Unique Groom Gift Ideas From Bride | Wedding Gifts For Groom, Parents, Bridesmaids, & Flowrr Girls | Heartfelt & Practical Gift Ideas

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Wedding Gifts For Groom, Parents, Bridesmaids, & Flowrr Girls | Heartfelt & Practical Gift Ideas


Hey, guys, and welcome back to my channel. So for today’s video. I am so excited because today I’m going to be going over the gifts that I got all the people that are a part of our wedding. So, um, I am going to be going over the gifts that we got our parents as well as what. I got my bridesmaids. Even though we’re technically not having bridesmaids anymore. I did already buy them their gifts, and so I am going to still be giving them to them. Um, because they did help me out with the bridal shower and all of that good stuff, and they still, you know, we’re part of the kind of wedding experience, and then I am going to be showing you the gift that I had intended to get one of our flower girls, and I will be talking about the gift that, um, I was going to get our other flower girl, and then I’ll also be talking about the gifts that I got my videographer as well as photographer, so let’s go ahead and jump right on into it. All right, so first things first, I’m gonna start with my parents, so I’m filming this video. Um, two weeks before our wedding. So this video is probably a little bit premature, because as you’ll see, I have a couple things that aren’t completely finished yet. Um, and then one thing that I don’t even have in my possession yet. Um, my mom is still working on it, but I wanted to go ahead and film this and get it out of the way and I’ll just insert pictures and everything. Um, so that way I have it. It’s on my computer. I can get it edited, and then I can add the pictures at a later point in time because I have a ton of videos to film for you. Guys that are wedding related, and it is taking like forever. And so I was like this is one that I can hurry up. Get out of the way and we’ll be good to go. Please ignore some pieces of these hair like some of my natural hair is doing. It’s own thing. Today I, uh, did not. I slept on it. Super strange, and then I did not, like, straighten it to kind of blend it out, so this whole, uh, extension thing, long hair, It’s a little learning curve for me. I’ve had short hair for so long. Now that it’s I don’t know, long hair. It’s very, very strange to me anyway. Let’s jump in. I’m going to show you guys My parent’s gifts first. Um, so I will say that. I knew what I wanted to get my parents for forever like the moment I saw this literally years and years and years and years and years ago. I knew that this both of these. Well, actually all of the items. I knew that this was something that I wanted to get them. Um, just because I am someone who I try to think of one practical gifts as well as like, and I just put like a lot of time and effort into picking out the gifts that I get for people. And so when I saw this, I was like when I saw all of these things. I knew that I wanted to get them for them, but the very first thing. Is this picture frame? So it says mom and dad today is not only a celebration of our love, but of your love as well. We have seen you share moments of incredible happiness and also lean on each other in difficult times. It is your lasting bond. That is the foundation for us to build upon and a source of strength for us to learn from and then, um, in this little picture frame. It says it says Jeff and Patsy, June 26 1992 Which is my parent’s wedding anniversary and then obviously their names and then on this side, it says Brandon and Logan December 5th, 2020 So it is a picture frame where their wedding photo goes on this side. And then our wedding photo goes on this side. I still have yet to print off their wedding photo. I’m so mad at myself. Um, I literally like strategically. Got the photo like took a picture of it like took a picture of a picture. Um, because I have no idea how to scan and upload that like. I don’t know how to do that. So I took a picture of a picture. It looked awesome. I went in and used like an app to make it even more like clear like a clear image. Um, awesome, and then I deleted it off my phone because I am dumb, so I have to go do the exact same thing again. So I apologize that you guys can’t see their wedding photo in here, but that is something that I’m going to be doing tomorrow, but this is the first thing that I saw, um, literally years ago on Etsy and I was like I want this like for them. Um, and then they have like multiple like sayings, and then you can choose like what you want like the backdrop to look like I chose like the, Uh, it’s like a fake wooden. Look, It’s not actually like a wood. It kind of feels honestly like contact paper, but I thought it was so cute, and it goes with my parent’s home decor so had to get that for them. Because I think it’s so cute. I think it’s such a special way to like, remember their wedding day as well as yours. I think it’s so cute. Um, and I love that, okay, so then, um. I got each of my parents Two like Littler gifts. So let me open up this one real quick. So the very first thing I got my mom. Um, it’s in this little cute wall box, so my mom. If you guys did not know is my