it’s by Justine M. Couture, very different from the fabric edge veils. This one is going to have a little bit more weight to it. It’s going to have a little bit more shimmer and just something if a bride wants a little bit more of a bling, look to it. This is a great veil for her. This is our newest veil by Justine M. Couture called the bonbon veil and it is beaded, but it’s a series of much smaller beads than the glitter dance, So it’s a little more soft, and I would say it’s more dainty of a beaded veil, So this one is really fun. Our brides have been really loving this in the cathedral and the fingertip links. This here is our Belles veil by Justine M. Couture and it’s really cool because it has a series of pearls and little rhinestones around it. So when you have this as a cathedral length veil, you get this really really beautiful touch of these different stones on your veil that are still not going to overwhelm your gown but are just going to add a really fun touch of texture to the overall look of the day, and this would be a really cool veil to work with as a photographer when photographing the bride’s details her shoes, her invitations jewelry to have this to lay alongside would be really cool, So I love a textured veil when I’m photographing weddings and I think that this one is just very classic, very feminine and so stunning, so this here is actually a very different veil from everything we’ve shown you, because unlike the other veils where you could really pair them with almost any dress that you choose. This veil really needs to be paired with a gown. That’s got a similar fabric, similar lace style. So when you get to these more embellished veils a lot of times, they will match a gown. This is on the more simple side of the lace edge veils, where it could still go with a variety of gowns and up next. We will show you some of the veils that are really just made to go with very specific gowns because of their pattern. So here we have a beautiful Martina Liana. This is a very embellished veil, meaning that this won’t go with just any dress you find. It’s meant to really go with Martina gowns that match this lace or if you could find a vintage wedding dress that had a similar. Look, this would be great, so this is for brides who want not only their gowns to make a big statement, but also their veil. So it’s something like this. It is not simple, it is the opposite of simple, and if you want something super extra and really ornate, like this really very embellished veils are going to be great. They are going to be on the more costly side of veils, maybe around 700 and on up depending on the designer. But super worth it. If you want a veil, that is just going to be absolutely striking, okay. I hope you guys enjoyed all those different edges. It’s definitely a really big world in the world of veils. There’s so many options you can choose. You can go from extremely plain to like, really crazy, super embellished. It’s really up to you and what suits your gown and your vision. So what we are going to end with is one of my favorite twigs and honey Bails. I am obsessed with this fail because she is so unique. It looks incredible on brunettes where you have that gorgeous contrast of the white flowers and the gold. I love this veil. This bail would go really well with a beautiful, sleek crepe gown, something a little bit more on the plain side because you don’t want it competing and to have this in a flat lay photo of a bride’s details like I would die. I’d be so happy like I would take so many pictures of this fail, and what’s cool about this fail is that it does have a blusher. So a blusher is that part that goes over the face, traditionally where the bride’s father or the groom would pick it up at the front of the aisle and then unveil the bright space. Blushers aren’t super common these days, but some brides do ask for them, and if there’s a veil that you find, that doesn’t have one, you can always ask the stylist. If the designer is able to make that veil with a blusher, it will add an extra cost, But if you want that blusher, good thing to ask so this is make sure that when they flip it back, it looks proper. Yes, you can get it all the way back hanging and then your whole ceremony. The photos are like So This is again A Twix and Honeybell. We have this at the white flower so fun. I love anything with gold in it. And just the floral detail is exquisite. So this has been our veil video and we’ll have Stacey. Turn back around to say goodbye. Thank you guys so much for watching this video and we’ll see you next time. [music] you!