matron of honor. I have known for ever that. I wanted my mom to be a chair of honor. She is my absolute best friend, and I could not imagine having anyone else as my matron of honor. So what, I got her, Of course, the string came out, but what I got her was. This this super cute matron of honor ornament. Oh, also, I will have every single item that I mentioned today linked it down the description box down below. So that way you guys can check it out. Purchase it all that good stuff. But I got this really, really cute Matron of honor. Um, ornament, my mom. Um, gets my brother and I a Christmas morning every single year based on like something that happened that year as well as like, my grandma gets us ornaments And then my mom and all of her, uh, sisters. They all like pastor ornaments, so Christmas ornaments are something very special that we like get each other every year, so I thought that was absolutely perfect and it is like a glass. I obviously went with, like, a little bit more like a Christmas theme, and it just says Matron of honor 2020 and I thought it was so stinking, cute, and I actually just got this off of Amazon, okay, and then the other thing I got her, which again I knew that this is something that I wanted to get both of my parents. So this is a hanky and these words right here. It says grandpa loves you, but it’s actually in my grandpa’s handwriting. So my mom’s dad. It’s in his handwriting, And I had the hardest time like choosing what I wanted to be like written on this because I could have chose like his signature or I could have chose. Um, I had, like a drawing that he had drawn for me, but I thought it was so special that it said Grandpa loves you. Um, and I was like I could take off the grandpa part, but I was like no. I think that that’s really, really cute, and even though it’s not technically her, grandpa, but I think it’s I don’t know. I think it’s so cute, and I think it means some like it means. I don’t know, it means a lot. I think it’s really cute and I am going to get myself. This made as well. Um, just because I absolutely love that, but I knew I wanted to get both my parents A hanky with their, um, dad’s handwriting on there. So, um, and it means so much because my grandpa has both of my grandpas have passed. So my mom’s dad as well as my dad’s dad and so my dad looks like this, And this is in his dad’s handwriting, and it says love Bucky, Which is what they called him. Um, and it was so cool because my aunt so my dad’s sister. She was able to find a picture where he had signed it, that said. Like love, Bucky! It was his high school. Uh, like yearbook photo and so so special. I absolutely love love love that, and she did such an amazing job making those, and I got both of those from Etsy. And then the other thing that I got my dad. Um, so a little back story for this gift. My grandpa, so my mom’s dad on my parent’s wedding day, He gave my dad a half dollar and there’s a whole story behind it. He had given my dad a half dollar and on their wedding day. My dad has carried it in his pocket every single day since every single day, so literally, they got married in 1992 and he has carried it in his pocket every day. So so I thought it would be really special to get him a coin to, so I got this one from Etsy and what I had written on. It is on the front side. It says I’m so lucky to call you my dad. I love you with a heart. Hopefully you can see it and like you can write whatever you want on it. So this is what I chose to write on it and then on the back, it says forever, your little girl Logan, with another heart hope. You guys can see that, but, um, that those are the words that I chose. There wasn’t like multiple like phrases. You could choose from like you could write whatever you wanted on there, and that’s what I chose, but I think it’s so freaking cute and special and sweet and I absolutely love it. Um, okay, so that is what I got. My parents real quickly. I’ll show you what we got Brandon’s. Mom, um, so this is one of the items that is not completely finished and it is, And when I say I cannot completely finish. We haven’t even started it yet, because we’re the worst, but what I thought about doing Brandon had like such a hard time thinking about what he wanted to get his mom, and so we had a couple different ideas. Um, so I came up with this. What I thought we could do because I had looked online and what you could do is like you get photo frames with like the, um, like your mother son, dance song like etched into it, but I was like you know what no, this is gonna be so much more meaningful. I got this picture frame from Walmart and what I’m gonna have. Brandon do is I’m going to have him write out the lyrics in his handwriting on the white part for their mother-son dance song their mother-son mother-son dance their mother-son song. You guys know what I’m talking about, but he’s gonna write out the lyrics on there and then. I think what I’m gonna do is just put like a picture, just like a picture of them like from whenever he was like a kid whenever we like, give it to her, but obviously whenever we get our wedding photos back, we will give her a photo of them actually dancing for their mother-son dance. And then what Brandon had a really really good idea of doing is first. We are going to take his mom and his stepdad out to dinner one night anyway, next part. So then what I had gotten all of my bridesmaids, my aunt’s. Um, my future mother-in-law. My mom, just everybody that was going to be here at my house the morning of our wedding whenever we were getting ready. Um, I already bought these way ahead of time. I had gotten everyone a set of pajamas so literally, like 14 people. I got them pajamas and they’re all matching. They looked like the this. They’re just the buffalo plaid, and then I got myself the white and black version, Because you know the bride, and then I also got them a pair of Santa socks because I thought it would be so cute for us all to wear them. Whenever we were getting ready, I’m still going to wear mine, and I’m sure my mom will still wear hers whenever we go to Colorado, but I thought it would be so cute, but you know, Kovi’d ruined our big wedding, so whatever whatever, and I’m still going to give it to the to everybody and I did during my Bachelorette party, I went ahead and gave, um, my aunts as well as, um, the girls oop, the girls that were at my Bachelorette party. I went ahead and gave it to them there. Um, but just because I wanted us all to match on like the day of our wedding, and we had intended to take a really cute photo for the Bachelorette party. But, you know, we drank a little too much So and then the other gift that I got. Um, my bridesmaids, which I still. I am gonna give this to them. Um, so if you are? If you were one of my bridesmaids, uh, go ahead and like skip forward a little bit, So you guys don’t see what you’re getting, but I wanted to think of something so practical, and I was like you know what you know. What’s practical, you know what they could use on the day of and just for the rest of their life. An eyeshadow palette. So, um, last year? Yes, before we even got engaged. I found these on Macy’s. I believe, and you could literally get two Anastasia palettes for forty nine dollars. Australia Palettes are like 42 to 45 dollars a piece. So I got two for 49 that’s insane. The only thing is they like, don’t come in like their own box because they look like this, but that is so cute. I have no idea if they are bringing these back this year, but I know that I think Sephora carried them. Macy’s carried them, and then one other place also carried them but literally such an amazing deal so it came with two different Anastasia palettes. The first one is the modern renaissance, and then the second one is the soft glam. And so I bought two of these sets. So I was because I only had, um, like four bridesmaids, and I had a matron of honor and I was already getting my mom something different. Um, and honestly, I really don’t think that she would use an eyeshadow palette. But, um, so I’m just going to give each of them. One of these bad boys. So I thought that that would be like such a good gift because you’re literally one. It’s so inexpensive if you buy like that set, and it’s so dang practical like you’re gonna use an eyeshadow palette the day of and then you’re also going to use it in the future just on a day-to-day basis. So I thought that was so cute. Um, and then the next thing, the thing that I got my photographer. Is this cup right here? Isn’t it so cute? It’s just like a little mug. A little camera blends mug. I thought it was adorable. Just a little something, something to say. Thank you and then the gift that we got our videographer, which I will insert a picture somewhere here. Um, but I had my mom make her a mug just like a white mug. Um, I’ll show you mine. Real quick, hold on, okay. Sorry about that. Um, so I had my mom. Make my videographer A mug like this, so my videographer and I both obviously love the office so much. So I had my mom make a world’s best videographer mug. It’s going to be so cute. My mom has it. She already did it, but, um, I just haven’t gotten it from her yet, but it’s going to be really, really cute and adorable, so I’m out of breath from just getting up real quickly. I’ll show you this before I show you guys the things that I got Brandon. Um, yeah, cause. I completely forgot to mention that. I was doing that, but one of the things that I was going to get. Um, our little flower girl, Which I’m just gonna give this to her for Christmas now. Um, was a little digital camera. I thought it was so cute. I think it’s such a good idea, too. Because now like she could have went around. Sorry, I have my hair in my lipstick. Um, she could have went around like the wedding and just taken out her own little pictures, and it would have been like, so cute, adorable. Uh, so I feel like that’s such a good idea for, like a gift for your flower girl like so cute like adorable, and I feel like this is better than like the little instax camera because I feel like she’d like, take a bunch of those pictures and then just lose all the photos, especially like at the wedding. So I thought that this would be perfect for it, and then I also got her like an SD card to go with it, but like I said, I’m just gonna give that to her for Christmas. Um, now, and then the gift that I had intended to get our other flower girl who is younger. I was going to get her like a play makeup. Set it wasn’t real makeup. It was just like fake makeup, but I thought it would be so cute and adorable for her to be playing with her fake little makeup set while all of the bridesmaids and like my mom and everybody was getting ready and doing their own makeup for the wedding. I thought it would have been so stinking, cute and adorable. Oh, and I also want to mention real quick too. I also got Tinsley a pair of matching pajamas. That matches this. So you guys will see that because we are definitely going to be taking photos on the morning of as we’re getting ready, and Tinsley will be in her pajamas. She will, um, and I also got Tinsley like a cute little Santa toy, and then if you watched my vlogs, then you’ve seen like the little champagne toys so cute and adorable that she can be playing with all right, real quickly. What I got, Brandon? So the very first thing I got him a Dundee. Yes, isn’t it just the cutest little thing you’ve ever seen? So I got him the best husband world, so I got him the best husband award, of course, because he’s just the best husband. I already know he’s gonna be the best husband before we even get married, but I thought that this was so cute and adorable and, um, I will, of course, link the website down below. You could have gotten these from like Amazon and stuff, but I wanted one that actually looked like a real Dundee from the office, so that’s what I did because the ones from Amazon like, weren’t that cute, Um, and then if you have watched some of my vlogs, then you know that I actually got Brandon. Um, Philadelphia Eagles tickets at the Philadelphia Stadium for rent row. And, of course, the Eagles did not do a fans this year so they did give me a voucher so instead of giving me a hundred percent, they actually gave me like a hundred and ten percent, so I actually ended up like making money, but it’s in like the form of a voucher and I went through vivid seats so now I just have like a vivid seats voucher that I can actually technically use on anything, but we are just going to go to a Philadelphia Eagles game in the future and that way we’ll be able to actually like, you know, once Covid settles down, and it’s like actually safe to fly and travel and all of that stuff we will actually be able to, um, go to the actual stadium and everything like that. Um, because we hadn’t also intended to like, hit up like the New York. The New York we had intended to hit up New York as well as like Scranton, Pennsylvania. Um, and just like, hang out in Philadelphia and stuff and just kind of make like a long weekend out of it, so because I’ve never been to New York or any of those places and so we’re gonna make like a whole weekend out of it. Um, I ended up obviously telling him about it once they once, they said. No, no fans. Um, so whenever we do go in the future, we will make like a long weekend out of it, but like I said, okay, voucher. Moving on. Well not moving on yet. One thing I am a little salty about no way in heck. Am I gonna be able to ever afford front row tickets again? That was solely because of Govid. Um, because the tickets were so much cheaper than what they normally are. So I am a little bit upset about that. No way in the history of the world. Will I be able to afford front row tickets again? But I digress. Whatever, um, so then, the other thing I got him. Which is, um, something I’ve been working on for quite a long time. Basically what I did just to kind of give you guys like a short little version. Um, so one thing. I had this for my bridal shower so that everybody that came in could leave him like fun, little notes and everything like that. And then just throughout the year I wrote down. Um, just like different things that happened that, like, you know, made me smile and just different things like that and just like things that I love about him. And then I also went in and I put like little post-i’t notes, and if you guys have ever seen like the Pinterest, um, like gift like boyfriend ideas, where you like, go through and give them like cards that say like open. When you’re happy open when you’re sad, open. When you miss me, blah blah. I went through and I did that to this Bible as well and I just put like poster notes in it and stuff. So that way he can open it and see all of those. Um, meaningful things and I don’t know. I thought it was just like such a meaningful like gift. I don’t know, I think it’ll be something that he cherishes forever, and that way it can also be glad like our family Bible as well so that is all. I have to show you guys. I believe, um. I don’t think I left anything out. Hopefully, hopefully not, um, we hadn’t bought anything for like Brandon’s groomsman or anything like that. So no clue what we would have gotten them. Um, I don’t know, I can’t even begin to guess that was something that, uh, Brandon wanted to like. Leave up to him! I was thinking watches. He didn’t like that idea. So whatever, but, um, that is it for this video. Hopefully you guys enjoyed it and you kind of got like some ideas for gifts for your own wedding or even just like gifts for Christmas because you could 100 and get these for Christmas, but thank you guys so much for watching. Please, please, please subscribe if you haven’t already, and I will see them next one. Bye, guys!